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Happy Ballentimes Day

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday Dylan...and my friend Dave and my other friend Brenda...Valentine's babies all!

I surprised Bob with the loads of ballons in our living room. He came home from his 3 hours of work and was so surprised. He LOVED it. There are little pink and red hearts taped all over the apartment with words of love on them. He felt so blessed and loved, which, of course was my plot all along. I also made him a yummy dinner and we will be quietly celebrating the holiday of love alone at home tonight.

Still no word about the financing, so we will have to wait until Monday to hear what was decided. Ta ta 'til then.


A Year Ago Today: February 14, 2003 Valentines Day and a Loaner Car

Itís Valentineís Day! Normally, before I was married, I would wear black and boycott this day. I think I wasted that time. Instead of being negative and focusing on what I was missing and wishing I had, I should have celebrated the love I DID have. I could have baked cookies for my friends and sent chocolates to my nephews and family. I could have taken the time to make this day a day about love and peace instead of fixating on the romance I was missing. Sure, Itís easy to say all of this now. After all, hindsight is 20/20. But Iíve been thinking about it and wish I could do those single years over in regards to Valentineís Day.

My husband sent me flowers! I am a sucker for flowers. I know they die in 3 days, but I LOVE flowers! They are truly a luxury to us, but well worth the effort, I think. SB wonít know what hit him when I get a hold of him!

My car, the little gold Hyundai, is in the shop. My radio would intermittently go out. But if I turned on my radio, my lights, or pushed in my clutch, it would come back on...for about a minute and then go out again. Electrical problems are NEVER good in vehicles. I know this from experience. 2 years ago, my car (The big boat) had an electrical problem and smoke came POURING into the cab of my car. An acrid, horrible black smoke. My car was totaled by the insurance agency and then I got the little gold Hyundai.

So, I got to the shop around 6:45am! AM! And they still have it. It is now 2:30pm. I got a loaner...a Daewoo. Not the greatest car in the world, but still, I have never been given a loaner car before. Usually I just have to sit in the repair place waiting room for the duration of the repair.

OK...I just called the repair place and it seems as if it is fixed! Yay! I bought this car brand new exactly 2 years ago and itís under a 10 year warranty so I wonít have to pay for the repair. Yippee! The guy at the shop said they replaced 4 wire-gadget things. Good. I hope that its fixed.

My husband has to work tonight. In fact, he is at work right now and will not be home until midnight. Our Valentineís Day celebration is postponed until tomorrow night. I did leave him a card this morning that he said left him teary and "melty" feeling. Tomorrow I will give him is real gift. 2 pair of novelty boxers, some yummy chocolates and me! Happy Valentineís Day!

6:42 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 14, 2004


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