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Getting All My Chores Done

I had a lovely evening with my friend Deb last night. She came over to do some scrapbooking for our friend Adrienne. We drank some yummy wine and talked and cropped our brains out.

I found some great wine at C0st Plus W0rld M@rket. They have their own wine shop with imported wines. Every month they feature a group of wines from a certain area or vineyard and price them on sale in order to move them. I picked a great Pino from Chile and something they called a Merlot alternative, but I can't remember what it's called. But it was a fruity red that was delicious.

Deb left around midnight and I was full of wine and ready for bed. I slept like a baby until 9:30 this morning.

Got up and began the process of cleaning the patio furniture and patio. Everything was dirty and full of leaves and pine needles. But it looks great now! It's all ready for warm weather patio sitting.

Unfortunately, while I was cleaning off our grill, I noticed that our gas tank was missing. Someone stole our tank! We can't grill until we get another one and they cost $40! So, while our grill LOOKS pretty, it won't be functional until...who knows when.

I also cleaned off our sliding glass door and screen. They haven't been cleaned since we moved in...maybe even before that. Now they are so clean, you can't even tell they are closed. So nice!

The cats have loved the warm weather. We open the sliding glass door and they sniff and stare and listen to the Starlings fight. It's fun to see Daisy explore the world outside our bedroom door.

I called the insurance company and they confirmed that they have all the information from the bariatric clinic. I should know by Wednesday or Thursday if I am approved for surgery. Yay!

We are not doing much else this weekend. I got everything done that I set out to do, by cleaning our patio. I am hoping to get a couple of planters and plant some flowers in the next month or so. We'll see how the money holds out. In the meantime, I love just relaxing with Supe and having some down time at home.

What do you do over the weekend? Leave me a comment.


A Year Ago Today: March 27, 2003 "V" is for Victory and Vicodin

Todayís entry is brought to you by the letter "V" for victory and Vicodin.

Sweet Baboo is now on the fifth floor in the part of the hospital that has yet to be renovated. He said his roommate last night had Alzheimerís and was very confused and prone to shouting out and asking where he was and when he could go home. I guess fifth floor is the neurology floor.

I still feel kind of blechy today. SB called and said I should stay home and rest some more. I think I will take him up on that. Still feeling woozy. I made a grilled cheese sandwich and for some reason was craving bacon, so added bacon to my sandwich. It was good. However, whenever I eat now, I get a no so good feeling in my tummy. Not quite nausea, but not quite satisfaction either. Hope that goes away. In addition, there is not much that is sounding good to eat lately. Hope that does not go away soon. I think I figured out that the meds may be making me feel crappy, so I stopped taking the Vicodin and switched over to the extra strength Tylenol. I was not ever really in pain as much as in discomfort except when I tried to sleep. I am a stomach sleeper, so it has been hard to refrain from sleeping on my stomach. I am NOT comfortable on my back but have managed to find a semi comfortable side sleeping position.

Lots of people called today to check in on us. Only one person from my work has called and he is kind of my friend, so I rather expected him to call. But other than the flowers sent to me from the other MN administrators, I havenít heard didly from anyone at work. No cards, no calls, no flowers, nothing. SM called on Tuesday and left a voicemail. I am NOT calling her back. She said she wanted to ask me something about a work related item. I am at home recouping from surgery and cannot conceivably talk to her about work right now. Maybe that is why they have not sent anything. Oh well. I guess all they care about is that there is a warm body in my chair answering the phones. We will see how the temporary worker did when I get back.

Sweet Baboo called again and they are going to do a minor sleep study on him tonight at the hospital. They want to see what the deal is with his breathing when he is sleeping. Sounds good to me.

He said his roommate was discharged to a nursing home. Poor guy. SB said his family left him a nice note thanking him for being such a good guy to their dad/husband/etc. That is my husband! He is amazing with people.

Did more reading today. Mom left me these really well written books. The problem is, they are a series and there are only two of them so far! I am almost done with number 1. I read much too fast.

Thanks for or not.

2:29 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 27, 2004


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