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Finding New Habits Hard To Break In

Today I managed to eat my whole meal without drinking anything! You just don't know how hard this is for me. I totally have to retrain myself NOT to have beverages with my meals. Of course, I didn't wait the requesite 1/2 hour after to drink something...but I did take a step in the right direction by not drinking with my meal!

Last night Supe and I were talking about the surgery again and he was expressing his worries. I told him my reasons, again, for going ahead with it and it ended on this note, "Supe, even though I am twice the size of most normal people, I feel like half of myself." Then I asked him, "If someone had perfected a surgery where they could repair and rebuild your muscles and cure your MD...wouldn't you look into it? And if you found mostly positive things about it and found that it would help you live life they way you dream of living it...wouldn't you wonder about it? And if you fit into the descriptions of people having the surgery and saw how much better their lives were, though hard work was involved and the the risks of surgery, wouldn't you consider it and look into it and maybe eventually have it?" That's how I feel about this. I am going in with my eyes wide open and my ears half shut. (The ears half shut are to shut out those people who seem compelled to comment negatively about my decision though they have no idea about WLS, my life, or what it's like to be obese or try to lose weight.) When I said I feel like half myself, Supe understood. He gave me a big hug and kiss and said he would stand by me no matter what. Now THAT'S a husband.

In other news, I am finding Cryst@l L1ght to be quite tasty. My work provides it free of charge. I have been mixing the lemonade flavor with the rasberry tea and find it very refreshing. I am getting used to the after taste.

1:59 p.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2004


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