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More Of a Loser Than Before

Happy Birthday to our neice Brittney!

At weigh in yesterday I lost another 2 pounds, so that's over 6 altoghter so far for those of you keeping count. I wasn't too good this week, so I think it's mostly due to the cutting back of the soda and drinking more water. But woo! I'm over the 5 lb mark.

Supe's V-day present came in the mail yesterday and he really liked it. It's a cute little stuffed doggie that came in a box that looks like a house. He really wants a dog but because we live in an apartment that is small and have 2 cats who don't get along, it's probably not the best environment for a dog. So my card said that he can consider this his dog until we move somewhere that's more condusive for one. He thinks it's cute and cuddly. But he didn't name it.

I had my appointment with the Psychologist today. She was very nice and quite informative. We met and talked for an hour. She took my health and dieting history, my eating habits, and went over the life style changes I will have to make after the surgery. I still think the hardest thing is no drinking of any beverage a half hour before eating until a half hour after eating. I really have to work on that one.

After we met, she set me up in a room to take the MMPI test. It was over 560 true false questions. It only took me a little over an hour to complete. Some of the statements made me laugh out loud. Statements like, Someone is controling me with their mind, Lightning scares me, and Everyone has it better than I do.

After that, I went to Paper Warehouse and bought Supe some heart balloons. Remember the 8 balloons for $40? Well, I got 11 balloons for $8! Right now they are in the trunk of my car. Tomorrow morning, before he gets up, I am going to tie them to things in our apartment. Also, I printed out about 50 colored candy hearts on the color printer at work and wrote on them reasons why I love him. I am going to tape them and hide them all around our apartment so he will know why I love him. Happy Valentine's Day Sweets!

Soon we will be leaving to check out the vans at Rollx. Hope we are able to work something out as far as financing goes. They sounded hopeful for us, so we will see.

It's a heat wave here today! 35 whole degrees! Get out the shorts and sun tan oil! Whoo hoo! Good day to test drive some vans, my friends. I'll let you know what happens.

1:58 p.m. - Friday, Feb. 13, 2004


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