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The Day Before Friday is Still Not the Weekend

When it comes to pet peeves, I have many.

Pet Peeves of Driving:

People that leave their blinkers on for 17 miles on the interstate

People that pull out in front of me even though there is no one behind or ahead of me and then they either turn two blocks up the road or drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

People that drive slowly in the passing lane

Pet Peeves of Shopping:

People who walk shoulder to shoulder in front of me and stop suddenly

People with strollers who donít watch where they are going

Finding things I like on clearance, but nothing in my size.

OR Finding lots of stuff in my size on clearance, but nothing I like

Pet Peeves From Work:

Bankers who donít introduce themselves when they call

Just finishing a huge stack of paperwork only to find someone has dumped more on my desk

Bankers who hang up on me when I place them on hold in order to find out the info they called about

Co-workers who place their phones on ďMake BusyĒ while they do their paperwork so the rest of us end up having to take more calls and arenít able to catch up on our paperwork.

See what I mean? Many pet peeves. However, my number one, super mega pet peeve is this: Stores or catalogs that specialize in sizes for overweight women who use less than overweight models and manikins to display their clothing selections. I get at least four of these catalogs and of the four, 2 of them obviously use models size 14 and up. The other two use tall models, but they are all impossibly thin. Iím not saying that any of the clothes are actually things I would be interested in buying, but I do just want to point out the differences in models. Granted, even the catalogs that use plus sized models tend to err on the 14/16 side of the coin, but when I am looking at clothes for myself, I am better able to see how something might fit or lay if I am looking at a plus size woman modeling it.

I used to work at Lane Bryant the store when I was in college. Even there they taught me to fold the excess fabric in on pants and skirts before clipping them to the hangers. Their excuse was that it looked nicer, but my feeling was that they were trying to make women feel better about their size and appearance. ďOh look! I wear a 22/24, but on the rack they donít appear any bigger than the 14/16!Ē Still, I think itís somewhat deceptive and itís pandering to women who know their limitations.

Why canít catalog and large size clothing stores use models that are true to life? It would certainly help me to know better how something might look, plus, I think it would go a long way to help us all realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, not just in size 12 and down.

Enough of that. I had a rough start this morning. Nothing horrible, but it soured the beginning of my day. I poured myself a huge bowl of Special K. It was the last of everything in the box. I was momentarily distracted by my still feuding cats and poured a big old glop of Orange Juice over my cereal! Now I have heard of people doing this on purpose and liking it, so rather than throw the whole thing out, I actually sat down and tried two or 3 bites of it. That was when I decided I could say I do NOT like orange juice in my cereal. I poured the whole thing down the insinkerator and just had a cup of yogurt. The sour taste did not leave my mouth until I got to work and had some ďEclipseĒ gum. This, by the way, is the best product ever if you need immediate breath freshness.

However, my day ever so much better. I had a review today. I knew it was coming and was scared to death. It was my first review at this job. However, all went really, really well. I got a nice little raise, which only amounts to about .37 more an hour, but stillÖeverything adds up. In addition, my boss told me I am a good worker and that I have been doing a great job these past 7 months! So, yay me! That was a nice little pick me up for this afternoon.

I rocked at work today! I had three projects stacked on my desk when I got to work this morning and had them all done and ready to go out by day end. That felt so good. It helped that phones were somewhat slow over the course of the day. I really like days like todayÖless, of course, the orange juice incident.

The cats are doing well. Supe used to be a veterinary technician so he knows all the tricks in getting animals to live together. Even though itís been some years since he worked in that field, his knowledge of animals, their bodies, habits and the sundry is amazing! Except this morning, he said the withers are on the neck. I disagreed and said the withers are parts of the leg of an animalÖhigh on the back, below the neck. I got this from - withers pl.n. The high part of the back of a horse or similar animal, located between the shoulder blades. Whoo hoo!

