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Good Good Friday to you!

Nothing to say yesterday and not a lot to share today. Thank you for your prayers, kind thoughts, good vibes and such sent out on behalf of my sister-in-law, Belle and her mom. They are both doing well. Pain management seems to be the main concern at this time. Belleís mom is doing splendidly! All her levels are at normal or just below and she is said to look 100 times better. ďNight and DayĒ has been bandied about when referring to her color, pallor and general well-being. So, thanks again everyone!

Some interesting news, I am scheduled to give an interview about my bypass surgery on Monday, April 12th at 7:30am on FM107 with Ian Punnett. Now, if you are not familiar with the radio business, you should know that these things are scheduled and then changed all the time, so if you do not hear me, it is because something was bumped or moved. So, if you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, you can get a voice to put with this journal, if all goes according to plan.

Last night I wasnít feeling well. Just general malaise and blah feeling. I have to preface this by saying I love my husband dearly and totally and completely, but last night he was driving me crazy. When I donít feel well, I just want to lay down and be quiet. He was talking, talking, talking all night long. I had to go use the bathroom just to get some quiet time and even then, he was talking loud enough so I would hear from the john. I am hoping that when I have my surgery, I get some quiet time, because otherwise I will explode. I donít know how to talk to him about this without hurting his feelings. Heís so sensitive and I love him and HATE hurting him. He knows he talks a lot, I just donít think heís aware of how much sometimes. He gets mad when I tune him out, but sometimes I have no choice. I feel like such a lout. I waited for years and years to find a man who loved me and wanted to marry me. I spend so many years feeling alone and lonely and now Iím complaining because Iím not alone enough. Sheesh!

I will be getting quite a bit of alone time this weekend though. I am driving to WI to visit my family for the Easter holiday. I will be leaving right after work. Supe is staying home because the trip wears him out and he doesnít feel like he can really relax at my folksí house yet. No, thatís not really itÖhe feels comfortable there, but doesnít feel like heís home. At home if he is tired, he can just go and take a nap. He could do that at my parentís too, but he just doesnít feel comfortable doing so. I understand what he means, but canít convey it very well here. Suffice it to say he is staying home and I am going to my parentsí. The drive is 4 Ĺ to 5 hours long, so I will be getting my alone time on the way there and back.

I look forward to visiting Belle and seeing how she is doing first hand. I wasnít sure I would get to see her as she is supposed to be discharged on Saturday but no one is sure when. So, thatís kind of up in the air right now, but it will be good to see her. I will also be taking the nephews and doing something with them. I love spending time with themÖthey are little rascals.

I am in awe of Belle. She is so brave and amazing. What a gift she has given her mother. I was talking to Supe about it the other night and we were marveling at what technology can accomplish these days. Still, she had to be willing to give her kidney so it could all go forward. That kidney grew inside her while she was inside her mother and now that kidney is inside her mother. It boggles the mind to think about it. Sheís an amazing woman and we should all aspire to be such.

No Friday Five again this week, so I will be using an old one again. Here it is:

Originally from September 28, 2001

1. Laying on your back and facing the ceiling, which side of the bed do you sleep on? I sleep in the middle of a queen size bed if Supe is in his hospital bed. Otherwise I sleep on the right side, next to the wall.

2. Do you have to have covers (blankets and/or sheets) at all costs, no matter the weather? No. I like having the sheet, 2 blankets and a comforter in the winter, but when I am warm, I will fling all the covers off, no matter the season and sleep withoutÖuntil I get cold again, then I will wrap myself up in them and snuggle deeply into their warmth.

3. Sleep nekkid or no? Why? Yes. It just feels better. PJs get all tangled up in the covers and make tossing and turning too hard.

4. What is under your bed? Cat toys and dust bunnies

5. If you have pets, do you let them sleep with you? Why or why not? We have 2 cats and usually Daisy will start out the night on the bed near my head. However, by morning, Maisey will be on the bed by my feet.

