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Still Not Feeling 100%

Ugh! Still feeling like crap. How much mucus can one head hold anyway? Today I started coughing as well as being stuffed. My ears are popping at least and that's good news. But I still feel fatigued and a new thing, a little nausious. I didn't sleep very well and am hoping to get out today to at least buy something to help me sleep tonight. I hate feeling like this. I did close the bathroom door and run the shower on hot to steam it all up and that felt really good. I may have to do more of that.

Supe is still feeling crappy too, though I think his symptoms are different from mine. He doesn't really talk about how he feels, so I'm not sure what he's dealing with. I do know he is stuffy, but he isn't coughing.

It's too bad we are feeling so crappy. The weather is supposed to be nice today...sunny and warm. But we are expecting thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow. We need the rain really badly though and Supe and I love storms, so that won't be so bad.

We were going to go out and buy some stuff that I will be needing before and after my surgery. I hope we can still do that at some point this weekend. We need to get vitamins and I want to look at children's dinnerwear. They are smaller than regular dinnerwear and will help me with portion and bite size when I am relearning how to eat. Maybe we can do that tomorrow after church if we feel well enough to go.

I did manage to clean the bathroom and vacuum this morning, but that's about all I'm good for today. Even so, I feel better just having a cleaner environment.

Hope y'all are feeling great! Don't get this crud. It'll knock you down and out.

_____________________________________ A Year Ago Today: April 17, 2003 The Test and Easter Weekend Plans I took the test and it was negative. HOWEVER, it is still kind of early and still may be too early for the test. I will certainly be more certain in the next 2 to 3 days.

But I should say that if the test comes back positive, I will not be posting the results here until my husband and I have told our parents. We think it is only fair that they know first. If it is positive, we want to tell them on Motherís Day so you will know the results after that.

I am feeling kind of crappy today. Is it possible to have morning loose bowels instead of morning sickness? I have had to run to the ladies room 2ce today. Hope that passes soon.

SB is sick now. He has a super sore throat and stuffy nose and has a small fever. Poor baby! Thankfully he doesnít have to do anything today so he can just rest.

I finished my last book! But we are going to WI this weekend for Easter and my mom has some new books to give me. I am bringing some for her to read as well, so Itís a book exchange. I hope SB feels better before we leave. If not, he will stay home and that is NOT our favorite option.

We are picking up my grandma on the way and driving her car to my folkís in WI. In one way that is a nice arrangement. We will get to spend some time with her and her car is big and comfy with cruise control. On the other hand, that means I canít go visit any of my WI friends unless they come to our town. We may not have time for extra visits though as it seems Mom has our whole weekend scheduled. Friday night is the Good Friday service at their church. Saturday afternoon is the family Easter celebration as my sister in law is working over the weekend. And Sunday is church and brunch. So, we are pretty booked. But Saturday evening is free so who knows. We are also hoping to get to WI in May. Maybe over Motherís Day weekend or Memorial Day? Not sure.

I found out yesterday that some big Whig from our home office is coming to visit our office next week. He was assigned to come out and find areas that need improvement. Yikes! I have already started to psych myself up for that. I need to reorganize the back storage room and rearrange the forms so they are easier to find and better stocked. But the boxes are so stinking heavy. I ordered a dolly last week but we donít know if it will get here in time for the visitation. Should be interesting. I am going to color code all the paperwork so the agents know by sight which forms go with what applications. Big job but when it is done, it will be done right.

So, Thatís really all for today. Itís still cold and rainy/misty here today. They are talking some sun tomorrow and rain the rest of the weekend. Oh well. Thatís springtime in MN.

Thanks for reading!

12:38 p.m. - Saturday, Apr. 17, 2004


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