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More News of Supe

We had a scare yesterday. Soon after I wrote my entry, the doctor at our family clinic called and said the tests from Supe's blood came back and they wanted to admit him to the hospital. Apparently his hemoglobin levels were off the chart and some hormone was elevated as well. Supe was NOT happy and asked the doctor if they could wait until Monday. He said the last time he went to the hospital, it was a Friday and all the labs were closed, so all they did was monitor him during the weekend anyways. The doctor said she would check and call back. In the meantime, I emailed everyone that we were on our way to the hospital. As we were planning on leaving for the hospital, the phone rang and it was the doctor saying we could wait out the weekend. So, Supe is going to call his doctor on Monday and see what he should do. If he needs to go to the hospital, I will leave work and come home and get him. It is way scary for me to think there might be something other than MD going on with Supe. We kind of went through this last year and they never did figure out what the causes were. Hopefully this time, we will find some answers and treatments. Supe says he's sick of being a patient. I completely understand. This is the third March we've had to deal with something health related with Supe.

His doctor also perscribed something called Neotonin. It's a medicine usually perscribed to people with epilepsy, but he perscribed it for Supe because of his restless leg syndrome in bed at night. Apparently when there is nerve damage, there is restless leg syndrome. We were given samples of that drug to try. We are more nervous about the prednizone. Even if it is a low dose taken once a week, we have not heard a lot of good things from others about it. Supe is still praying about it.

Another symptom of Supe's MD has shown up. He is now having trouble swallowing. It's due to the muscle weakness in his upper extremeties. I didn't know about it until Thursday, but now that I know, he has been more free to share what's going on with him and it's happening quite a bit. The doctor told him to just tuck his chin under and try to swallow that way. That seems to work the best, but it's still scary.

Last night he tried to use the bi-pap and that didn't work very well either. I think we just need to get it recallibrated...just as he falls asleep, he starts to choke on the air that's being forced through the hose. I think it's a good tool, but his settings need to be looked at again and changed.

So, that's where we are at. Monday we will find out what's going and see if Supe is supposed to be hospitalized or not. It's his Spring Break, so he doesn't miss school, but what a bummer of a way to spend Spring Break. Blech. At least I am at a job where they understand the bond between us and will let me be off to spend time with Supe at the hospital. Last Spring when I was working at Bankers, they weren't as acommodating.

So, Monday am I head off to my teaching appointment at the bariatric clinic and then to work where I await the news of whether or not Supe is being admitted to the hospital or not.

In the meantime, tomorrow is church and then off to do some scrapbooking with my friend Deb at her sister's place. I am looking forward to that!

Oh...this is weird! Apparently last night some yahoos were driving their car around our courtyard sidewalk. They dug up the yard and bent the railings. When one of our neighbors called 911, they were told they had just received several calls about it. Supe was annoyed, but laughed and said he would have done the same thing when he was 19. I laughed and said I did do that when I was 19. ACtually, my friend Carman did in her pink Suzuki Samari. She drove on the sidewalks of our rival college down the street. Lots of fun! Although the college sidewalk is a lot different than an apartment courtyard where children reside. Granted, it was 2am, but you just never know if something bad happens. The car could have gone out of control and smashed into one of our apartments. That would be one scary way to wake up. -------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: March 20, 2003: "O" is for Oh no and for Oncology

Today's entry is not brought to you by Alphabytes, though it is brought to you by the letter "O" for "oh my gosh, my husband is in the hospital!"

The last 48 hours have been crazy to say the least.

Yesterday I was home from work not feeling well and I found out that my gallbladder surgery is scheduled for 8am Monday morning. So, I got on the phone and called my boss's cell phone. He was stranded in the middle of the Colorado snow storm on his way to Las Vegas. I asked to hire a temp for the week I would be out recouping and he agreed.

I called Kelly Services to have them send a temp over for Thursday and Friday for training.

Went to bed at 12:30am last night because I had slept all day and couldn't fall asleep until then. My husband slept from 10:00pm to 1 and from 4am to 6am.

