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Brother's Transplant Update

Just thought I would add my brother's last update for all of you who have prayed for my sister in law and her mom before, during and after their transplant. The following is from Huff:

All -

Gosh, what can I say?!?... God is so GOOD! He has been so faithful in ALL of this!! As mentioned in a previous update, the transplant went (VERY) well, with no complications. Belle's Mom received the kidney, and was instantly reaping the benfits of having the healthy organ. Her labs show favorable numbers, and she is getting better every day!! Belle's post-op labs are quite favorable as well, and she is showing no ill effects to having just one kidney!!

Both have been released from the care of the Hospital - Belle came home on Saturday, 4/10; Her Mom on Sunday, 4/11 just as anticipated. Both are doing well, and are glad to be home, were they can recover in the peace their homes provide - FINALLY, rest can be had. The hospital just isn't too condusive to having too much rest/peace.... Nothing like being stirred @ 4:00 AM to get up to walk, take vitals, etc....

Our boys were able to have a special time w/ the Med Flight helicopter(s) compliments of a friend of mine who works @ the hospital ER. He arranged a "field trip" (Friday, 4/9) as a reward for them being so good through the week of long visits. This was a real bonus/blessing!

Know that we are so thankful for all your prayers and support as we've gone through all of this! We are so grateful/thankful!! God has answered above and beyond anything that we had expected! We are blown away by what HE has done!!

Also know, we are being taken care of (very well) post-op. Our church Worship Team has rallied around us - they will be providing us w/ meals for the next couple of weeks. Belle's Mom and my father-in-law are being taken care of as well, by their home church. We are all so blessed to have chuches that love us, support us, take care of us. Thanks to all who visited, called, emailed, sent flowers/gifts and PRAYED!! All are soooo appreciated!!

11:28 a.m. - Monday, Apr. 12, 2004


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