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100 Things


1.) My only brother was born on my 2nd birthday

2.) I broke my left arm in 5th grade while skate boarding

3.) I broke my middle toe while playing Frisbee in a lake

4.) I haven’t broken any other bones

5.) I didn’t have to get stitches for anything until I was31.

6.) A glass broke while I was washing it and it cut my index knuckle

7.) I had my tonsils taken out in 3rd grade

8.) I had my gallbladder taken out last year

9.) That’s about all the surgery I’ve ever had

10.) I taught myself to read at age 3 by watching Sesame Street

11.) I wrote my name in permanent black marker on things I thought were mine

12.) Not all of it was mine

13.) I got in BIG trouble

14.) One Christmas morning, I opened EVERYONE”S presents

15.) I got in BIG trouble

16.) I read “Forever” 4 years before I was supposed to (I was 12)

17.) I also read Amityville Horror when I was 10 or 11

18.) I still have nightmares from reading that book

19.) I didn’t have a real kiss from a boy until I was 18

20.) My first pet was a black and white cat named Punkin

21.) My second pet was a black poodle named Muffin

22.) My next pet was a male cat named Jennifer

23.) He was given to me by someone I knew

24.) He had fleas

25.) I did not know this when I took him

26.) I flunked the drivers test the first time I took it

27.) I have never had a speeding ticket

28.) I’ve been ticketed for pretty much everything else (Except DWI)

29.) I went to college in Sioux Falls, SD

30.) I flunked out

31.) I went back to school and got my AA

32.) I have yet to finish my BA

33.) My best friend for years was a gay man

34.) We were engaged for about 5 minutes

35.) I don’t know what happened to him

36.) He just stopped writing and calling

37.) Instead of graduating from college, I moved to Delaware and became a nanny

38.) My best friend from college moved East too for the same reason

39.) That job lasted 1 ½ months

40.) The dad was a Freak

41.) My friend rescued me

42.) I got a new nanny job in Basking Ridge New Jersey

43.) That job only lasted 6 months

44.) I got a new nanny job in Frederick MD

45.) That lasted 1 year

46.) I stayed in Frederick

47.) I got my start in radio

48.) I worked in radio for 2 ½ years

49.) I moved back to Madison WI

50.) I struggled with depression for YEARS before getting treatment

51.) I only got serious about treatment because I ended up in the hospital psych ward.

52.) I was there for a week

53.) I’m never going back

54.) I’m on antidepressants now

55.) I have never been able to lose more than 20lbs and keep it off

56.) I started taking pictures in 7th grade

57.) I have taken the primary photographs in 4 weddings

58.) I HATE doing weddings.

59.) But I LOVE going to weddings

60.) I worked as a radio news reporter in Madison for 8 months

61.) As is the case with a lot of jobs in radio, format changed and I got booted

62.) I ended up anchoring news at another station part time…better gig.

63.) I love flowers…sunflowers and tulips the best

64.) I love animals

65.) I am deathly afraid of bugs of any kind

66.) I used to hate when people put their finger in their belly button

67.) It doesn’t bother me any more

68.) I have been to Brazil

69.) I ate lizard there

70.) I had the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever experienced there

71.) But not from eating the lizard

72.) I have been to Amsterdam Holland

73.) I didn’t eat anything more radical than salmon while there

74.) I have not been anywhere else outside the US

75.) I have moved 27 times in my lifetime (that I can remember)

76.) I worked for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization for a 1 ½ years

77.) I am married

78.) My husband has FSH Muscular Dystrophy

79.) We rent a handicapped accessible apartment

80.) We don’t (can’t???) have kids

81.) We have 2 female cats…Maisey and Daisy

82.) I never wanted to have a career other than Motherhood

83.) Although I have wanted to write and photographically illustrate a book

84.) I collect snow globes

85.) I am allergic to shellfish of all kinds

86.) I did not develop this allergy until I was 18

87.) My favorite food used to be popcorn shrimp

88.) My favorite food now is mashed potatoes…or just potatoes

89.) I also like Chinese Food

90.) I also like Mexican Food

91.) I am in the process of getting Bariatric surgery

92.) I can’t eat anything without dropping it on my shirt

93.) My husband and I sleep in separate beds because of his disability

94.) I miss sleeping in the same bed

95.) But I like not waking up whenever he rolls over

96.) I snore

97.) I have plantar warts on my feet

98.) I still suffer from acne

99.) I cry over everything, happy, sad, angry, frustrated…I cry

100.) My dream is to live in a big, handicapped accessible house with a dozen children adopted from a dozen nations…writing, baking, taking pictures and taking care of my husband

101.) I would also like about 4 cats and 2 dogs

102.) And a horse

103.) I drive a gold Hyundai Elantra

104.) I wish I drove a silver Porsche Boxster

105.) Or a Handicapped accessible minivan

106.) Or any kind of convertible

107.) I am allergic to avocado

108.) I barf when I eat them

109.) I love to read biographies

110.) My 2 nephews are 2 of my most favorite people on earth

111.) I have about a billionty billion freckles

112.) One of my favorite movies is Bring It On

113.) Another is A Room With A View

114.) Another is Say Anything

115.) Another is Independence Day

116.) Another is The Winslow Boy

117.) I have eclectic tastes

118.) My favorite color is most any shade of green

119.) But I also like purple

120.) And deep reds like maroon

121.) I HATE pink

122.) I enjoy writing letters

123.) I knit

124.) I crochet

125.) I really like writing in my diary

126.) I like lists

10:30 a.m. - Friday, Jan. 09, 2004


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