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I'm a Big Loser!

I am big loser! Yes, I am! I lost 4.2 lbs according to the official WW scale! Whoot! I think the secret is to keep trying. Even if you mess up one day or one can try again the next time.

Even Supe is interested. He said he would like to accompany me next week. I think that would be great. They are having a special for spouses. If your spouse joins, they get free registration and are given a free cook book! There is one I really want, so that would be great.

The meeting was good. The speaker was a good balance of fun, informative, and vivacious without being annoying. Afterwards, I bought the exercise video for people who have over 40 lbs to lose.

I am REALLY struggling with cravings. Yesterday I NEEDED chocolate and a Coke. I think it's because I'm premenstral. Those cravings usually happen when I am premenstral. At least at the intensity I had them yesterday. Unfortunately I did give in to the cravings and had a candy bar and Coke at work. I do need to work on getting a hold of myself during the cravings.

I am not sure how those cravings will play out after surgery because I will be unable to drink soft drinks and eat sugary things like candy bars. Thankfully, I have time to work through the process.

So, American Idol last night? So good! I was thinking that these kids think that because they are talented, they deserve a free ride. They figure talent equals hard work. The two are not mutually exclusive. Clay Aitkin, Ruben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson are all talented too. I bet if you asked them about their work habits before AI and after AI they would all say they haven't worked as hard in their life as they are now. The difference is that this was their dream and they working at something they love. SO many of those kids had excuses as to why they sucked. "I was tired", "I was nervous", "I couldn't find my group", etc. The first trio of girls that sang rocked the house because they WORKED on their routine. They memorized their song and worked on it until they had it down. Anything else just goes to show you are not as interested in becoming a singer as you are at having things handed to you. Talent plus work equals excellence. That's what they are looking for. I am sad that Scooter Girl didn't make it. And I do think she has a valid point about Randy, Paula and Simon giving her mixed messages. Oh, Scooter Girl, we hardly knew ye!

Supe is feeling sick again. He woke up feeling like he needed to vomit. He misses a day of classes today. I wish I knew how to help him to feel better. Poor baby.

I am not sure how to handle the directive from my boss that we no longer get morning or afternoon breaks and 45 minute lunches. The hard worker in me says suck it up and let it're not being asked to do anything different from anyone else. But the big baby in me says it's not fair and that for a stressful job such as this, a couple of breaks a day are a welcome thing. I am praying about it and hoping my attitude will change through a supernatural miracle of God. I can hope, can't I?

7:49 a.m. - Thursday, Feb. 05, 2004


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