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Is Lanny a Momma's Boy?

My co-worker's Dad's funeral is today. Poor co-worker and her family. Half our team is gone today to be with her. All of us are there in heart and spirit.

I do not want to weigh in at WW tonight. I have my period and feel all bloaty and huge. Blech. Plus I didn't do as well this week on the points plan as I did last week. Trial and error I tell you!

We have a neice with a birthday tomorrow and a nephew with a birthday on Saturday. So I got their birthday cards sent out along with 3 other valentine cards for our littlest neice and nephews. We are the uncle and aunt who rock!

So I called the RollX van place and we have an appointment at 3:30 to look at several of their used vans. I'm sure any one of them will be just's just a matter of getting financing. That's been our biggest obsticle. So, we'll see.

Tomorrow will be busy. The morning is filled with my psych evaluation and MMPI test and the afternoon is the van place. I also want to stop and pick up some balloons for Supe for V-day. His gift hasn't been delivered yet...but is guaranteed to arrive by tomorrow, so let's hope so.

Did you watch the Bachelorette last night? What was up with Ian being all secretive? And he should DEFINITELY tell Meredith his whole thing about not getting her a ring at the end of this. He said if she is expecting a ring at the end of all of this, he is NOT the guy for her. Well, OK then, but be a stand up guy and tell her that so she can pick a guy who will give her a ring if that's what she wants. Also, isn't Chad's family just the cutest? But what is up with his lying about having a job? Lots of people are out of's nothing to be insecure about. But then he said that weird thing about getting a job if Meredith wanted him to have a job. Ummmm....OK. Matthew's family was adorable too. His mom was as cute as a button. Finally, what was up with Lanny's mom? Ummm...hello! Your sons are all grown up. Apparently when she was reading her Bible about submitting to your husband, she skipped over the part about sons leaving their mother and father and cleaving to their new wife. Lanny's sister-in-law had that dear in the headlights look when she talked about her mother in law. It's no surprise he got the boot at the end. I think the last 2 will be Chad and Matthew with her picking Matthew.

So that's my exciting day...discussing The Bachelorette and my schedule for the day tomorrow. Woo! High times here in the tundra.


A Year Ago Today: February 12, 2003 Everybody thinks they have a good sense of humor

I am not sure what to write today. I donít think this diary is a very good reflection of who I am. I like that I can write and post pictures and link other diarists to me and me to them. Maybe Iím just looking for more attention. I say in my head that Iím not. I know that with more attention there is more trouble. But I donít know why Iím so scattered about this.

In college I was always one of the funny ones. I would walk up to a group of people and they would say, "Say something funny." and I always could almost always come up with something. Me and my friend Jen could make each other laugh for hours and hours. Those gut busting, heart palpitating loud guffaws that make others stop by your room to see what the deal is. We could make each other laugh like that. Later, as we got to know each other better, all we had to do was say one word or give each other a look and we would start all over again. We had the same sense of humor and loved the same comedians. I still remember the HBO Young Comedians special of 1989. They featured Rob Schneider and David Spade. We taped it and watched it over and over. We quoted it. We still send each other emails every year for daylight savings time. Jen! "Donít forget to set your clocks back!" Hahahaha. Whew! That still cracks me up.

Later, my friend Jim and I would crack each other, and those around us, up. He was funny in that weird, California guy way. SOOOOOO funny! Just thinking about the things we did cracks me up. And yet, to describe them here wouldnít do them justice and would probably fall totally flat.

Man, I miss Jim and J right now. Jim is now married and lives in LA, CA and J is married with a little boy and lives in Texas. I still keep in contact with both, but it is not the same.

Iíve had other friends that I have laughed with...I have laughed with all of them plenty of times. However, when I remember those side splitting good times, I always think of J and Jim.

All of this to say, I do not think I come across as funny here. Uncle Bob and Pork Tornado do, of course. I am not sure what my voice here is yet. I guess maybe its too early to tell.

Here is a story about being funny.

When I was 22, I left the Midwest and moved out East to be a nanny. The job that took me out there ended up being a huge bust as the people I worked for were insane, but I stayed out there for more than 3 years.

Anyway, the Dad in the family I worked for was named Dean. He was all intense, suspicious, and weird. I lived there for about 2 weeks before I rather got a feel for what he was all about...but he could still rather surprise me. Anyway, he was talking about how he and his wife wanted to take a long vacation to Mexico in the winter and would I mind watching the baby full time while they were gone? I said I didnít but would require full time pay. (no duh) Then he started telling me about his wifeís sister and how every time he and his wife go anywhere, her sister always asks them to bring back something specifically pricey but never gives them any money or pays them back for the items the get her.

So, later, I was in the kitchen making dinner and Deanís wife, Susan comes into the kitchen and starts telling me about this place in Mexico where theyíll be staying. As she is talking, Dean walks in to get a beer. After sheís done rambling about how warm and pretty it will be, I jump in and say something along the lines of, " long as youíre going to be down there, could you bring me back a..." I cannot remember what I asked for. However, Susan got all-serious and said, "Oh, yes...of course we can." Totally taking me seriously. Dean looked at me, blinked twice and said, "Oh! You are funny! I didnít know you were funny!" Honestly, that is what he said. I had been living there a month when this happened. I lived there. I took care of there 3 month old baby. I was hired 4 months before I even set foot on a plane out there. This is the first indication the man had that I had a sense of humor. No wonder that job didnít work out.

Hopefully it wonít take that long here before you know that I have a sense of humor. Let me know.

2:29 p.m. - Thursday, Feb. 12, 2004


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