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If Only I Were Young and Single and The Bachelorette

Can you believe Meredith picked Ian? Even after she dumped Matthew after leading him on, he was so kind and so gracious, if I had been her, I would have stopped and said I changed my mind and picked him.

I say she led him on because while sitting the the family room of her parent's house, she told him that she wanted a ring from him at the end. Basically saying, "I will choose you and once I do, I want you to choose me." Poor Matthew. I think he should be the next Bachelor and not that stupid football player guy. And I just find Ian so creepy.

I knew she was going to pick Ian and just cringed with Matthew came riding up in the Limo. I had a hard time watching that train wreck. I hope he doesn't start closing up and stop risking it all for love. He will find a fabulous woman...I just know it.

Enough about that. I am excited about the progress towards the surgery. Tonight is yet another weigh in at WW. I'm not sure how I did this week. I traveled a bit, though I must admit, I did a lot better than thought I might. I had been worried about eating in front of my family, but I really didn't do too badly. It was scarier in my mind than in reality. Silly me.

Now that my psych evaluation is done, I am just waiting for her to do her report and fax everything into the doctor. Then, the doctor writes a letter to the insurance company and we wait for approval. Once the approval comes in, I will meet with both a nurse clinitian and the surgeon and will be given my surgery date. I guess one surgeon is booking into June already, but the 2 others are still in April and May, so it could be sooner than I think. Then, it's just a matter of waiting and preparing for surgery. Yay! I will call the clinic next week to see if they got the report from the psychologist. Once everything has been sent to the insurance company, it usually takes 3-6 days to receive approval.

Speaking of which, we got a call from the medical supply company and they have ordered Supe's new electric wheelchair! Yay! Then he can give the one he's been using back to the MDA equipment pool. We should also throw the walker into that pool since he doesn't ever use it and probably won't use it.

Supe got his wheelchair back from the airline, but it was broken. So, he will get to keep the one the airline bought for him. You can bet the next time we fly, we will be tagging his wheelchair with neon colors and flags, as well as talking to every member of the flight crew to let them know the importance of the wheelchair to a man with MD. Sheesh. They might as well have cut off his legs.

Can't wait until the weekend. Sleeping in, DVDs, doing our it up! Actually, I am looking forward to Saturday night. I am meeting a girlfriend at a coffee and wine bar to listen to one of our favorite live musicians. Come on weekend!

11:01 a.m. - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004


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