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A Scintilating Entry About...Nothing

I stayed home from work yesterday. I had the worst headache over night and just felt like crap all day. IT was a nice day of doing nothing. Sat at home and watched movies on our DVD player. We finally say down and watched The Italian Job. Good flick! I was surprised as there were several actors in it that I really like and the story was captivating. I highly recommend it.

Today I've been busy though. I cleaned the heck out of our place. It looks amazing. I vacuumed the upholstery, dusted, and disinfected all surfaces Supe could have touched with his cold. I also defrosted and cooked up 3 lbs of hamburger so when we needed some for sauces, tacos, etc, it was just ready to heat and go.

It wasn't all work today though. I did manage to sit down and watch Pirates of the Caribean. We got it from Netfliz yesterday and I was able to send it back today. Netflix rocks!

I realised just how much water I drink per day when I'm at work. I was really feeling dehydrated yesterday, so I set myself up with some water today and feel much better. I need to find a way to remember to drink water when I'm at home just hanging out. At work I can have cold ice water whenever I want it. I suppose I could at home too, but it's free at work. At home we drink Britta or bottled water and it's just a little more work and/or cost to drink water there. I know...not that much. But it's just not the same as work where I can go to the lunch room, fill my water bottle with crushed ice from the freezer and fill my bottle with cool, cold water from the water cooler. So, I have to just find a plan that will help me drink as much water at home as I do at work.

I have only had 1 Coke a day for the last 3 days. That is good for me, as normally I drink 3 or 4. I am on my way to cutting back.

Monday starts my 9-6 work hours. Monday also is the first night of American Idol's new season! Yay!

Well, this has been a scintilating entry hasn't it?

More about the surgery and life after. For the first three weeks after the diet, I need to be on a liquid diet. This means, water, broth or bouillon, sugar-free drinks, diluted Gatorade, sugar-free Jell-O, skim milk, carnation Instant Breakfast, Propel Fitness Water, Knox NutraJoint, Strained low-fat clear soups and Extreme Pure Protein Drink. I also need to be drinking 2 or 3 ounces of water every 30 minutes and should be sitting straight in a chair when drinking liquids. I also cannot drink anything cold or with ice or use a straw. My goal my first day home is to drink a minimum of 42 ounces of fluids. ON my second day home I need to drink a minimum of 52 ounces and by the third day, 64 ounces. After 10 days, I can add Diet V8 Splash, tomato soup or low fat cream soups.

Before my surgery, I need to go grocery shopping, clean my apartment, do the laundry and set up the liquids at room temperature.

Once home, I need to make sure I get dressed every day so I feel less sick, vary my diet with herbal teas, dilute juices, and keep this journal updated with how I'm feeling and what I am working through. They say the head hunger will be hard to deal with at first. Especially when I'll be at home and likely to be watching TV.

Supe wanted me to write and say hi, so "Hi!" from Supe.

7:29 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004


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