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Afternoon Update.

Today has been one weird day. At about noon the power went out in our entire building for about an hour. I guess it was out on our side of town. Not sure what happened, but it certainly made it hard to work. The phones worked, just not the computer. Once everything was back up and running, we were answering our regular volume of calls as well as calling people back from when the power was out.

At one point this afternoon, I had a very fiesty banker. She called with a very unusual request. When I checked on it for her, I was told we couldn't do an annuity for her the way she was organizing it. She didn't like that answer so she had me call the insurance company back and conference her in so she could talk to them directly. When they told her that they couldn't do it that way, she wanted their legal department to look at her docs and get back to her today. When she was told it would be 2 or 3 days before they could get back to her, she went off. She said she had been working on this annuity for a long time and needed it to be booked THIS MONTH. When the insurance lady put us on hold to check on it AGAIN, my manager came over, told me she had been listening in and that I should tell the banker that when she is working on something unusual, she should call us right away to make sure it is something we can do. After we all got back on the line together, I relayed what my manager had told me and she said she only started working on it yesterday. Oh, yeah...that's a REALLY long time. Anyway, it turns out we still couldn't do it her way, but we figured a way that might end up working so everyone was somewhat happy. Stupid fiesty bankers.

Tonight I am off to Weight Watchers to officially join their ranks. I have to be on for 3 months and lose 17 or more pounds. My stomach is still feeling a little weird. Not sick, exactally. I just can't explain it. This morning for breakfast I skipped my usual (and yummy) 2 egg omlette with cheese and mushrooms for a bowl of Special K, yogurt, half of a poppyseed bagel and a banana. Mmmmm. That's what sounded good. The eggs did NOT sound good and in fact, I wanted to hurl just thinking about them. This is NOT like me.

Last night, Supe wanted me to pick up dinner. Forgoing our normally favorite places such as Boston Market, BK, or KFC, I went to Subway and got our food. I got him a regular sandwhich and me, an Atkins Friendly wrap. Mmmmmm. What is up? Still like chocolate and't know.

The apartment maintenence department put a new floor in our kitchen today! Yay! Can't wait to see it. Supe tried to trick me by saying it was purple/pink/green designed with plants and squiggles. I knew he was putting me on, but just never know.

I wasn't able to make bold what needed to be bold and I was frustrated and just posted the whole list intending to change it later. So, there was some confusion about the list. I've never been divorced. That was Trin. I've only been married to Supe and we've only been married about 2 years. I will try the list later when I master the bolding technique. Sorry for the confusion!

4:43 p.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2004


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