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Did you hear the news this morning about the woman in Utah who would not let her OB take her babies via Cesarean Section because the scar would "ruin her life"? She was having twins and one of them died. So now she has been arrested for murder. Yeah, it was the scar that would ruin your life.

In other health news, my SIL, Belle is undergoing a battery of tests today to determine if she is a good donor match for her mother. If she is, she will have to make the decision to donate one of her kidneys to her mom whose own are failing due to diabetes and rejection of a former donation. If you believe in God and the power of prayer, would you send one or two up for Belle and her mom and my brother today? Thanks.

I was watching the news this week and saw where the local animal rescue people had to rescue several horses and dogs from a woman's farm in Northern MN. This is not the first time they have had to do this. They showed the horses and I have never seen this before, but many were lame because their hooves had become overgrown. They looked like elf shoes. Their hooves were all long and curled up into curly q's. It was really disturbing. Why would this woman want so many animals if she has neither the means or inclination to care for them properly?

I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night. It was a rerun that I had seen before and yet I still got choked up at the part where they revealed the dad to his family. I LOVED the house they ended up with. I wish we owned a house so we could apply for the home makeover. I would ask them to make it completely accessible for Supe.

It's Friday, so that means...FRIDAY 5!

1. What was the last song you heard?

Closer to me...I have the radio on.

2. What were the last two movies you saw? Zoolander and Down With Love

3. What were the last three things you purchased? Toilet Paper, bottled water and gum.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend? Clean the cat boxes, visit Supe's friend at the nursing home, vacuum, and see The Passion of the Christ.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to? At work, co-workers and bankers. Outside of work, Supe, a survey taker on the phone last night, a friend of ours on the phone last night, a neighbor, and my 2 kitties.

Supe's friend Van is dying. Van is someone Supe met at the nursing home when he went to visit his friend Jim. Jim is there because he had a stroke 2 years ago and is paralyzed from the chin down...actually, he can only move his eyes. Anyway, Van is Jim's roommate and he is in the nursing home because he has a brain tumor. Supe went to visit him yesterday and said he was seizing the whole time he was there. Poor Van is suffering. His family is with him and Supe has been so sad. We do pray he goes quickly and quietly in his sleep, but it's so sad to lose such a good man and friend of Supe's.

I am SO glad it's Friday.

9:42 a.m. - Friday, Mar. 12, 2004


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