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Just Trying to Stay Warm

I know talking about the weather in your journal is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but boy howdy is the weather topic numero uno here! I got up at 7am today. The temperature at that time of morning was -13 degrees with a wind chill bringing that temp to -35! The wind is sooooo strong and whipping. Yesterday it was grey and cloudy and snowing. Suddenly the wind picked up with gusts so loud and strong, our building began to shake. Suddenly, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it became bright and sunny. Albeit cold and blustery. This is the very dangerous cold. I have such respect for people who have to work outside on days like this. They were taling about it on the radio this morning and had people call in if they worked outside. They heard from a dog walker, a mailman, a meter maid, and a couple of construction dudes. Brrrr!

Did you watch installment 3 of American Idol last night? What was up with Houston? Out of the thousands of people who showed up to audition, they only picked 13 to go on to Hollywood. Those odds ain't good. The only real stand out for me was the blond Brittney chick with the stage mother who caused Randy and Paula to get into an agruement before Paula diva'd out and left the scene. I don't think the girl understood a thing they were saying. When she went back to tell her folks what had happened, she told them she didn't know what they meant when they told her she was affected. She got to Hollywood by default. Only Randy liked her and since Paula and Simon left in a snitt, Randy sent her on. It will be interesting to see how she does in the next round of auditions.

What is with all these diva girls who are auditioning and their hand motions when they sing? Do we need to see your hand writhing up and down with each twittering note you sing? I don't like it. It's like they are directing themselves in some kind of weird orchestral manuever.

Oh! Also the girl from Harvard! They showed her in the promos for the show and she was BAD! I couldn't even tell what the heck she was singing. She didn't enunciate or even sing on key. Sweetie, just because your mother and all her family were professional singers just not mean you can sing. Apparently you take after your father's family instead. Sorry.

Finally, can I just ask why it seems there are so many queeny gay black men trying out for this show? Granted the guy who threw the water on Simon was lispy...he even sang his song with that gay lispy lilt. But I have never seen so many diva-ish black men in my life as I see when I watch this show. What is up with that? There was that guy who was a professional ballet dancer and teacher. Yes he could sing, but as Simon and Randy said, he was better suited for Broadway. It's not Broadway Idol's American (read pop) Idol. Do you think a queeny ballet dancer would really make it to American Idol status? And yet the guy threw a fit. No doubt he was talented. No doubt whatsoever. But he was right for their show. He wasxn't the kind of talented they were looking for. Sheesh, people!

In February, Supe is going to visit his nephew in Florida with his sister (said nephew's mother). He will be gone for 10 days. The first weekend, I am going to visit my mother since my father will also be in Florida. We are going to be FL widows. I am taking the Friday and Monday off so I have an extended weekend. I also hope to see several friends who live there. Yay! Road trip! I will also have to set up our Netflix list so movies Supe isn't interested in are the ones they send. (Wasn't that a beautifully structured sentence?)

More from the boolet the bariatric center gave me. My first year after surgery, I should be consuming about 600 to 700 calories a day. After that first year, I should be consuming about 1000 calories a day. By the thrid month, I should only be able to eat about 1/4 cup of food. By the sixth month, 1/2 cup and by 12 months, 1 cup of food per meal. After that, 1 cup of food per meal should always be the limit.

I will need to have 40-60 grams of protein every day and as I have said before, I will need to eat that first. I will need to avoid carbs...especially high carbs such as bread, cereal, pasta, rice, cookies and crackers. Although again, moderation is the key. I think if I am only able to eat a cup of food per meal, I am going to want to look at what's available and make my choices based on what will best fill me up in a healthy way. Hopefully. I mean if I can only eat a cup of food and I can choose between protein like meat and then some I really going to want to use up that cup of food on a peice of bread or muffin? Maybe I can include some crackers with a bowl of soup and maybe a little rice or pasta with some veggies and lean chicken. See...I will learn moderation. It's a good thing.

7:37 a.m. - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004


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