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All I Want is Some Kitty Love

Yeah, I know....lots of entries for today. Most of them just lists. I am trying to update the links to the right and needed a page to link to. Hence the lists. Hence, when you click the links, you will be brought back to those pages. Yes, it's annoying today. But it will be a handy tool in the weeks and months to come. Thanks for sticking around.

I made a ham in the crock pot last night. SO GOOD! It was one of those boneless, fully cooked dealies. I put it in the pot, set it on Warm and let it warm up. I also whipped up some cheesy potatoes...mmmmm...and green beans. We had ourselves a nice little feast.

Had I not put the menu together before leaving for work, I would have changed it to something that produces less leftovers. While I was at work, Supe called and asked if I could swing by the doctor's office to pick something up on my way home. I was thinking it was a perscription or medicine samples. But no. It was a turkey. Yes, a fully frozen, 10 lb turkey. It was donated to the clinic and no one there wanted it, so they gave it to us. There wasn't room for it in our freezer, so I put it in the fridge and we plan to have it for Sunday dinner. Just when we eat all the ham leftovers, we will be delving into turkey-dom and the leftovers such a meal is sure to bring. Oh well...we continue to count ourselves blessed.

No big plans this weekend. Just watching movies from NetFlix, cleaning out the filing cabinet and cooking a turkey.

Maisey has been really warming up to Supe since he's been home and wheelchair bound. The cat that would NEVER sit on you has been sitting on Supe in his wheelchair. She cries at his feet until he gives her the all clear. She jumps to his lap and he tilts his chair back so she can snuggle into his tummy and enjoy a nap all warm and snuggly. In more recent days, she had been tapping his hand with her front paw. He didn't know what she wanted, so he opened his hand for her and she just stuck her paw into his open hand. He closed his hand around her paw and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Is that NOT the cutest thing you've ever heard? She wanted him to hold her hand!

She still won't come near me. Clearly she has become his lovey cat. I am just her feeder and litter cleaner. He is her LOVE. At least I still have Daisy.

Have a good weekend folks.

3:15 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 09, 2004


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