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Things Are Fine and I am Better

So, things are fine. Supe and I talked and we worked it out. He is holding all the cards...literally. He has the credit cards and will hold on to them until they are paid off. That seemed to be the best solution.

We got some snow overnight. Not as much as they were saying...but we did get enough to cover the ground and make things white and pretty again.

We finally made it to church yesterday. Both of us slept horribly the night before, but we were determined to make it to church, so up and at 'em. Church was good. We had communion and fellowship and worship and it was so nice to be back. Also, we received our training materials to be on the alter team. The alter team is just a group of people who stand in the front of the church after the service and pray for people who come forward for pray or ministry. We are looking forward to ministering to people in this way. We start next month.

Supe is feeling better about our finances too. As a surprise to him, I had been saving some money for a time in a specific account. He knew about the account, but what he didn't know was that I went and got a certain amount out so that we could afford for him to go to Florida. He was going to be able to afford getting there, but we weren't sure if we would have the money to give him some for spending while he was there. Now he will have some fun money for his trip to Florida. And we got some bills paid off that we had been behind on. That other account is a little on the low side, but I will build it up again. It's all about being faithful to keep adding money to it. It's not really how much you add, just that you add and keep adding. So, we are doing OK and are excited about our little trips coming up. Yay!

Supe is working at the gas station today. He gets excited when they ask him to come in. He feels like he is participating in the economy of our marriage when he works. I keep reminding him that his going to school is contributing more to the economy of our marriage than he will ever know.

Oh, we got a letter this weekend from our youngest nephew. It was the cutest thing. Basically it said, "How are things in MN? It is frigid here. Have a good winter." Too cute! Supe and I wrote back to him and his brother, so they will get letters in the mail this week. Nothing like getting your own mail when you are 6 and 9. We love hearing from our nephews and now that they are at the ages when they can read and write, it's even more fun to write back.

When I checked out my stats today, someone found my journal by searching for: "Can husband dr1nk w1fe's m1lk?" What? So weird.

7:44 a.m. - Monday, Jan. 26, 2004


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