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This flu is weird. I felt MUCH better yesterday. Even had an appetite and ate real food. Today I feel stuffed again and have no real appetite. Lunch consisted of Won ton soup and some juice. But I do feel better than I did Friday and Saturday, which is nice.

It was a beautiful weekend. Yesterday we had a high of 89 degrees. It was humid, but really windy. I opened our patio door and listened to the windchimes. I even put the halter and lead on Maisey and she LOVED it! Not so much the halter, but being outside.

After an hour or so, the clouds rolled in and the storms a-brewed. I sat on our patio for a long time just watching the lightning and listening to the thunder. I LOVE storms. I went in when the rain came pouring down so hard, it felt as if it were raining horizonitally into our covered patio area. The cats ran from the windows too.

Actually, during the noisiest parts of the storm, I couldn't find Daisy. I looked all over, in her usual haunts but could not locate my kitty. I finally found her huddled in the bathtub. Poor baby was so scared! After I held her a bit, she got a little braver and even stayed in the living room, laying on the couch with me.

The storms weren't so bad. There were high winds and some tornado watches. We did have a couple of tornado warnings south west and north east of her, but nothing life threatening. But you would have thought the holocust had come again they way all the TV stations in town responded. Instead of just interupting regular programs with storm updates, they had "team" coverage of the storm action. After an hour of waiting for Extreme Makeover: Home Improvement, we just shut off the TV altogether.

Later, a friend called from Madison to say she had seen a handicapped accessible van for sale for $950! I gave my dad the info and hope it's still there and in good shape. A friend of ours whose little boy had MD has been on the waiting list for the same Mobility for Independence grant we applied for, for 4 years! We better look for something to tide us over.

Today work has been steady, but not crazy like last week. It feels good to get some paperwork done for a change as well as phone work. And it's as if the warm weather and rain woke the trees up out of their winter slumber because now there are leaves and buds and flowers popping out all over the place! Green is great!

Thursday is my appointment with my surgeon. Here's hoping it goes well!

How was the weather down your way? Leave a comment.


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