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You Don't Have Because You Don't Ask!

Still waiting for that phone to ring. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for something I really want. Guess it's time to learn how to change that.

OK, here's how badly I want a house. I sent off a packet of info to Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, asking them to pick us. You say you have to own a home first? I know that, but I was hoping they would find our story so interesting and compelling, that they would buy a property and make it over for us. Bold? You bet! Hey, it never hurts to ask, does it?

I got a 3-ring binder, some dividers and plastic page covers and made up a lovely presentation. The first part was the letter of our story. The second part was our application. The third part included photos of me and Supe. The fourth part were letters of recommendation and some poems Supe had written about having Muscular Dystrophy, the last part was our video.

I just said how we had planned on buying a property before we got married but it all fell through due to a technicality at the last minute so we rented an apartment with the thought we would buy a house in a year or so. Well, 6 months later Supe was told about the MD, he lost his job, we lost our savings and had to file bankruptcy.

I outlined our needs for handicapped accessible housing and showed how our apartment is so small and how Supe's chair keeps chopping plaster off our walls because we need more space. It was an outstanding letter with everything outlined clearly, succinctly and professionally. They probably won't go for it.

But I thought it had a great hook! They could buy some cheap-o property and remake it into a handicapped accessible haven. I haven't seen that done before. So, who knows.

We also said we would relocate to Florida where property is maybe they will go for it. I just mailed it off today. I'm not so much afraid they won't go for it because they would have to buy the original property though. I am more afraid they won't go for it because I am no bathing beauty and Supe is not tall dark and handsome. I watched the video I made and I am one huge woman. That's what is going to put them off if anything, I'm afraid. Nothing like putting yourself out there.

So, you know. I'm quite the little scemer, no?

I am thrilled that my plantar warts are disappearing! The large one on the middle finger of my right hand is all gone. One day it was there, the next...nothing! The ones on my feet are slowly disappearing too. Yay! I think I need to go in for one more treatment, but for now I am happy with the yeast formula they injected into my foot. I am thankful to be part of the 50% this treatment works for! Yay!

My sister-in-law Belle got through her tests OK. There is still some question as to how this would impact her health, but they are still going ahead with planning the least at this point. So, we keep praying for her and my brother Huff.

Oh! And if you are about the business of praying, there is a church in Haiti that our church sponsors. This weekend, their pastor called our pastor and said there are no jobs and they have NO food! None. He himself is the father of 7 and the pastor of thousands. This is a huge burden and we are at work to see what tangible things we can do to get food to them. We can't even imagine.

Not much else is new to report. I am feeling a little sad still...I just am not happy with myself and therefore and not happy with life right now. It will get better, I know, I'm just in this funk right now.

1:22 p.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2004


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