I got to work, the temp showed up. His name is Ron. Nice guy. Trained him all morning and then right before lunch my husband called and said he felt really bad and needed to go to the hospital. Would he call 911? NO! I had to find someone to get him and drive him to the ER. I called my church and thankfully, one of our pastors was free and able to take him and even stayed with him until they figured they would admit him.

I took my temp to lunch, worked until the Airbourne Express guy came at 4 and then took off.

SB and I had set up an appointment with our H&R Block tax preparer to get our taxes finished. We had tried to get them done way back in Feb, but we needed a document changed before we could finish. We got that document this week and were going to finish getting our taxes done. I called to see if we could reschedule, but our tax preparer would not be available for 3 weeks! 3 Weeks! Isn't that when taxes are due?

As soon as I got off work, I drove to the church to talk to the pastor who had taken SB to the hospital. He said they did a bunch of tests and SB was being admitted. He had his coat and personal effects. I thanked him profusely and took SB's stuff home. When there, I called SB's youngest sister to update her on where SB was and that he was now admitted to the hospital. She said she would call the rest of the family.

I then went to pay our taxes, thinking if I got there early enough, I could sneak in and get it done. But no such luck. My appointment was at 6:30, so I ran errand and grabbed some dinner. I got SB some balloons and a card for his room.

The tax preparer finished our taxes and I was able to pay her and our federal portion tonight. She gave me the forms for SB to sign and then we are done!

THEN I finally got to the hospital. SB is in Oncology. They feel he has some kind of blood disorder. They also think he had a skin infection due to the excessive build up of fluids. They don't know what's causing the fluid build up, but they have him on oxygen, an antibiotic, and an IV of a diuretic. His color is back and he looks so much better.

They have taken X-rays, done ultrasounds, taken a bunch of blood and are monitoring his urine.

Tomorrow he is going to be seen by a kidney specialist and a hemotologist for sure...and maybe an physical or occupational therapist and a social worker.

Here is a twist! When I got to the hospital, he was just being wheeled into his room after having an ultrasound. Then all of his sisters and 1 of his brothers were there to visit and that was nice. Later, the doctor on call came to see him and SURPRISE! It was my very own personal physician! And she was GREAT! I was kind of worried because he was so disappointed in the care and attention he received from the other doctors at my clinic and when I heard my doctor was the one on call, I thought maybe he would balk. I like her a lot and it was awesome to see her.

His siblings left and the doctor stayed and performed a small exam and took some notes. SB really liked her! She is kind, and sooooo thorough! She had seen his last name on her list and wondered if we were related...but didn't think he was my husband! But I was able to tell her about my upcoming surgery on Monday and my pre-op physcal tomorrow with another doctor from the clinic.

She was amazing....she totally listened to SB...asked questions...heard his answers, commented and asked more questions. Before she left, she prayed for him, all of the doctors on the team who would be examing SB, and for me and my proceedure on Monday. It was a wonderful prayer. SB was so impressed and really liked her. I'm so glad. I didn't want him to think the doctors at this clinic were all the way the 2 he saw were. Sometimes you just have to keep trying. And we trust this doctor, because we know her trust is in God.

Tomorrow I train Ron until 2:30, then he's on his own until 5 and I go to my pre-op physical and then to the hospital. They know SB will be there through the weekend for sure and no idea how long beyond that.

My sister in law has volunteered to pick me up Monday morning and take me to the hospital for my surgery and then bring my home after. But I don't know who is going to watch me for that first 24 hours. Someone is going to have to...or maybe SB's family can rotate. I'm sure it will be handled either way.

I can't wait until the weekend so I just hang out with SB at the hospital. I hope they figure out what's wrong. They do know It's most likely not his kidneys or liver...but they still won't rule it out for sure.

This has been one long stressful day. I'm gone for now.

Thanks for reading! helps to write all of this down...and It's kind of theraputic to think someone might read this and maybe be led to pray for us right now. Thanks!

6:55 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 20, 2004


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