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Things I Should Never Hear A Banker Say, But I Still Hear Every Day.

Me: The process to receive the funds from your annuity takes about 3 weeks.

Banker: THREE WEEKS!!!!! I need it fast than that. Can't I write a check to the client from the WFI bank account?

Me: No, they aren't bank funds, they are insurance funds. We need to send the request to the insurance company and they will send the client a check.

Banker: Well they are my customer's funds and it just shouldn't take that long.


Banker after I have just answered the phone all professionally and courteously: I need you to tell me what my client is now earning.

Me: I would be happy to if you would introduce yourself, including your name, bank branch and location and I need a policy number.


Me: You can find that information in such and such a brochure or form.

Banker: I am calling you! Therefore you can tell me so I don't HAVE to look it up!


Me: You can fill out such and such form in order to get that request processed. That form should be in the banker's toolbox we sent you for your training.

Banker: Just fax me the form...I don't want to have to hunt it down.


Banker: Where are our forms?

Me: will have to ask your manager, I think it's different in each of our 2000 branches.


Banker: What are the tax consequences of that?

Me: Your customer will have to contact his tax advisor for that information as we are not trained or licensed in tax law.

Banker: Well, why not? That's not very good customer service!


Me: I would be happy to help you, but first, to help me, did you go through the training on that?

Banker: Yeah, I took that stupid class, but I slept through it because they told us we could just call you if there was a problem.


Me: We sent out the new rate sheets last week, as well as sending out an informational email.

Banker: Well, I didn't get it, so my customer should get the other rate.

Me: Ummm...we don't make that decision, the insurance company sets the rates and we prepared your branch for the change.

Banker: Well, if I didn't get the info, it doesn't count.


Banker: I see that the rate on the 7 year product is 4.95%?

Me: Yes, that's right.

Banker: Ummm, couldn't we just round that rate up to an even 5%?

Me, in my head: Sure! Isn't that how you close your drawer at night? Hmmm...I have $1,075 in my drawer, but I'll just say I have $2000.

Me really: Um, no we can't...that rate is set by the insurance company and isn't really up for debate.


Banker: I'm not licensed but I just sold an annuity.

Me: You can't sell an annuity if you aren't licensed.

Banker: Well I just did and I expect credit.

Me: I will have to transfer you to the licensing department.

Me under my breath: Good luck!


Banker: I am just calling to get help with filling out my forms.

Me: Great! Here is how you do it.

Banker: But I already did it this way and the customer is gone!

Me: Well, you will have to redo it, call the customer and have them come back and resign everything.

Banker: But that's so inconveinent! Can't I just white everything out and fill it out right?


Banker: I am out of this form, can I use that form?

Me: No, you have to use this form. I can fax one to you.

Banker: Great! Here is my fax number.

Me faxing, listening for fax tones but hearing: "Hi! You've reached banker at 555-1212, please leave your message at the tone.

Banker calling back: Where is my form? You said you would fax it.

Me: I did but you gave me your phone number instead.

Banker: No I didn't.


Banker: I called earlier and talked to your co-worker and she told me this is the process I was inquiring about.

Me: Yes, that's right. Can I help you further with that?

Banker: No, I was just calling to see if what she told me really was right.


Banker: Is the interest my customer pulls out of this annuity taxible?

Me: Yes, it's considered income.

Banker: But they don't want to have to pay taxes on it!

Me in my head: And I don't want to get out of my bed every day, but I do it because I have to!


Me: I would be happy to help you, what is that policy number?

Banker: I don't have that.

Me: Well, what is their social security number?

Banker: I don't have that either.

Me: Um, I need some kind of identifying number...can you ask your customer for their social?

Banker: No, because they left...I have their first name!


-------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: March 13, 2003: "I" is for Increase and Irregular and Injection Fraction

Today's entry is not brought to you by Alphabytes but is brought to you by the letter "I" for Increase and Irregular.

I got a raise. It's the annual merit rate increase. It's only a 3% raise, but It's better than a kick in the head:-) It's an extra $800 a year, so That's good.

I also got the results back from my Hydrascan. It seems I have irregular gallbladder function. They are recommending surgery. I guess the surgeon will call me to set something up.

OK...the nurse just called and said I am scheudled to meet with the surgeon, Dr. Croston, at 2pm on Monday. She said that a normal gallbladder has an injection fraction that is over 50%. Mine, being irregular, has less than 9%. Ooooh, That's bad. Hence, a meeting with a surgeon. I wonder if he could also just move over a bit and snip off my stomach and attach what's left to the pipes? Hmmm. Maybe I'll ask him. The worst he could say is no.

My uncle just had gallbladder surgery last week and is up and at 'em again. It used to be that this surgery was one of the hardest to have, but now they do it laposcopically (sp?) and It's supposedly a piece of cake. So, no big. But It's all happening at the same time as SB's health concerns.

He has an EKG this morning and will see his doctor again this afternoon. He still is not feeling better. His stomach and legs were all swollen this morning and he just gets worn out so quickly doing the simplest of tasks. Also, there seems to be a mass of some kind in his testicular area. When he asked about it before, they told him it was probably just calcium deposits. But now it's hurting him...there is pain involved and we are concerned. Also, this morning he was having pain in his left side. He thought it was his liver, but I know from my hydrascan that the liver is on the right side. So, hopefully we can get more answers today. Maybe It's a kidney infection, maybe It's more. We would like some answers and I hope they come quickly.

No news about his dad. I hope they would notify us either way, if he improves or gets worse.

I finished my beginning knitting class and it was great! I am finishing my second scarf and have the materials for my next project all ready. The next class starts on the 31st and will be on Monday nights for 6 weeks. I will be making slippers for my husband. He is always so cold and doesn't have any of his own. If they turn out, I may make some for myself.

I really like knitting. It's fun, relaxing and I like learning new things. The class after the slipper class is making a child's cardigan sweater! That would be cool to make too. I am looking forward to this in a big way. There is also a sock making class, which teaches how to knit in the round. That would be the best.

Not much else is going on. We are just doing our best to live in the moment, care for one another and are trying to be patient while waiting for answers. Hope we get some soon. "I" is also for Investigate.

Thanks for reading.

4:30 p.m. - Friday, Mar. 12, 2004


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