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I'm So Sleepy

Every morning I keep waking up more exhausted than the next. I hate not feeling rested. I had to get up early this morning to meet with my doctor. I need to start birth control pills and needed her to write a prescription. Since I had had a normal exam in August, she just needed me to come in so she could give me a prescription. I donít really understand, though, why I had to pay a co-pay just to have her hand me a piece of paper. She could have looked on her computer, seen I had a normal exam in August and called a prescription in to the pharmacy. But they insist on seeing you in person. It turns out my blood pressure was a little on the high side today, so she wants to see me in 3 months to make sure Iím OK on the Pill. Iíve had it before with no adverse side effects, so I think I will be OK.

While I was at the office, I talked to the patient advocate about sending a referral to my insurance company re: the surgery. At first there was some confusion because our insurance had changed on January 1st, so they had processed a referral for our old insurance company instead. We got it all straightened out and Iím all set as far as the hoop jumping goes. The next step is to fill my prescription and start taking the Pill. Then, on Feb 13th, I meet with the Psychologist for an hour and then I take some kind of 2 hour MMI test. She scores it and we meet again on Feb 23rd over my lunch hour to go over the test and any last questions I might have. After that, I call the nurse and schedule another meeting with her and THEN she gives all my info to the doc and he calls me to schedule a meeting and the surgery. Whew! OhÖand I have to go to WW tonight and sign up. THEN I will be caught up on all the hoop jumping.

Speaking of WW, I am trying to decide if I should just enroll for WW online. I can enroll online for 3 months for $60.00. That figures about $4.99 a week and then I fulfill my 3 month obligation as I work towards losing the 17 lbs I need to take off before surgery. But if I go for actual meetings, I get weighed and can purchase bars and other stuff in store, in person. I have heard good things about both and just donít know which to pursue. If I pay week by week, the cost is $10.95! For a total of 12 weeks, that cost figures to $131.40! The online program sounds much better, other than finding a place to weigh myself each week. I think if I were going to join with a friend then the regular meetings would be a better fit. The other down side to meetings is that I have to make them fit into my schedule, whereas the online thing is always available. Can you tell Iím conflicted?

Things at work are still pretty busy. Each day is less busy than the day before, but business still reigns at Big Bank Co. Starting Monday I will begin working the 9-6 shift which I am so ready for. Once my Babysitter leaves and we hire a new person to fill that slot, my hours will change again to 8-5. There was a lot I liked about the 10-7 shift, but Iím done now. I want a more normal life and hours that are more normal. And I want to be able to go out on a Friday night at a decent hour. The 8-5 wonít officially start for me until the new person is all trained in, which probably will end up being March or April, but I by then itís spring and I can enjoy the changing weather and lengthening days. I look forward to that.

Things at home are good. Last night was really low key, which I liked. Until I was in bed, almost asleep and Supe chose then to ask me the deep, dark questions that had been plaguing him all day. He wanted to know if I was still happy being married to him. He wanted to know if I was sick of him, if he drove me crazy, if I was bored by his conversation. Silly man. I got up and assured him I was happy with him, NOT bored by him or his conversation and NOT sick of him. I told him that at times, I wanted and needed some space. Just because I needed time to chill and decompress and wind down, not because I was unhappy with him. We talked it out, snuggled a bit and went to sleep. I only wish we had had that conversation 2 hours earlier when I had been more awake, but Iím glad he brought it up so it could be discussed.

Speaking of SupeÖheís back to not feeling well again. He was doing fine yesterday and the day before, but last night he woke up sick again. Today he said his whole head and neck hurtÖlike a toothache but not in his mouth. I think it is a sinus thing. Yuck. I just hope and pray he gets better soon. Poor guy has been sick for over a month now.

I have had half my water for the day and no Coke so far! Go me! Also, no headache either, so thatís been nice. Hope I can keep those at bay.

I am so tired. I am dragging and feel so blah. Not sickÖjust blah. I feel like I did in high school and college when the room was too hot and the teacher to dull and my sleep from the night beforeÖnot enough. I wish I could do what I did then. I would set my head in my hand, a book at the base of my elbow and I would snooze until class ended. This would also explain my less than stellar academic career. Iím just so sleepy!

12:45 p.m. - Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004


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