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Off to see the Surgeon

So in two hours I leave to go see the surgeon. In two hours Supe goes to see our family physician. It's medical land in our household today.

I'm feeling better about myself and my goals today. Had a healthy, sensible breakfast and am drinking water, water and more water. MMMMM. Gotta load up on Crystal Lite if nothing else. I found that I like it even better if I put a little more water into it than is recommended. It's not so sweet then but still darn tasty. My favorite is still Raspberry mixed with lemonade.

Today I picked my pants out of the clean laundry pile and found them to be covered with cat hair. As though my darling little kitties had put them on and worn them about themselves. I used 5 or 6 tape rolls from our rolling lint brush. Not the whole roll, but 5 or 6 sheets of tape. I bet I took off 3 pounds of hair. Enough to make another whole cat! I got to work and there is STILL cat hair on them.

This morning my private/personal line rang and the number that showed up on my caller ID screen was local. Only a few people have my personal phone number, and since I have an appointment at the doctor's today, I thought it might be them. I picked it up and was accosted by a hostile banker asking me why she hasn't yet received credit on a sale she made last week. She hadn't even introduced herself and was launching into a tirade. I wasn't sure where to start with her. Do I ask her where her manners are and demand she introduce herself? Do I tell her that last week was extremely busy due to tax day and we were slammed with transactions and therefore are swimming to catch up? No, I start with, "May I ask where you got the number you called to reach me?" Immediately she gets defensive and says, "This is the number I have always used for annuities. For the past 4 years, this is the number I use." So, I explain to her that it's my private line and that she should really be using the toll free number to talk to annuity admin. "And if I call that number, I will get someone with annuities?" No, you'll get Denny Heckers Auto Mall...Duh! Of course you'll get someone in annuities. (Note I did not put that in quotation marks? That's because I only thought it, didn't say it.) Anyway, I got her answers and managed to hang up without further incident. Sheesh! Some people's kids.

Ok, so...did you watch American Idol and The Bachelor last night? If you didn't, you may just want to stop reading now and go on your merry way.

First, American Idol. What is up with the 3 divas being in the bottom 3??? And how low was it that they used my man George to point it out? That was a dirty trick, telling him to stand with the top three and then call him out when he chooses to stnad with the divas. Bad trick on him and the divas. I read in another journal that the 3 of them split the vote, similar to what Ross Perot did when he ran for president in 92. Someone might vote for 1 or 2 of them, but probably not all 3. It just sucks. John and Diana should be out of there...not Jennifer. Tonight on Primetime Live, AMC talks to 3 former loses from Idol about having their dreams crushed on live TV in front of all America. It should be interesting. One of the people they are talking to is RJ from season 1. I couldn't stand that guy, but he has an album out now, so it doesn't seem like it's been all bad for him.

Now for The Bachelor. That Trish seems like one skanky gal, huh? Jesse's friend Jenny seems surprised at his attraction to Trish. It would seem that a gal who has slept with more men than she can count on 2 hands and 2 feet probably has learned a few things about attracting men. She's smart, sassy and funny and knows how to get a man's motor running. It's no surprise he's attracted, but he should pay attention to what's attracting him and the consequences of that attraction in the future.

He seems attracted to Karen in that he has asked Jenny about her a couple of times, but we have never seen him really interact with her. I did like her when she was talking about Trish and she said she wanted to "harm" her. Hee.

What really irked me is that there was one gal...Tara I think...who did not want Jesse to kiss her. And it was implied that she even told him so. And yet he still went in for the kiss. I think the honorable thing to do would have been to honor her request, enjoy her company and come off as the good guy who is interested in protecting her. Instead, he came off as a horndog, only interested in getting her to "open up" to him. This, especially rubbed me the wrong way after he insisted to Trish that he rarely "made out" on the first date. Whatever.

It was interesting though, to see him clam up and back off when the girl Jesse was giving him every signal and opportunity to go in for the kiss. He said it wigged him out that she was so forward. Whatever dude. However, I was not surprised to see her go.

In the scenes for next week, they made it seem like the other girls get all mad that Jenny was the spy. Truthfully, they should be grateful. Most of them are still there based on her good word of them...and...she has been the one feeding Jesse the dirt on Trish. I bet it won't be as "thrilling" as they implied it will be. Though I am interested in seeing Trish's reaction to it all. Hee.

So that's it. I'm off to see the surgeon soon, so maybe more later.

9:00 a.m. - Thursday, Apr. 22, 2004


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