Did anyone watch Kingdom Hospital last night? What was that all about? I noticed it was written by two other guys, but since Steven King rewrote it for television, they are calling it his show. That has to suck if you were one of the original creators. Unless they were aptly compensated, of course. Anyway, back to the movie. It was just one odd thing after another. Like that giant anteater/aardvark thing, and the security guy who seems to be there 24/7 and also does floors, and the fact that the guy that got hit by the truck could hear animals talking to him, and justÖso much more. Their choices for music beds over the action are really odd too. My husband thinks itís an evil show. I am not so sure. I know Steven King has been pondering things of a spiritual nature due to his own brush with death, so I am interested to see where he goes with this. Itís just so odd. Very Twin Peaks without the tongue in cheek.

Tomorrow is Friday. I canít wait!

PS...may I also add another pet peeve? Why do the Girl Scouts have cookie time right after the start of the new year? Are they purposely trying to fowl up all our good intentions and resolutions? Also, why do all my cookies taste so stale, bland and dry????? See? It's a conspirocy!


A Year Ago Today: March 04, "A" is for Alphabytes, Attainment and A Conversation

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Todayís word is: Attainment


The act of attaining or the condition of being attained.

Something, such as an accomplishment or achievement, that is attained.

Any guess what this journal entry will be about. I know I talk about it way too much, but I want to have children. To Attain them in whatever way I can. So far the God-ordained way doesnít seem to working. For a while I totally believed it would. I joined a fertility support group that taught about faith and prayer and speaking the Word of God and its Truth over my body and my husbandís body and just letting that sink in. I still believe that is good. But lately, Iíve been wondering if adoption (another good A word) is the way we are supposed to go.

In "the natural" it doesnít seem like a very good idea to even be thinking of having children. I am working full time, SBís (Sweet Baboo) health isnít really up to snuff, heís not working more than 12 hours a week right now, we live in a one bedroom apartment, and are pinching pennies pretty hard right now. But Iíve known people in worse scenarios than ours who had kids and made it work, so who knows. God is bigger than us and our circumstances, but still...isnít there some form of personal responsibility that should fall into place here?

We are open and looking into adoption. Even if we had our own kids right now, we would still be open and looking into adoption. We just have a heart for hurting kids without homes and families. Hennepin County has a pretty lenient program for adoption, so we would like to look into that. Mostly, they are inner city kids who are older...but they still need homes and families. They are called, "The Waiting Children". They are waiting for families and we are waiting for children. If the cost isnít prohibitive, we would definitely like to go that route. On the TV commercials they show, African American families are adopting African American kids. We are white as white can be. My husband grew up in the Ďhood, but heís still a white boy. Donít know how the county feels about mixed race adoptions. We feel fine about it. Kids need a home, we have a home and want kids. What could be better?

I know Itís no cake walk. I nannied for a mixed race family. They had their hurdles and issues. But those kids were just kids and I loved them! I miss them too:-) are what we would like to attain. Right now we are a 2 person family. We love that. We like our home. We love each other. But we want more.

To end todayís ramblings, a conversation. My husband and I have been talking about getting a kitten. Our cat Maisey is 2 years old this spring. We got her last year from the feline rescue league. They had had her for 20 days or so and figured her age to be about 9 months. She was full grown and had not a hint of cute kittenishness about her. (Though she is quite cute!) I look at her and wonder what she must have looked like as a kitten. I know she was curious and playful and not very graceful because those qualities have been with her and grown with her since bringing her into our home. SB and I have been knocking around the idea of getting a kitten and Sunday night we had a serious discussion about it. the funny thing is, if we had been having this discussion in a crowded restaurant or the aisle of the local Target, any eavesdropper would have assumed we were talking about enlarging our progeny. Thank God SB used to be a vet tech and can get check ups and things for our pets for a discount. f we can find a free kitten, the rest will be a breeze.

So Thatís it for today. SB and I are scheduled for doctors visits today. Hope the outcome is good.

Thanks for reading.

4:54 p.m. - Thursday, Mar. 04, 2004


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