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A Year Ago Today: March 28, 2003 "W" is for Walking Miracle

Todayís entry is brought to you by the letter "W" for walking miracle

He was discharged today!!!!!! He called me this morning and told me they were thinking of discharging him. He also said he got a new roommate last night who kept him up talking and watching TV. In the first room he was in, there were two TVs...One for him and one for Lee, his roommate. In ICU there was a TV AND a radio/CD player. But here, there is only one TV for both people.

I guess they brought the kid in late at night and his girlfriend was with him and stayed with him all night. He had his jaw wired shut but could still talk loud enough to keep SB up for much of the night. So much for an accurate sleep study.

After Sweet Babooís phone call, I stayed in bed reading (now book 2 of the new series Mom got me sucked into) and the phone rang again. This time, it was my friend from Madison, Laura. She was in town with a friend who was visiting her parents in St. Paul. She asked me to come get her and she would go to the hospital with me to see SB and would help with his discharge. I told her I would be there in an hour.

I showered (for the first time since Monday...felt so good to wash the stink off of me!), dressed and got the printed directions and headed off to St. Paul. I made a quick stop at Taco Bell for some water and a steak quesadilla as I had that low blood sugar feeling.

By the time I found her friendís place, it was snowing a bit. It had snowed a couple of inches over night, but the roads and sidewalks were melted, so it wasnít going to stick for long.

We had a nice reunion. It had been so long since I had seen her! She is still small and dainty and so sweet!

We drove straight to the hospital and found SB in his room. When I walked in, he was not happy to see me. He said they were discharging him, but that he was going to need some medical supply equipment at home and someone needed to be there to receive it or they wouldnít discharge him. I told him I had a friend with me and we had clean clothes and shoes for him and if nothing else, we could take all his junk home with us, leave his clean clothes and go home and wait for the medical supply equipment.

We figured we would visit for a bit first. I reminded him that he had met Laura, not only at our wedding, but also at the WI wedding shower that was held at her home. He remembered and we all chit chatted a bit.

Not long after arriving; his doctor came in and said he would be discharged. He said SB has weakness in his respitory muscles probably due to sleep apnea and would need to schedule a sleep study at HCMC. Then he said they are well known across the country for their sleep studies and their respitory doctors are the best in the nation. Then he told SB he could continue his respitory care under one of them or come back to him if he wanted. He said they were going to take one more blood gas test before he could go and then someone would be up with some oxygen for him before he would be discharged.

SB was kind of agitated because he said the insurance company was balking about paying because one of the earlier docs had written that this was all related to his MD but now we knew it wasnít and the insurance company wasnít going to pay or release him until it got worked out. That got worked out early by a very apt medical administrative assistant. Yay!

Then a trio of people came in to get SBís blood gasses, so Laura and I went off to find some juice as she was fasting and needed sustenance and I was dying of thirst due to the Sahara-like dryness of the hospital.

We got our juices and on our way up, rode the elevator with a guy with some oxygen in a portable wheel-y thing. I thought maybe he was there for SB but dismissed it because it was a rather large hospital after all.

But imagine our surprise when he walked into SBís room right behind us! He said he was going to show us the way it worked and would set SB up with that and that we were to call his office when SB was discharged and he would come to our apartment to set up the bi-pap and nighttime oxygen stuff. Right after that, SBís nurse came in and said he was ready to be discharged! So he changed into his street clothes, got packed up and off we went! Laura helped us get all his stuff down to the car and then we pulled up as the nurses wheeled him to patient discharging.

We drove home and unloaded and then called the medical supply place to say we were home. While we waited, Laura said she wanted to take us to dinner for her one meal of the day to the Macaroni Grill. Yummy! SB said he would like to stay home, but would we go out, have fun, and bring him something back. Yeppers!

The medical supply guys came and showed us how to set it all up and work it. Maisey sure was curious about what was going on.

After they left Laura anointed SB with oil and prayed over him. Wow! That was very powerful. She said she saw a darkness...or cloud that wanted to engulf Bob. She rebuked it and banished it from him forever. Amen!

Then we left and had an amazing dinner at Macaroni Grill. We had a nice table way in the back and were able to catch up. I have to say MG has the most amazing bread I have ever had! It has rosemary and basil in it and smells as good as it tastes. We ordered SB some food and included some of the bread, as we just loved it and thought he would too.

On the way to dropping Laura off at her friendís. I dropped SBís food off and met his sister and her family at the door of our bathroom. They had had SBís truck and were returning it. It is always good to see them!

I dropped Laura off just as it started to sleet in St. Paul. We prayed for safe travel for me on my way home and for her the next day as she and her friend were headed back to Madison.

I got into MPLS and no sleet, rain or snow! I picked up SBís prescriptions, was suddenly sooooo tired.

Got home, rejoiced with SB in our good health and being back together after 8 days and nights apart, and went to bed.

Thanks for Reading!

10:31 a.m. - Sunday, March 28, 2004


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