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Another Fun Entry for Friday!

Proof that God is looking out for us: Today I called all the medical supply places we use to update our insurance info. Since itís now officially January, our insurance has changed to a better, more cost effective insurance provider. When I called the place supplying Supeís oxygen and Bi-pap stuff, the customer service rep cheered when I told her who our new carrier would be. She said they were LOTS easier to deal with. She told me that the other insurance company had to have a deal worked out because they werenít within their network of providers. In fact, the deal was that our insurance company would pay 70% and we would have to pay the remainder. I was all ready to ask when that had been decided and why hadnít we been billed when she told me that the medical supply place had decided to eat the remaining 30% and wouldnít be charging us for any costs over what the insurance company agreed to pay for 2003! Yay! Now, if they could only work out a similar deal with our new insurance company. Woo hoo.

Today has so felt like Monday. Busy, back to regular hours, no free lunches and munchies and no getting out early. Bummer. I would have like one more day of holiday un-reality until next week. Unfortunately, weíre jumping into it early. Oh well, weíll be that much more ahead next week then.

I got all the photos I ordered of Supe from our photo-processing center. I am going to put them into a mini photo album and do a sort of pictorial of him and who he is. Then I am going to send it in to Oprah. Hope they think itís clever and creative. I want to catch their attention and get them to see SH the way I see him. He is super romantic. Maybe I should change his ďAKAĒ to Mr. Romance??

I donít know what happened to the weather, but it went from bright skies and few clouds to one big black cloud enveloping all of the city as far as I can see. Itís like moist atmosphere just fell from the sky and is hanging around to mess up evening rush hour. Bleh!

Next Tuesday and Thursday I have to come in early to work. Tuesday is the big WLS info meeting, so I will leave at 2:30. Thursday I am working for someone else, so I can leave at 5! That will royally mess up my sleep schedule for the week, but itís always nice to be home by 5, so yay!

And that, my friends, is that. Have a lovely weekend!

4:19 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 02, 2004


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