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It Has Been One of THOSE Days.

Where to start? It's been one of THOSE days. The end of the month is always hard because bankers are all calling up wondering why their numbers aren't right and why certain annuities haven't posted. That, coupled with our regular calls boosts our call volume exponentially. I wouldn't mind it except I just got off the phone with the snottiest of bankers. She asked me for the rate of an addition. I told her what it would be. She disagreed. I told her what my rate sheet said based on the information she gave me. Maybe it was because I tend to slow down when I repeat information, but I definitely wasn't mean or shouting. And the banker comes back with, "I am sorry if you are having a bad day, but you need to calm down and shut up and tell me what I need to know." It was like that scene in Anger Management where Adam Sandler is on the plane and asks for a pillow and the calmer he gets, the more the whole plane and scene escalates into a frenzy while he just stands there incredulous. So, I "calmed down" and repeated the rate based on the information I had and she says, "Thanks" and hangs up on me. What was that all about? Also, she had me on speaker, which I consider rude. Don't put me on speaker unless you have asked my permission. Also, she did not have the information I needed on hand. I had to ask her for the customer's info. If you are calling me for info on someone, have their info ready so I can look it up for you. I am not a mind reader and the world does NOT revolve around you! Sheesh!

Last night was lots of fun. We had an event for our whole department. We went to a place on Lake Minnetonka. It was BITTER COLD! But still, there were lots of people outside playing hockey, skiing, snowshoeing, and later, they brought out sled dogs and a sled and gave people rides over the lake. Fun! Inside they had bingo, games, beading of necklaces, bracelettes, and the making of fleece scarves! Fun! We each received 2 drink coupons for alcohol. Stbux coffee and hot cocoa were free, as were soft drinks. We had appetizers to start and a yummy and fine dinner. They served baked fish, asparagus, wild rice, and salad. So good and low in points! Of course I took lots and lots of pictures.

The highlight of the evening was the service excellence award ceremony. Usually, service excellence award winners get to take a trip to where ever the national service excellence award ceremony is being held. But our little department is being reshuffled and our big boss used to be reporting to one guy and because they knew we weren't going to be part of their team anymore, they booked up their trip and don't have room for our people. But the new guy my big boss is reporting to already booked their trip and they don't have room for us either. So, in lieu of a trip, they gave the service excellence winners the monetary equivilent...$5,000! I did not win. In fact, I was not eligible because I have not been with Big Bank Co for a full year yet. But man! A $5,000 boost in your paycheck is MUCH better than a forced trip anywhere! There was much excitement when the awards were handed out.

This morning we had a meeting first thing. Apparently in all the reshuffling that's going on, our little group is no longer part of Big Bank Co Insurance. We are now officially part of Big Bank Co Investments. This is sad to most of us. BBC Insurance is a small group...we are all in one main building for the most part. Our Prez and VP work on our floor and see to it that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Now that our little call center support team is part of BBC investments, our Prez and VP are people we will probably never meet or see in person. We have gone from big fish in little waters to tiny fish in an ocean. The main office for our group is in San Fransisco, but we will stay where we least that's what they are telling us. Our already overworked staff is going to get more work as the year progresses and so far there are no plans to add on more staff. Our jobs and pay and titles still stay the same for now. We report to the same people for now. They report to different people...the CA people. The saddest news of all was that last night's event may have been our little call center support team's last with BBC Insurance. Even though we will stay in this building, we are not considered part of their team and will have to lease the space we occupy from them. So, much stays the same as it changes.

The scariest part of all of this? I never even knew it was happening. There was a chance that our jobs would be taken away...but in BBC, you aren't just put out into the street. They make every effort to place you somewhere else where there are openings. So, a job loss is not as scary here as it would be in other companies. But this stuff goes on all around us and we will never know until they call us into a meeting and give us the news together.

