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On the lighter side...are the Old Navy advertising companies winning a bet with other advertising companies that they can make the stupidest, most annoying commercials ever? Because, if they did, they should totally win that bet.

Also, have you heard of the new male enhancement drug called Cealice? I'm not sure how it's spelled, but it totally sounds like See Alice. And I always think, "yeah, if you're having a problem getting it up, just See Alice." Heh. -------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: March 21, 2003: "P" is for pleading, pulmonary, and puzzles being solved

Today's entry brought to you by the letter "P" for "Please God let my husband be ok!"

Today was just as crazy as yesterday. I trained my temp this morning and left at 12:30. While training, one of our most important software programs crashed and was corrupted, the home office needs to send a restore disk. It won't be there until Monday. Also, the phones went crazy while we were trying to figure out the computer problem. But it was good for Ron to see how to trouble shoot, should any emergencies arise there while I'm gone.

I left work and went to my eye new glasses were too tight on the left lense and it cracked. So they had ordered a new one and installed it today...good as new. I dropped off our taxes and they are done for another year! Yay!

I stopped at the store to get SB some puzzle books and magazines and some treats. (as it turns out, he won't be needing them...or actually can't have them right now.)

Finally, I went to my pre-op physical and I was pronounced perfectly fine and able to go ahead with surgery on Monday.

I got to the hospital around 5pm and woke Bob from a nap. While we were visiting, his eldest brother and wife showed up. This was a surprise to us! They had been in Atlanta and the Southern US until 1pm yesterday. We didn't even know they were coming up. They wanted to see Sweet Baboo and encourage him. They are missionaries in South Africa on furlough right now and spirtiual mentors to Sweet Baboo.

I went with them to the cafeteria to get something to eat and SB's youngest sister and her husband showed up to join us. It was nice catching up. We finished and went back upstairs. We got to SB's room just as his doctor was leaving. I got the second shock/surprise of the night. They were moving him to ICU. It seems his blood gasses were out of whack. His CO2 levels were in the 100s and should be somewhere around 35 to 40. They were so surprised he was even talking and co-herant. They put him on a bi-pap machine to get him the oxygen he needed and gave him a face mask to cover his mouth and nose. He HATED that. He can't talk with it on and it's big and bulky and makes him feel claustrophobic. He told me later he has never felt so helpless and vulnerable.

They got him situated and wheeled him up to ICU. It's quieter up there and there is 1 nurse to every 2 patients. His night nurse, Lisa, is wonderful! (She reminds me of nurse Carol in Stoughton.) He gets his own room. While there, they continue to monitor his blood gasses, his heart, blood pressure, and breathing. When I left the hospital at midnight, his CO2 levels were down around 70, which is better, but still needing improvement.

The doctor told me that he thinks the breathing problems and blood issue is related to the Muscular Dystrophy. What he thinks happened was that his lungs are not strong enough to fill up with enough Oxygen on their own. So they are not inflating to their full potential. (similar to if you were not used to higher elevations) And the lungs filled up with CO2 over time. In the meantime, his body produced more red blood cells in order to try and produce more Oxygen for his body. They still don't know why he has all that swelling in his lower extremeties. That is really making him uncomfortable. But they did put in a catheter...and that seems to be helping him to rid his body of fluids, so that's good. They are going to contact his MD doctor and see if they can figure out if this is the case in the area of his breathing and blood.

They want to run a battery of pulmonary tests, but can't until we know he's there until then for sure. He is NOT happy about being in the ICU or being on the breathing machine thing. He was suspicious and distrustful at first, but is now getting to know his team and feels better about it. I do too now that I am getting to know who is working with him and what the deal is and now that I have some time to spend there making sure everything is going well.

I don't know how I will get by on Monday and beyond until I can get back there to see him. That will be torture. But because he's in ICU, he can only have 2 guests at a time and only at certain hours. So the majority of time will be spent in the family lounge, I guess. But as the wife, I can claim dibs...LOL...just kidding. His folks and mine will be there later and will want to see him too. The biggest bummer is that he can't have flowers or balloons or fun stuff.

We are so thankful for all the prayers from our family and friends. So many kind thoughts and people who have rallied around us and supported us in all kinds of ways...ways we didn't even know we needed. It's been amazing!

I can't tell you how scared I was when I heard they were moving him to ICU. It's the first time I cried since he told me to get him to the hospital yesterday. I couldn't stop. And he was scared too.

And I'm doing silly things like wearing his wedding band on my right hand. And because he is listening to KTIS on the radio in his room, I have it on 24/7 at home too. It makes me feel connected to him in some way.

The cat's feeling ignored, the dishes go unwashed in the sink and the bathroom needs cleaning. And yet the only place I can find myself right now is at the hospital sitting next to my husband. He is the bravest, most amazing man I've ever known. I can't believe how much I love him.

Please God, let him be OK!

7:50 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 20, 2004


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