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Quick Update

Here is an illistration of what my stomach and pouch should look like after my surgery. Interesting huh?

Supe came back from the doctor and he does still have a bit of fluid in his lungs. Also, his lungs have a small amount of damage where he wasn't getting air and they sealed up. Just a tiny bit in the lower corners. Right now, they are just having a wait and see approach, but if it gets worse, he will have to be hospitalized again.

We also need to call the medical supply place because it seems as though his Bipap has some kind of malfunction. The pressure is messed up. It could be the hoses and we have more of those. It could also be that it just needs to be recalibrated...but he would need to see his pulminologist.


A Year Ago Today: April 01, 2003 Lawyers and Letters of Wonder

No more alphabetic least not this year.

My husband has a meeting with a lawyer on Thursday. He was having a medical test done and told the technician what was going on with him life-wise. The technician has a friend who works with an employment law lawyer and told him she would give his name to her.

So Sweet Baboo called the lawyer today and was told they had been waiting a month to hear from him. Sounds promising, but we donít know. He still has his case in with the MN department of Human Rights and you canít have a lawsuit and a Human Rights case going on at the same time, so weíll see what happens. His meeting is at 10 am.

So last night was the first night of my new knitting class. Once again, itís an uneven number of classmates because everyone else came in pairs except for me. But itís a good class. I am making slippers for my husband and got a good start on them last night. I had to buy new needles though. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I had to rip out and start over to get the right gage. Oh well. Live and learn.

Work was busy today. The end/beginning of the month is always somewhat crazy. Today I had to order office supplies, postage, put out the monthly office newsletter, print up the end of the month report and email it to our regional administrator, and other such bi-monthly and monthly tasks. Itís good to keep busy, but itís hard with all the regular office interruptions.

We got an amazing email today. In 2000, I was in Amsterdam working on a large project for a local non-profit organization. While there, I met a wonderful man named Vincent. We made some plans to maybe get married and it was exciting while I was there with him. However, once we went back to our respective countries (mine-USA, his-Kenya), reality set it. He had applied to a school in New Zealand, which is even farther away. Moreover, corresponding was not his strong point. And phone calls were rare and not to mention uproariously expensive. Anyway, I met Sweet Baboo and told Vincent about him and we agreed to let go of our unrealistic plans. However, through Vincent, I met another man named James. James wrote me saying he was coming to school here in the Twin Cities and would I be able to pick him up from the airport and kind of host his stay here in the US. I willingly agreed, but he had some visa issues and 9/11 stalled his plans to come here, so he is still in Kenya. We write regularly and have a great correspondence.

Well; yesterday we got an email from a friend of James. Rachael wrote an amazing and wonderfully encouraging letter full of hope and prophesy and healing for my Sweet Baboo. Maybe I will post an except later this week, but for now, we just like savoring it. The words written to us were like a sweet, soothing balm to our souls.

Amazing how someone you donít even know, hundreds of thousands of miles away can speak so directly to your soul.

My hope is that you get a letter like that this week.

Thanks for reading!

3:20 p.m. - Thursday, Apr. 01, 2004


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