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Good Weekend and Commercials that Annoy Me

The weekend was very relaxing. I am glad to have our patio cleaned and I just can¡¦t get over how clean our windows are. The difference from before is just amazing. I kept saying, ¡§Look how clean and clear our windows are, honey!¡¨ Then he would grunt his approval and I would get the affirmation I was seeking. Hee.

We went to church on Sunday even though both of us slept crappily and were doggone tired. It was a good service though. Pastor Ron taught and we had communion. Afterwards, Supe and I had a good talk with Per and Sandra, the leaders of the alter team. They are good people. They took a real estate class taught by Supe¡¦s brother and they had wonderful things to say about him. Sandra especially noted how he has a great gift for teaching and it¡¦s true¡Khe does. He is a natural in front of people.

After talking with Sandra and Per, we went out to the foyer to check out the prices on the upcoming women¡¦s retreat to see if we could afford to send me. Surprise, surprise! Someone anonymously paid my way, so I get to go! What a treat.

We got home, ate lunch and took naps. It was very nice to snuggle together and catch a little catnap in the afternoon together.

I forgot to mention that Friday after work I stopped by a little store in front of our apartment building. It is called European Delicacies and they specialize in Russian imported foods. They have everything! Cheese, meat, noodles, canned goods and lots of stuff I never even heard of. The coolest thing though is a rack of Russian CDs. I wish I could read Russian so I could pick out a couple of CDs to have at home. Knowing my luck, I would pick the Russian equivalent of Zamphir, pan-flutist extraordinaire. Still, it is lots of fun. I picked up some yummy cheese to go with the wine Deb and I drank during our scrapbook extravaganza.

Supe has a dentist appointment today. His first in a long, long time. I made him go to the dentist when we were very first married, but his MD diagnosis kind of interfered with the progress they were making on caring for his teeth. Now he has a tooth or gum line that has been hurting and we need someone to look at it. He is NOT happy about it, but what are you going to do? I am switching to this same dentist¡Kshe is someone I had heard good things about and she is NOT downtown like my other dentist. However, I love my other dentist and wish he had an office in the burbs so I would not have to switch. It is just so hard to get downtown for appointments and deal with parking and traffic and the lot.

Supe also has to see the doctor on Thursday just to have his levels checked again and we will learn the results of his chest X-ray. He mentioned last night that the bottom of his right lung does hurt a bit, so that has me a bit concerned. He has not been sleeping with his bi-pap every night, so we will probably be making another appointment for him to see his pulminologist, as well as another sleep study. So, it never ends. However, I am glad there is a team of people aware of his health problems and who are available for help.

Supe also starts his new quarter at school this week. He is taking 4 classes, the most he¡¦s ever carried at once, so we hope his health holds. He is excited, though I think he enjoyed the rest and relaxation of his spring break a little too muchƒº.

Some poor MN girl is missing in Madison. She is a student at UW Madison, though she is from Rockford, MN and she is missing. Who are the creeps that think they can just take a woman, child, etc, use them for their own enjoyment and pleasure and then throw them away? It is just sick.

Hey, what is with those 0ld N@vy ads where hot young guys are putting the mack on beautiful, but way older women¡Klike Morgan Fairchild and that chick from Dynasty? It always creeps me out. I also hate that ad where the woman is posting a reward for a lost hamster and it¡¦s in her shirt. Is that ad implying that fat women are too stupid to know when an animal is living on them? Or is that her layers of fat prevent her from feeling a living animal on her skin? Either way it¡¦s offensive¡Kand then that guy sticks his hand up her shirt¡Keven if it is to catch the hamster, that sight just freaks me the heck out. I also STILL hate that anniversary ring ad where the girl gets all embarrassed that her husband shouts his love for her in the middle of a town square, but melts all over him when he pulls out the bling bling. Sheesh!

What ads do you hate? Leave a comment.

A Year Ago Today: March 29, "X" is for...Well...You Figure It Out.

Today¡¦s entry is brought to you by the letter "X" for X-tra cute new haircut.

OK...I know extra doesn¡¦t start with the letter "X"...but not much does. I could have said X-Ray...but we are beyond that in medical news. (Thank God!)

Today was amazing. Very nice weather. Sunshiny and warmer. Not 60...but almost 50 and breezy. Very hint of spring kind of day.

I got up and organized all the stuff we had brought home from the hospital. I reorganized our filing cabinet while I was at it. Felt good to throw all the old stuff out. Why did we still have bills paid stubs from 2001? We do not anymore!

Then SB and I got dressed and went to breakfast at Perkins. Both of us want to change our eating habits. Instead of ordering the maximum amount of food we cam cram into our bodies, we both ordered just one thing with one thing on the side. Good for us.

After that, SB went to the store and I went to get a haircut. At Christmas, one of the agents in my office gave me a gift certificate for a salon near our office. I had called on Thursday and scheduled an appointment for today.

I got there and outside the salon, there was a Hummer stretch limo and a PT Cruiser Limo. Hmmmm...what kind of hoity toity salon was this?;

My hair dresser¡¦s name was Bruce. He was 55 if he was day! Grey hair, mustache and a tad on the swishy side of gay. Very nice man though!

He chided me for waiting so long between haircuts. Deb last cut my hair but he thought I had, as my bangs were so uneven. Yikes! Will not be telling her that.

He kept saying what great hair I had. I really do have great hair. And it¡¦s just genes because I have really done all the things you are never ever supposed to do to hair...and I still have thick, healthy, amazing hair. But my problem is it¡¦s not curly and it¡¦s not straight. It is wavy with tons of body. Therefore, I told him this and asked what he could do.

He said not to layer it as that adds poof to it. He suggested a tapered blunt bob cut that falls just below my earlobes. Then he put gel in it and scrunched it while blow-drying it with a diffuser. LOVE IT!

Anyway, on the way home, I stopped at the drug store for some decongestant as I had been having fluid in my ears since my operation. I found a hair clippers on sale and thought it was just what we needed at home.

Got home just as SB did, so helped him unload the stuff he had bought at the grocery store and then just chilled.

Later in the evening, I buzzed SB¡¦s hair and he looks amazing! So much the different man. He lost 40+ lbs of fluid while in the hospital and just looks like a new man.

We had a really good day just hanging out and enjoying one another¡¦s company. It is soooo good to have him back.

Thanks for Reading.

10:22 a.m. - Monday, Mar. 29, 2004


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