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The Luck of the Irish Be With You Today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green?

You know how I was whining yesterday because the nurse hadn't called me? Well, she had. She called my home number and left a 9am. Supe just didn't tell me until I got home from work...after 7:30!

So I called her this morning and on Monday I go in for my surgery teaching appointment. 9am Monday morning! Whoo! During this time, the surgeon will be reviewing my chart and then will give it to the insurance company for approval/denial. Once it's approved, I will be called in to meet with the surgeon and then will get my surgery date!

One of the surgeons is booked into the middle of summer already, but the other 2 aren't quite that booked. I am going to meet with whoever has an earlier date, and then I'm going to put my name on the cancellation list. So, it could be very soon indeed! Yay!

I watched American Idol last night and I really, really liked Fantasia and that Huff fellow and Diana Degarmo. I tried to vote for them, but could NOT get through. So, I decided to wait until the news...figuring an hour would give people time to vote and then I could get a vote in edgewise...but then I forgot to vote! So if they don't make it in, it's my fault. Every vote counts!

I was looking over ABC's website to see if they had any new shows in the works and lo and behold they do! There is one they are casting for right now called The Benefactor. Some guy is going to give a million dollars to a deserving person. They didn't say what that deserving person would have to do for the money, but on the application, they asked, "What would you do for a million dollars?" "What wouldn't you do for a million dollars?"

"How would a million dollars changed your life?" So I filled out the application, telling them I would NOT do anything one might see on Fear Factor. I enclosed a letter explaining our story and several photographs. Hope I get picked!

If I got the million dollars, I would pay off all our debt, donate some of it to the church in Haiti and to a orphanage we support in Ukraine, and then I would buy Supe the best, top of the line handicapped accessible van, and put a down payment on a brand new, handicapped accessible house in Florida...near a beach. That's what I would do with a million dollars. Oh...and I would begin adoption proceedings. What would YOU do with a million dollars? Leave me a comment.

Supe is taking finals today and tomorrow so send out good vibes his way and pray if you are so inclined. He's been studying late into the night and last night he stayed up late putting the finishing touches on his final paper. So, he is one tired dude. Pray he stays alert and remembers all he learned and studied. Thanks!

There has been a shift in power in our household. At some point, there must have been a kitty smackdown and Daisy, my meek, sweet little kitty-girl must have won. Lately, Maisey has been leaving her alone, and even going out of her way to stay out of her way. And Daisy has been bravely walking up to Maisey and slapping her head with one quick brown paw. It's been very interesting to watch.

Last night I got into a slapping contest with Daisy and I have to say, she is one strong slapper. Supe heard the noise and wondered what we were doing. When I told him, he didn't believe me and came out to see. Daisy is the slapping queen and has super quick reflexes. And she is strong enough to slap with a little sting, the little monster. She doesn't have claws, so it's fun, as long as she doesn't bite.

Maisey will play bite...only setting her teeth on you, but never setting them in you. Daisy has not learned that skill and sinks her teeth in good and deep. It's her defense mechanism.

Anyway, now if Daisy wants to sit where Maisey is, she just jumps up, hisses and slaps Maisey on the head and Maisey runs away. My poor first"born" kitty is feeling a little put out. I anticipate another kitty smackdown soon to restore the right order of things again.

We got snow overnight again. Not as much as they did out east, but over an inch. And we are supposed to get more in the next two days. But take heart my midwestern brethern! Next week, we could get highs in the 60's! True, true! Spring is around the corner!

------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: March 17, 2003: "K" is for Kismet and for Kisses from God

Today's entry is brought to you by Alphabytes and the letter "K" for Kismet:

Fate; fortune.

Turkish, from Persian qismat, from Arabic qisma, lot, from qasama, to divide, allot; see qsm in Semitic roots.

I have to say I don't believe in kismet. I believe in prayer and in the Bible. I know these days it's not popular to say that you believe in something as ancient and provencial as the Bible, but let me give you a little taste of why I believe.

