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Big Cat Legends

Happy Hump day. Could this week be moving any slower?

For your hump day reading pleasure, please take a look at this! At first I was leary of accepting this as real, but thanks to Robyn I found out that it is true as opposed to this which is false. And doesn't the cat in that photo look like Robyn's late cat Tubby(Snoopy)?

Speaking of cats, we are now integrating our 2 so they can, hopefully, learn to live together in peace and harmony by summer when we have to turn on our air conditioner and leave all doors everywhere open. They did pretty well last night. We even left the door to our room open so we would hear them if they put the smack down on each other. Either they were tired and went to bed too, or we sleep the sleep of the dead. The only issue was early this morning when Daisy finally decided she wanted to sleep with me, but discovered Maisey on the foot of the bed. There was much unnessecessary hissing, but no real smack down. So, maybe this little experiment will work after all.

I awoke at the ungodly hour of 5:15 this morning and could not get back to sleep. So I got up, did all the dishes, cleaned out both litter boxes, fixed dinner in the crock pot, made myself some breakfast and generally experienced much domesticity. I am so tired now...I need a nap.

Nothing much else to report. Supe has class today so is off to school. I am at work, getting ready for the day, and the cats are separated because there is no one home to referee.

Have a great hump day!


A Year Ago Today: March 03, 2003 New Old Furniture and Adoption Ideas

Good weekend overall.

I came home Friday after work and just vegged. Now that I think about it, I canít remember what I did...oh yes I do! I rented Kate and Leopold and watched that. It was cute. I really like Meg Ryan when sheís cute and perky and this movie qualifies. Plus, my husband was at work so he didnít have to suffer through my choice of Chick Flicks.

Saturday was a busy day. Some friends of ours had offered SB (Sweet Baboo) a Select Comfort bed with the thought that sleeping on air and adjusting the firmness might help him to sleep better at night. So Saturday morning, I rearranged our bedroom so there would be room for the extra bed. We currently have a queen size bed, but we made enough room to fit the double SC bed. Now our room looks like we drew a line down the middle with his and hers written on either side. I might have to post a photo.

When I went to pick up the bed, they also offered us their used leather recliner. This was a huge answer to prayer as SB needed to put his feet up and we had no comfortable means of his doing so before this. So, I loaded up bed, boxspring, frame and chair into SBís sweet little S10 and took off for home.

Once home, I took SB to work and then set about getting our apartment organized. First, I hauled out our old blue sofa. It had been given to us by SBís sister and was comfy when we first got it, but has since moved 3 times in 2 years and the frame was falling apart. I hauled that thing to the dumpster in our basement all by myself! Had a hard time getting it through the door though. But I did it! Then I rearranged our living area so the recliner could comfortably recline. Might have to post a photo of that too.

SB got home and helped me with the bed. We got everything put away and set up by bed time. It was a sweet arrangement. Now, SB can roll and flop and fidget all night and I wonít wake up once!

Our cat Maisey is not thrilled with the new bed though. When SB wants more air, he presses a button and a pump fills the bed with air. Itís louder than our vacuum! Maisey freaked! She wouldnít come into our room all night and was walking on eggshells all the next day.

Sunday we missed church. We slept straight through. Bob felt bad. I was just SORE! My muscles ached...especially my lower back and upper arms. But it was a good ache.

I got a lot done though. Read the paper, cleaned the cat box, did 3 loads of laundry, made a nice dinner, and got a lot done on my knitting project. Woo hoo!

SB was reading the paper Sunday morning when he said out loud, "Hmmm...thereís an adoption seminar next Saturday in the city if you are interested." I said I was, but was he and he said he was. Looks like we are stepping out in faith and moving on this one!

I mentioned this to a couple of people at work and right away they ask me if we arenít able to have children. First of all, isnít that kind of private? I tell them I donít know if we are or not and even if we were, we still have always wanted to adopt.

SBís health has not been the best and as such we are not as into the physical part of our marriage relationship as some might suspect people married only 18 months to be. And this weekend his private area swelled greatly. And when further inspection found a lumpy mass of some sort, we kind of got a little scared. I made an appointment for him at the doctorís office for tomorrow, so hopefully we will just find some weird thing having to do with his MD and nothing really dangerous and expensive.

I canít wait to get off of work today. It was busy from the get go and didnít let up except when I was at lunch. Tonight I want to hit the hay a little early and get rested enough to do a great job tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

8:57 a.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2004


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