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Staying Warm

As stated in my update yesterday I have my first official appointment with the Bariatric Surgery Center. It is scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30am. I need to be there at 8am with all my paperwork complete and in hand. I finished most of it yesterday and am just waiting for some info from my mother to complete the family history portion of the info packet. She is not willing to reveal her average weight. Hello! I just told everyone on Diaryland and beyond my weight. She, by revealing her weight, will only come out looking svelte and tiny in comparison.

I also finished my weight loss history, which was a lot more painful than I anticipated it being. It’s a long list of my failure to maintain an average/normal weight since I hit puberty. Seeing it on paper…all listed out like that was really hard. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t stick with it or make it work. But that’s why I am pursuing the surgery, so I guess it’s good in the long run. The other hard part was the letter I had to write to the insurance company, asking them to consider me for this surgery. It, again was a listing of reasons why I needed this procedure, none of which made me to look like a person with strength, independence or self control. Again, the surgery becomes instant behavior modification to help me with these issues.

At the appointment on Tuesday, they will weigh me, measure me, take photos of me and will go over all my insurance info and paperwork. They will then set up the psych evaluation with me and will submit my info to my insurance company. I will also find out what I need to do in order to be covered by my insurance company. I will probably have to join Weight Watchers for 6 months of monitored weight loss. I think that’s a good thing as it will help to prepare me for the lifestyle following the surgery. I will be training myself to drink the 64oz of water I will need, as well as getting up and moving around. Still, I wish it wasn’t 6 whole months. I don’t think I have ever been able to keep up a weight loss program for that long. But I have a goal and I think I can keep it up to make it to the surgery.

We got 3 new movies from Netflix so this weekend will be movie weekend for us. We received Charlie’s Angels 2, The Italian Job (per a recommendation from my friend Jennie), and Barbershop. I hope to watch this stuff in between going through our files and getting rid of the old stuff and filing the new stuff. Everything has been piling up and we aren’t able to find stuff in the pile. Our file drawers are bursting so I have to go through them and purge. Filing is next to ironing for me…I HATE both with a passion, but I also have to have a place for everything and everything in its place…so, neatness wins out…eventually.

I got Super Husband’s story sent off to Oprah today. I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day, but I sure hope so. With all my heart, I think he deserves some kind of public recognition for not only loving me, but putting up with me these past few years. Through all of our trials, stresses and disappointments, he has never lost his romance. He has continued to envelope me in a cocoon of love, acceptance and romance no matter the situation going on with his (or my) health. No matter how much money we have or don’t have he consistently makes an effort to show me his feelings. I would love the opportunity to honor him publicly for that. Not only that, but I would LOVE to show the world what an amazing man I am married to. We have our down days, but for the most part, this man has remained strong and determined to go on. We are finding a new normal and moving on and his strength has played a major part in that.

Speaking of Supe…he is feeling super yucky. His head hurts, his ears and his throat has been majorly sore for 3 or 4 days now. Thankfully, he has a doctor’s appointment this morning, so maybe she can help him feel better. He is bummin’ because he never used to get sick and he has been sick in one way or the other now for about 3 weeks. First, the pain patch the doctor prescribed for him was making him sick, then he got a cold, and now it’s this sore throat/ear/nose crap. Hey…if you feel up to it, could you please go over to my husband’s diary and leave him a note in his notes section wishing him a speedy recovery? I think that would make his day. His diary is: robertall41. Thanks!

It has been bitterly cold here the past few days. I live in Minnesota, so it doesn’t really make sense to complain about the cold, but even for us Northerners…it’s been cold. The good thing is that the lakes are finally frozen over enough for walking, skiing, driving on. So many people venture out on the lakes too early and end up losing their cars/trucks/snowmobiles or lives. Also, the lakes are frozen enough to get the blocks of ice out to make the winter palace for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. People from warmer climates tend to freak out over our penchant for hanging out on frozen lakes…but I never knew anything different. In fact, when I was living in MD at the age of about 25, my roommate was talking about how she had taken ice skating lessons when she lived in South Texas. It frankly took me a lot longer than it should have before I realized she took these lessons in a covered ice arena. Duh! When I was growing up, ice skating lessons took place in the winter, outside on frozen ice rinks or ponds. It’s not so much the case now of course with the popularity of hockey and ice skating. They have become year round activities so now we too have covered ice arenas everywhere. But if you ever come to visit, we will take you for a walk on a lake just so you can go back home and tell all your friends you walked on water. Frozen water, but water nonetheless.

Stay warm!

9:50 a.m. - Thursday, Jan. 08, 2004


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