My husband and I have had few little money problems since he was let go from his job in May and since his unemployment ran out in February. He really worries about money...I don't. We seem to always have just what we need, just when we need it. It seems cliche to say, but I believe in the addage, "ask and you shall receive." I also believes that the Lord will provide. (Hey...who do you think we're asking here anyway?)

Last week, we were praying together and he worried out loud in prayer where the money for our taxes and vacation would come from. We have enough to cover all our bills and groceries and a little extra left over...but not a lot.

So, when it came my turn to pray, I reminded God (As if He needed it) that we had taxes to pay and we had saved a little over half for our vacation this summer, but would be needing the rest soon. The Bible tells (in fact commands) us not to worry about anything but instead to pray about everything. So I told Him I was praying for money for taxes and vacation. He knows our needs, he gives us everything we have, so It's up to Him to meet those needs.

This weekend...we received money to pay our taxes and some to put towards our vacation. (And a little left over.) Not Kismet...but prayer. God answers prayer if you think to ask Him.

I'm off to see the surgeon. More later.

Thanks for reading.

March 17, 2003: "L" is for LIberated and Long Letter of Updatedness

This supplemental entry is brought to you by Alphabytes and the letter "L" for Liberated.

Well, we met with the surgeon today. Very nice man! He told me that they will be liberating me of my gallbladder in a couple of weeks. His scheduler will be calling me tomorrow to set it up.

He said it will be out patient surgery where I get to go home after, unless something looks or goes wrong, then it will turn into a major surgery with a hospital stay. He said to plan on a week off of work either way. So, there goes my other week of vacation. Oh well, I guess I can figure out worse ways to waste a week. (Check out that alliteration!)

He also said that this may not clear up my problem. He said the only test that showed some gallbladder irregularity was the hydrascan. He said there may not be stones, but instead I may have an injured or infected gallbladder that is a little stiff in its duties and therefore has a lower than normal output. But his thoughts were it wouldn't hurt to take it out and see what the deal is...he just didn't want me to pin my hopes on a cure through surgery.

I've also been liberated of my bosses for the next week. There are managers meetings in Las Vegas beginning Wednesday and instead of using their airline tickets and flying, they took off on a road trip today. It will take them 2 days to make the drive.

And finally, today is the deadline our president gave Saddam to liberate their country of "weapons of mass destruction". Don't know yet what's going on with that. I don't like or necessarily support the war, but once started, I will support our troups and what they've been called to do.

What did we do this weekend? Glad you asked. Friday night SB and I went out and used the last of our Olive Garden gift card. The food was yummy and the company was wonderful. I really like going out with SB and getting away from home for a little bit. We had a nice waitress and since it was her first day on the job, we cut her lots of slack and gave her a nice tip. There was a cute little baby at the table next to us who turned all the way around to watch me all through dinner. She was definitely a cutie.

Saturday we had the most gorgeous weather of the season yet. It got up to 68-71 degrees so we opened up and aired out the place and took a walk. Then, SB's brother and neice and nephew came over for a visit. It was lots of fun. We rarely see them though they live in the metro area. It was good to catch up. The kids are growing like weeds! Hard to believe they are just 11 and 13...they are almost as tall as their dad!

Sunday we missed church again due to SB's health. But it was nice sleeping in. We opened up again and then had a visit from SB's sister. We rarely see her either. We had a really pleasant visit. I am excited for her and her husband's new business. It seems they are doing really well, thank God. God is really moving in their lives and doing some incredeble things. The stories are not mine, so I can't share...yet.

Last night SB and I went to bed early and lay there talking for quite a while. It is one of our favorite things to do. We are free from distractions and interruptions, so we just lie there and talk and pray. It is very nice.

I had weird dreams all weeekend again. I dreamt the woman that is worship leader at our church adopted a baby, though she is a single woman. It was really strange...the baby then turned into a kitten and we had to protect it from the neighbor's rottweiler.

I dreamed something about hyenas and models and the ocean...but can only remember images, not content.

Last night's dreams are a private affair due to content.

So, that was my weekend and the update on my visit with the surgeon. I will know tomorrow when the surgery is scheduled.

Thanks for reading.

9:00 a.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2004


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