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Going To Bed Early Does Not Mean a Good Night's Sleep

Yesterday beat me up. I got home from work, hugged and kissed my husband and tried to sit on the couch and veg. But you know those "studies" that are often quoted about how women have something like 260,000 words to use up in a day and men have 26,000? Well, I used all mine by call 43 yesterday and Supe, who is home with the cats, hadn't even used 100. So I got home and was sitting on the couch and he was SO excited to have some adult conversation FINALLY that he just talked and talked and talked. After a bit I asked him if he would mind if I went into the bedroom for a half an hour to just rest. He felt bad but said he didn't. So I went in to rest. I had a headache so I turned off the lights and turned on the white noise...and fell asleep. Poor Supe. It was only 8:30! I woke up around 1 to use the bathroom and never did sleep very well from then on, so all that early rest was for naught. I am still stinking tired today and had a hard time getting out of bed. It didn't help that around 3:30, Daisy thought it was time to play. She brought her crack ball...I mean her catnip pillow onto the bed and scooted it from corner to corner and kicked at it continuously. I finally just grabbed it from her and shoved it under my pillow. She settled down to enjoy her buzz after that.

Supe is off to school today. He is taking 6 credits! The Dept of Vocational Rehab is covering the cost of his schooling so he can take more credits since he doesn't have to worry about matching them with work study. He is really excited. He has one class though that has a TON of reading. He's not thrilled with that, but he does a really good job of working through it all. Class is his favorite part. He is really enjoying all that he is learning.

Did I ever mention that one of the guys he visits at the nursing home died right after Christmas? His name was Bobby. Supe had given him a boombox because Bobby had mentioned not having a radio and wishing he had one. The thing was that Supe had been having the feeling that he should have gone and visted the guys over Christmas. But he wasn't feeling very well then and kept putting it off. So he never got to say goodbye to Bobby and he still feels terrible about it. He just greived (and is still greiving) that Boby perhaps died all alone without friends and family there to comfort him. He is working his way through this, but still feels really badly. Supe has a big heart and has compassion for people that is so strong and real. He will make a wonderful minister.

So I've been reading through the bypass surgery book and there is a LOT of info in there to process through. I need to begin weening myself off of caffiene. Not only to prevent caffeine withdrawl headaches after surgery, but also because caffeine is a diuretic and can dehydrate me. The book says to add 1 1/2 cups of water for every cup of caffeine I consume. Also, after the surgery, caffeine can irritate the new pouch AND it can prevent my body from aborbing iron and cause iron-poor blood. Iron is the main mineral I need to be watching after surgery, so caffeine is a huge no-no. So, I need to be working on getting that out of my diet. Plus, once I have the surgery, no more Coke at all. It's a carbonated beverage and the carbonation could irritate the pouch as well. The only time I can have Coke is if a pill or some food gets caught in the pouch opening...the Coke is used to disolve/dislodge what's stuck. Wah!

The biggest changes come right after surgery. The pouch will only be able to hold 2 tblspoons or less at first so for 3 weeks I will be on an all liquid diet. Not only that, but the liquid needs to be room exceptions. The book says I may feel hungry but advises that though this hunger feels real, it is not real. The pouch will be small and swollen and from that I will not feel physically hungry. I can also not use a straw for 3 weeks.

After the first 3 weeks I move to a pureed diet and I will need to stay on that for 7 days. After the 7 days, I can add 1 soft food at a time, making sure to eat foods high in protein...I need to eat the protein rich foods first. I need to eat slowly, setting 20-30 minutes aside for each meal, making sure to chew every bite 20-30 times, or to the consistency of applesauce. I have to remember not to sample foods while cooking (which will be hard as this is a bad habit I have.) I also will not be able to drink liquids with my meals for for 30-45 minutes after eating. I will need to drink 6 to 8 cups of water a day...equalling 64 oz or more total. I have already begun to work on that. So far, I am able to get about 32 oz of water into me. I am trying to remember to drink water between calls at work, but with it being so busy, I have not been able to make that work like I thought.

There is more in that booklet. I will read more and process it through writing tomorrow and the next day and the next day...and as long as it takes to get this information into my head and heart. This is my life up to and after surgery. I need to get it in me so I can make these changes.

In the menatime, tonight or tomorrow I join WW and start counting points. Fun! (Not.) But I need to lose 17 lbs or more before surgery. So it's a good time to start practicing post surgery eating habits now. I hope I can do this.

8:35 a.m. - Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004


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