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Dreaming of a Seahawk Victory

Yesterday we watched Finding Nemo with Karla and Jorge. It really was fun. They are cute kids. At one point during the movie, Karla asked my husband if we still wanted to adopt a baby. He said yes and she asked what would he do if we one day happened to find a baby outside our door? He said we would do everything we could to kep it, but we would have to call the police to help us. We're not sure where that question came, you know?

Later on Supe and I were watching Jonah, a Veggie Tales movie and all of a sudden,l I had this totally REAL urge to go check on the baby. I even almost said, "I just have to go check on the baby". What? Yeah, there is no baby, so I don't know what in the world my psyche (sp?) was thinking. But it was soooo real and it felt right. I told Supe about it and he said either I was prophesying or going crazy. Yeah, thanks Supe!

I had some weird dreams this morning. dreamed I was on a school bus going home from school. I was the age I am now and had to ride the bus with all the high school kids. ONe boy was trying to set me on fire and I kept putting out his fire and he got madder and madder. I eventually told him I was doing it as a favor to him becaue if he managed to kill me, me...a 30 something woman getting her life back on track, doing the right thing, they would try him as an adult and he would end up behind bars for the rest of his life. He let up after that. I didn't know I could be so detail oriented in my dreams. I also dreamed that I was only dressed in my underwear and had my period, but that's just normal dream stuff.

Oh, speaking of...have you seen those "new" (I don't know if they are new or not.) monthly alternatives? They are like little rubber cups that are inseerted into your vagina and apparently they catch your flow for up to 12 hours???? Why would you use those? I can't get a tampon inside in the world would I use one of those cups? I think one brand is called Instead. Anyway, I never knew such a thing exhisted until Weet wrote about being an Always pad girl...a Spade to be exact. Me too.

Right now we are watching the Packer/Seattle game. Supe is cheering for the Pack and I am hoping the Seahawks beat the tar out of the Packers! Go Seahawks! It's all those years living in WI and having to hear the whole Packer litany every day, all year long. Bah! Go Seahawks!

Oh, and I almost forgot. While watching TV today I saw an ad for "The Most Relaxing Classical Music Album in the World...Ever!" Is it not enough that it's the most relaxing classical music album? Does it have to be the most relaxing classical musical album in the world...ever? Ever, huh? For all time or just this century? What about next century? How do you know more relaxing classical music won't be created in the coming months, years and decades? The thing that really threw me over was a line at the bottom of the screen, "Rush shipping available." Just how stressed do you have to be if you need The Most Relaxing Classical Music Album in the World...Ever" rush shipped to you? Sheesh!

1:16 p.m. - Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004


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