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Wednesday is in the Middle.

I will be anxious to get to work today to see how many calls I took for the whole day. As far as I could tell, it was somewhere over 100. It was stinking busy. When you talk to over 100 people a day, it makes it hard to come home and be chatty. But I think I did OK. At least Supe said I did, so that's good.

My dad called and said there is a full size van for sale there for around 5 or 6 thousand. It has high miles on it. But we didn't get our financing, so it might as well be 50 or 60 thousand. But what's scary is when you're talking to your dad and he uses code words from your online journal!

They had a good cruise and even met some people from St. Paul which continues to prove the small world theory. But it's not as coincidental as one might think seeing as our weather has been bitter cold and snowy. I would escape to a Carribean cruise if I had the funds too.

My nephew Repeat came out of surgery just fine. Apparently there was a problem in recovery...his vocal chords collapsed making it hard for him to breath. But that got worked out and he's fine. I guess he was very crabby as he came out of the anesthesia too. But now he notices a marked improvement in his breathing and everyone thinks he will be on his way to trouble free ears. Yay! He got lots of cards and treats yesterday I guess. Our treat comes today. Hope he likes it.

The guy on My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee looks like my friend Mary's husband Paul when we were all in high school. Get that? Mary, Paul and I all went to high school together and that guy, Steve, looks like Paul did back then. Especially after Randi made him get his hair cut.

Dear 16 year old blond girl from American Idol. You are 16. You have talent, that much is obvious. This is not it for you. Continue to pursue your craft, learning, honing, and practicing. You have years ahead of you. In the meantime, learn some manners. You will catch more flies with honey than with that bitter attitude young lady. Way to be gracious and honorable. You have talent, true, now work on that attitude of yours. It's called professionalism...look into it.

Dear Parents of 16 year old blond girl on American Idol, teach your daughter to be a gracious loser. Teach her some manners and how to be kind in the face of adversity. If I were you, I would be embarrassed at the tantrum my daughter threw on national TV last night. It's called parenting...look into it.

Does anyone else think that Scooter Girl is a little unbalanced? It will be interesting to see how far she gets.

This morning, my cat Maisey was meowing and in the middle of the meow, she yawned. It was the longest meow in the world and so funny. I've never seen/heard that before.

Google search of the day that led to someone finding my diary: "Did Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake ever slept together?" Nice grammer annoymous Googler.

7:35 a.m. - Wednesday, Feb. 04, 2004


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