OK...other news. My brother emailed me with information that there is a handicapped accessible van in his town. Supe and I talked about it. Since I work for BBC, I should look into a loan that would pay off my car and pay for the van. Then, we can sell my car for whatever we can get for it and put that money back into the loan to pay it down. I started the foot work today. I called our bank and talked to a personal banker. She got me in touch with a finance guy and he took my info. He will call me Monday with the thumbs up or down. The sticky stuff is that because of Supe's disability, he lost his job, and due to our lack of preparation, we filed bankruptcy. At BBC, any bankruptcy within 7 years automatcially flags and the loan is turned down. But because I work here and I told them the story and my credit is pretty good, I am hoping for a go at a lower rate than what we are paying on my car now. If it's a go, I will call the van people and tell them I will be there in Feb. I will drive my car there and leave it there and drive the van back. Then, I will either sell my car from WI or Supe and I will have to drive down and pick it up and drive it back to sell it. This is all contingent upon us getting the loan.

And finally, insurance is a big old hassle. The insurance company sent out letters asking for more information as to why Supe needs a wheelchair. We have 45 days to get all our ducks in a row on this or they will automatically deny his claim. I am working with a patient advocate at our clinic, so I think things are getting done and the hoops are being jumped through properly. Today I had to fax her a letter explaining why Supe needs a chair. I made it as personal and touching as I could possibly make it. Hopefully that will help the process. This is the same company I am having to jump through hoops for in order to get approval for my surgery. Even though Supe is frustrated beyond belief at the amount of time this is taking, I would still rather go through all of this with the insurance company than not have insurance at all.

No energy for Friday Five. Have a great weekend.


A Year Ago Today: January 30, Sweet Baboo and Specs

Iím getting new glasses today! Actually, I will probably just be picking them out and ordering them. I probably wonít be actually getting them for another 2 weeks or so. But Iím psyched! New specs to see the world!

SB and I had a fight last night. It is mostly because I am struggling with liking my job right now and wish I could be at home. I get home from a crappy day at work, he is sitting in the same chair, in the same clothes, and in the same spot I left him in when I left for work.

Granted he showered in between, but that is all he did all day. I love this man, but I wish I could be the one to stay at home for a while. He does do the laundry once a week. But it would be nice if he would put the dishes that are in the sink into the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen table.

We worked it out. My biggest thing was wondering what his plans are for the future. Is he ever going to look for a job? What does he want? What the heck are we going to do when we get pregnant? He really didnít have any answers, but at least we cleared the air a bit.

I took a nice, long bubble bath complete with tub-side scented candles and a nice glass of white zinfandel. Plus, I plugged in the little portable TV/Radio and watched the first half of American Idol. It was Heaven! The cat did sit on the back of the tub most of the time and watch, which was a bit disconcerting. She is fascinated by water, but HATES having it touch her in any way.

Today SB called and said he took his truck to get an oil change at the Amoco on the corner and they might have a part time job for him! WHAT? Thatís right! He said he hit it off with the guy who owns the place, they talked for quite a bit, SB told him about all of his gas station managerial experience and the guy said he might have something for him. So SB left his name and number and I hope they call him! He is feeling more forms of rejection since his former employers kick his booty out. Yay SB!

I have the place to myself tonight after my eye appointment. SB is in a cribbage tournament with his sister. Never played the game myself, but he is excited. Hope they do well and the prize is cash! Itís probably a free pitcher of draft beer. But weíll see.

One short work story to leave you with: My bossís wife, SM (see previous entries to get the low down) was at lunch when someone from our home office called for her. It seems SM had called to get some information on some insurance policies, but the home office computers were down. So this person told me to take a note for SM and tell her to fax the insurance policy numbers she wanted info on and this person would look them up in the morning and call SM back. So I took the note, making sure to be really specific as to what SM was supposed to do. When I am not specific, SM will come to me and ask me to explain the note that already explains the task. Anyway, SM came back from lunch; got her note and soon I heard her dialing her phone. 3 seconds later, I heard fax tones coming from her speakerphone. She was trying to call the person at the home office on the fax number I had just given her in this ultra specific note. Then she comes over to my office and asks why, when she calls this number at the home office, all she gets is fax tones. I take a minute and explain it is because it is the fax number of the person she was trying to reach earlier. She finally gets it. Sheesh! Anyone want my job?

4:26 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 30, 2004


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