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Van Update

Another totally crazy day. Had to catch up at work after missing yesterday. This week is all whacked. Still missing 1 person due to illness, 1 person due to her father dying, and 1 person who will be starting on Monday. Tomorrow, half our group will be at the funeral of our co-worker's father, so it will be more business. I am off on Friday to meet with the psychologist and take the MMPI test. Then Supe and I may be taking a drive.

I found out today from my dad that the more expensive van with the lesser miles has already sold and the less expensive van with more miles needs more work than originally thought. Also, we found out that it really won't fit through our garage door and it doesn't make sense for Supe to park outside if he has to scrape the van before getting into it. So, the vans in WI are no go.

But Supe and I might drive down to Savage to the local handicapped accessible van sales place and see what they might have to offer in the way of used vans, financing and trade in specials. It might be a good afternoon to take a tour of the place. Their website lists a couple of used vans that look pretty good for the miles and age, so we'll see. The really good thing is that if you buy from them, the do all the refurbishing and guarantee the work. They will even pick up and drop off.

Other good news, the order for Supe's fancy new wheelchair is going in as early as Friday. That means he could have it rev'd up and ready by the end of the month! Whoot! Then some other person can be blessed by borrowing the one he's been using.

Not much else is going on now. Work is stinking busy, but that is nice as it's perceived job sercurity. So many journal writers seem to be losing their jobs lately. That is one crowd I do not want to be on the cusp of. So many bright and talented people out of work make it harder for those of us on the bottom of that food chain. Thankfully I am presently employeed. But if any of you live in the Twin City Metro area, I could hook you up with some job openings within Big Bank Co, if you so desire.

The second half of American Idol is on tonight! Go Matt!


A Year Ago Today: February 11, 2003 Our Weekend and a 1 year anniversary

Today is not only cold, but also VERY windy. The gusts are up to 40 mph and with the new snow are creating white out conditions! Not conducive for good driving. Wish I had stayed home from work today.

Actually today was pretty good. I got lots of stuff done and am almost caught up from yesterdayís melee.

We had a good weekend. My folks came up from WI. They arrived Friday night around 9:30, checked into their hotel and called us. Dad said they would give us a call by 10am the next morning. Good enough.

SB (Sweet Baboo) and I went to bed but slept horribly! Our cat Maisey woke us up at about 8:30am and with worrying that I would sleep through Dadís call, I could not get back to sleep. Guess when Dad finally did call? 11AM! Moreover, it was not a call from their hotel room; it was a call from our security monitor in the front of our apartment building. Good thing I was able to sleep in on a Saturday! Oh well.

We had a great visit though. Mom and Dad had just returned from Mexico the Tuesday before. They brought us a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder. Our bathroom is all done in sunflowers and mom happened to find sunflower accented gifts! They also brought us a beautiful birdbath/feeder. It is so cute! Too bad we canít use it yet. The water would freeze in this weather.

After we showed them our apartment, we just sat around and talked for awhile and then Dad took us to lunch at Bakerís Square.

After lunch, Dad and SB went back to the apartment and watched the Gopher basketball game while Mom and I went shopping!

We have a Crafts Direct Warehouse near our home, so we went there first. Mom got some stuff for her home business and I got a grapevine wreath and some silk flowers. I wanted to make a wreath for our door. I also found some awesome chunky candles for only $.39!

After that we just bummed around. We checked out some antique stores (Overpriced) and some yarn stores (too crowed) and then went back home.

I made dinner. I got a yummy crock-pot beef stroganoff recipe from a gal at work. I had never made it before, but decided to be brave and try it out on the folks. Happily, it turned out wonderfully! The beef was so tender and it had a really full bodied taste. It went over really well.

After dinner, more talking and then they went back to the hotel while I made my new wreath. It turned out really pretty.

Sunday was church and I forgot that it was New Name Sunday! Our church has been going through some growing pains lately and one of the ways the leadership sought to alleviate some of these growing pains, our church is going to be renamed. Sunday was the unveiling. Our new name is LIFE Church. Our old name? Antioch Christian Fellowship. So, weíll see how that goes over. It was actually a nice service.

Mom and Dad left right after the service and SB and I went home for lunch. After lunch was naptime for us. Then just a quiet night of crocheting for me and Menís Group lesson for SB.

Yesterday was CRAZY at work. Mondayís are always busy, but yesterday was one thing after another. One agent after another with some crisis or needing help with things. Sometimes they act as if they cannot do one single thing on their own and other times they act as if my job here is needless because they can do it all. Whatever. At least I got a free lunch out of it! My boss came in during one particularly stressful moment and invited me to go with the weekly top producers to a local Chinese restaurant. It was nice. In addition, I got to sit by him and his wife and actually get some small talk in. That rarely happens and Itís nice when it does as it makes us an little more personable to each other.

This month is the one year anniversary of my husbandís diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy. He has a form called FSHD. It affects his facial muscles, arms, the trunk of his body, and legs. His muscles have really degenerated in the last year since the diagnosis. There is no way to stop it or slow it down and no cure as of now. There is also no way to predict how fast it will take over or if it will slow down. So, in a way, we are at the mercy of this disease. Although, to be honest, we do not live that way. SB is quite the overcomer! I am so proud of him. I dedicate this entry to him! I love you honey!

6:06 p.m. - Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2004


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