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Feeling Better...Skies are Clearer

I had a good talk with Supe last night. We both agreed that we aren't as depressed as we are unfullfilled. We agreed to pray about the Florida youth ranch thing, fill out applications and see where it goes from there.

We movd Daisy into the bathroom at bedtime last night. Supe doesn't seem to have any problems when sleeping in our queen bed with might just be his pillows or mattress. It might also be our laundry detergent...but he doesn't have problems with his clothes. Just sleeping in our bedroom. Daisy is NOT a happy camper. But we are working on keeping her and Maisey from fighting while they are intergrated during the evening hours.

I watched a report on channel 5/KSTP last night on gastric bypass. They were following one gal and her surgery. She is 20 years old and had was a good candidate for the proceedure. Unfortunately, there were complications and she is not doing so well. I am sorry for her and her family, but the story was so weirdly biased. They used arbitraty facts with no back-up support info and did not delve into why this gal developed her complications. I guess there will another report at 5 tonight, but I'll be working, so will miss that update. I'm not scared and am still going through with the surgery...unless a door closes on the way.

Did you watch Average Joe last night? What is with these women? Larissa rejected Bryan in favor of Gil and when she told Gil that she used to date Fabio, he threw her over. That's what you get when you go for style over substance. Bryan wouldn't have thrown her over. He's a real man and can handle that kind of pressure.

Not much else is going on right now. Maybe I will update later. Thanks everyone for your kind words. sure know how to make a girl feel good. I have a feeling you and new wifey are good chums.

12:09 p.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 02, 2004


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