13 days until my 1:1 with the surgeon. 45 days until my surgery. Itís going fast, but not fast enough for me. Speaking of amazing and brave women, Trinity wrote an excellent entry on her reasons for NOT having the gastric bypass surgery. If you want the other side of the story, see hers here. Itís remarkable to me how someone can be so decided in her reasons to NOT have the surgery and so supportive of me in my reasons FOR having the surgery. SeeÖpeople can disagree AND get alongÖeven be friends. Weird, but true.

Leave me a comment telling me about a friend or person you admire.

______________________________________ A Year Ago Today: April 09, 2003 Clean, Shiny Teeth and the Study of Sleep No curves this morning either. Had a 7am dental appointment. NO cavities! Whoo hoo! And who can beat freshly polished teeth first thing in the morning? Not me!

I donít necessarily like going to the dentist. Especially since the one I go to has an office on the 17th floor of the medical arts building downtown. I found him when I worked downtown and itís hard to switch dentists when you find a good one. I really like this guy. He has a small office...heís the only dentist there and he is very nice. Plus, he lets us pay our bill in monthly installments without interest!

I got my box of books from the Literary Club. I joined it about 2 months ago and just now got the books. Itís kind of like Columbia House...they have you pick out 6 books for a penny and 1 for half price and you get a deal on your first book purchase. Then you only have to buy 3 more books in 2 years. Ummmm I think I can do that!

I received several good books. A cookbook for crock-pot cooking (we use our crock-pot ALL the time!), a photo essay book on conception through birth (Beautiful photos!), Michael J. Foxís story called "Lucky Man", another biography of a teacher of special education kids called "Beautiful Child" (Already finished it...really good story.), a Dave Barry Novel, and another novel called "Jane Austin in Boca". All that in hard cover for only $21.00! We paid that and I already ordered 2 more books. So, I think I have the requisite 4 books in 2 years covered. I love to read and have felt a little deprived this past year. I used to spend a lot of my disposable income on books (and CDs). Now we donít have a lot of disposable income and when we do, we donít spend it on books. So, this is a real treat for me. Books! Yay!

Yesterday was no big deal. My bosses werenít in the office at all which made for a very quiet day. We did find out that one of our veteran agents was (and still is) in the hospital. He has been having some bone and heart issues, so itís good they finally got a hold of him. Maybe now he will rest enough to heal.

I called my bosses to tell them and right away they told me to order flowers and have them delivered to him to cheer him up. Ooookaaayyy. I did it, but hello! I was out for a whole week after surgery and I got calls, no flowers, no cards...nothing! I will never understand the people in this office. My husband says itís because I wasnít here to order them for myself. That might be closer to the truth than we know. But still. Anyway, I ordered our agent a beautiful arrangement of roses and a stuffed dog to keep him company. He called later to say they had arrived and he loved them! Yay!

I had lunch from Chi Chiís yesterday. It was a lot of food for little cost. Monday - Wednesday, you can get their lunch entrees for $4.50! That includes rice, beans, chips, and salsa. All for under $5.00! Not a bad deal at all.

I got home and was able to hang out with Sweet Baboo for a little while before he left for the sleep study. He SOOOO did not want to go. But I think he will be glad he did. He called around 9 to say goodnight and to get some info about his bi-pap. He wonít be done there until noon today and I am anxious to see what they discovered about his sleep patterns. My friend D says she knows a guy who stopped breathing 70 times a night during his sleep study! 70 times! My doctor might order a sleep study for me. They were concerned after my surgery that I didnít breath deeply enough while sleeping. Plus, I have woken both myself and SB up gasping for breath before.

I am wondering if I might be pregnant. I know itís too soon to tell. I found myself praying fervently for it to be true last night. It is like when you are waking up from sleeping while dreaming a delicious dream you do not want to end. I want to be pregnant and donít want to know if Iím not. I wonít know for sure for another week or so. Oh for that second pink strip!

Thanks for reading.

10:16 a.m. - Friday, Apr. 09, 2004


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