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I'm Approved!

In the constant state of impatience I've been living in lately, I called the clinic to see if they had heard from my insurance company yet. They JUST got the call today that I have been approved! Yay! Yay! Yay! Now...more waiting. I have to wait for the schedulers to call me. I guess Dr. Jeff Baker is booking into June. But I will also be added to the cancelation list in hopes of getting in sooner. Yay! I can't wait! 2 more months and I will be beginning life as the new me! Whooppeeeeeeee! This whole process has been, wait...get good news. Wait...get good news. Wait...get good news. Hopefully, it will be the same after the surgery, but with less waiting.

Did anyone else think most of the contestants on American Idol sucked the big red tamale last night? Other than Diana Degarmo, George Huff, Fantasia and one other chick whose name I can't remember right now. Poor red headed boy was way way off. And would someone PLEASE get rid of John or Jon or whatever his name is. I can't stand that smarmy dude. Blech!

We got our federal tax return back. Not all of it of course, because I owed back taxes from previous years. Guess how much we got back on an approximate $1400 refund? $85.00. So that debt is paid and off our backs. Supe was NOT happy though. He thought it would be more. But it's better than a kick in the head, I think. Also, my paycheck was much larger than we expected since I've been putting in some that was a nice surprise. Also, I got my refund/rebate from our tax software. We're not always in the black hole of finances. Sometimes, we are in the trickle of cash flow too.

I started reading a really good book to Supe last night. It's called Always Enough, the story of Roland and Heidi Baker. They were/are missionaries to the poorest of the poor in Mozambique. We're only on chapter 3 and already, we have read about some mighty miracles God has done in their lives and the lives of those they minister to. Very uplifting and inspiring story! I like reading to Supe at night. It's relaxing for us both and it's good time spent together. Plus, I chose books that minister to our hearts. We want to serve God together somehow and some way and reading these books help get us in the right frame of mind to pursue that goal.

Saturday I am meeting a bevy of beautiful women at the MOA. Several of us who post on the weight loss surgery support page are getting together to meet for lunch. It should be fun and I can't wait to put faces together with the names I've learned. Supe is coming with me, but he will be tooling around the Mall in his chair. It is going to be a zoo. There is a new ride up and running at the Mall, it's Spring Break, and RJ from the first season of American Idol will be there performing/pimping his new album. Should be a fun time for all.

In the spirit of that, have you ever...

1.) Been to the MOA?

2.) Ridden rides inside a building?

3.) Met people you "know" online in person and if so, who and where?

Would you ever...

Buy Rj's album?

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A Year Ago TOday March 31, 2003 "Z" is for Zero and Zany Work Stories Todayís entry is brought to you by the letter "Z" for Zero.

The amount of get well cards and gifts I received from my bosses and co-workers while I was gone....ZERO! Moreover, two phone calls just to check in to see if I would be coming to work today. Sheesh!

Now that SB is at home and better, I think itís time to tell you about some work related stuff.

Last Thursday I was training our temp, Ronn, to take my place while I was out after surgery. I took the man to lunch, because that is the kind of woman I am.

On Friday; I had planned to leave early due to my pre-op physical. As I am sitting there training Ronn, my assistant manager JH comes in and asks me why both Ronn and I went to lunch on Thursday leaving no one to cover the phones? I explained that as his first day, Ronn would not have known whether to bring a lunch or buy one here and he was dropped off and did not have a car to go get anything. And no one usually covered phones when I went to lunch anyway and no one would be covering the phones when Ronn went to lunch for an hour each day next week. JH would not let it go. I explained to him that for an hour each day, the phone go uncovered and that is just the way it is and that is why we have voice mail. JH said I should have just driven somewhere and picked up a sandwich for Ronn.

THEN JH asks me why I have to take a whole week off work! I tell him it is because I am having major surgery. He says that it is only laparoscopic and should not be that big a deal. Yeah right! It is not as if they are extracting a tooth or something. The Dr. said to take a weekÖthat I would need a week, so I took a week. It is not as if I were in Florida on vacation or anything. JH kind of left grumbling about everything and I turned to Ronn and told him he MUST take an hour lunch every day and he WAS NOT to work during that hour unless he wanted to claim it as overtime. Even if he had to leave the building to get it. He assured me he would take his hour lunch. Good.

That was Friday. Now I need to tell you about earlier in the week.

CM and SM are the married team of managers and my bosses. CM is my boss, but because of marriage, SM is also a boss of mine...of sorts. Anyway, they were due at a managerís meeting in Las Vegas on Wednesday, March 26th. They were supposed to fly out of Mpls on Tuesday. But halfway through the day on Monday, they flew out of the office in a tizzy all upset because of the start of the war coming on Friday and they thought it would be smarter to drive (from MN) to Las Vegas and they were going to go home, pack and hit the road. CM said he would call the regional office to let them know.

Tuesday morning my regional administrator called me to tell me she had not yet received my time sheet and could I fax it right over. I said I could and asked her if she had gotten CMís message about how they are driving to Las Vegas. There was complete silence on the other line and then a very definite angry "NO!" She was so mad. "What am I supposed to do with their $1200 in airline tickets?" Oops. I did not know.

One of our agents came is and wondered if SM and CM had indeed driven...maybe they had changed their mind. Oh well, if that was the case, I had to find out because my RA was going to cancel their tickets!

So I called SMís cell phone to see if they had driven. She picks up and I ask her if they are still driving to Vegas. She gets snippy and says..."Yes, Amy...we told you that yesterday!" And I told her that Jamie had called and did not know anything about it and what did they want her to do about their airline tickets? Then CM gets on the phone and yells at me for telling Jamie they were driving. I reminded him that he had said he was going to tell her yesterday on their way out of town and how did I know he had not called her? He then hung up on me and I guess called Jamie right away.

Later that day, SM called me and asked me to look up, on the internet, the phone number for road conditions in Colorado. I did and asked her what was up and she said they were trying to get as far as they could before some big snowstorm hit. They were near Denver.

Wednesday, (the day the managerís meeting starts in Vegas) I was sick but got the OK for my surgery and had it assigned for the following Monday. To OK that and the hiring of a temporary worker with my boss, I called CMís cell phone. He said they were still stuck in Denver with the roads all closed to traffic and would I call Jamie and tell her they wouldnít be there until the next day.

So, I called Jamie who was having a bad day due to all the rescheduling of flights and arrivals due to the largest spring snow storm in Colorado history. She asked me to call the hotel and see if they could take SM and CM off tonightís reservation roster so the company would not have to pay for a room that would not end up being used. No problem...I did that and felt all was settled.

I found out today that CM and SM NEVER made it to Vegas. Once the roads were opened up, they just turned around and came back home...and did not come into the office that Monday. I donít know if they ever called Jamie to tell her to take their names off the reservation list for the rest of the weekend.

In order to make Jamie feel better, I sent her flowers with an apology and a thanks in SMís and CMís names and then submitted the charge for reimbursement to our home office.

I guess it caused some confusion while I was out. Jamie felt so much better having received just a thoughtful gift and called CM to thank him, who was of course, clueless but took the credit anyway.

Then CM and SM left for Chicago on Thursday and Friday. Wish I had that flexibility! I get grief when I take a week off to recoup from major surgery!

Anyway, that is my work rant and the end of my March Alphabytes journaling and I made it all 26 days! Woo hoo!

Thanks for reading.

11:25 a.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2004


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