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More About Surgery and The Cable Man

Supe went to the doctor yesterday...didn't find out much. He is going to a pain clinic at a local hospital. And he might check out a driving testing program offered through a local therapy center. His doctor doesn't think he should be driving any more. Man, that hurt. We don't agree. If he was a danger to himself or others in a vehicle, I would be the first one to put a stop to his driving. But he does very well and it's a source of independence for him. I coulnd't imagine if he couldn't drive. In that case, we really would have to move. We would have to move somewhere where he could get everywhere in his chair. At least we wouldn't need a van. But I think that day is far, far away.

I had my surgical consult yeterday, as I mentioned in the quick update yesterday. It went really well. I like Dr. Jeff. I feel I am in good hands and don't have the niggling fear I had previous to the appt. I have lost 7 1/2 pounds and need to lose 10 more in the next month. I am looking into the liquid that is what I will be one for 3 weeks following the surgery.

Dr. Jeff was funny, telling me to make sure I stick to liquids for 3 full weeks because it will aid in healing. He told me he was seeing a gal after me that had eaten chicken a week after her surgery and hand't chewed it enough and a peice of it was stuck in her stoma. Chicken! A week after surgery! Yikes! Then he told me about a 19 year old kid who drank a beer 10 days after surgery and then rode an ATV and his stoma ruptured! Yeah, that's drinking, ATV riding dumbass. I think I will be fine. I wish Supe could have met Dr. Jeff as I think it would have alleviated a lot of his worries and fears too.

Dr. Jeff said this surgery is the biggest surgery you can have, after heart/lung/liver transplants (which he's also done.) He suggested I take more time off from work...I could...but I will just have to wait and see. I have the time available, but I don't want to get used to just being home sitting around. I tend to be a good healer, so I think the 2 weeks will be enough.

I will have my surgery at 7:30am on Monday, May 24th. It should take 2 hours, unless there are complications, or scar tissue from my gallbladder surgery to contend with. They will have me up and walking that night to stop the threat of blood clots. The next morning, they will give me a sip of water and see how I do with that. If I do well, they will give me liquid meals that day. If I continue to do well, they will release me at noon on Wednesday. Sounds good, huh? But it freaked me out a little that I will be on liquids all day my last real meal will be Supper on Saturday night. Then liquids on Sunday. Then NOTHING until Tuesday morning. NOTHING! What if I'm thirsty? I should have asked him that when I was there, but I didn't think of it then. Yeeps! Anyway, visitors are expected and encouraged, so if you are out and about in the North Metro that day and want to stop by, then by all means, do so.

So today I filled out a Health Care Directive and a Will and am having them notarized. Then I will send copies of the directive to my surgeon and my family doctor. The rest will be kept in our safe at home. I am not scared...just want to be prepared. I am nothing if not organized.

Last night on the way home from work, I stopped at Target and got Daisy a halter and lead so she could enjoy the outside like her sister does. Except, while she is fascinated with what her sister is doing outside, she is not so much into the halter. As soon as I put it on, she ran to the bathroom and launched herself into the bathtub. That's her "safe" spot. Sometime I would like to fill it with water and THEN see what happens. Hee! We left the halter on her so she could at least get used to it. After a while, she was out in the living room, running around. But she's not a fan.

While we were outside with Maisey, a guy walked by. Supe, who is Mr. Friendly Man, said hi. The guy asked us if we have cable. We said no and he said he had a deal for us. Boy, did he! Now...we have cable. Not just basic cable, but big, big cable. For basically the price of basic cable. For the next 6 months. After that, we'll see. Did we watch our newly installed cable last night? Why, no. No we did not. Thanks for asking. But we will have cable when I am home recouping from major surgery, so that is fun! TLC will be my life! Yippee! Someday we need to get a bigger TV than the little 13 inch we've been using since our marriage. But that is not a priority, so we can wait.

I had a weird dream this morning. Actually, I've been having weird dreams every night/morning this week. But this one is one I actually remember. I was with a BUNCH of choir people at a chalet/chapel of some sort. It was situated on a tall hill or cliff. I got there and saw a guy plant a bomb. I tried to tell people, but he had set it to go off 8 hours from then, so no one really believed me. So for most of the dream, we are readying the place for our concert and unpacking our stuff in the rooms set up for us in the lower part of the building. During this time, I am socializing and talking to people, but always wary of the bomb. I tell everyone I meet, but no one really reacts. Finally, when there are about 10 minutes left, me and a few of my friends run through the building, clearing it out. We are screaming for everyone to get out and get as far away from the building as possible. Me and my friends run to the exit and out the door, only to see we have a huge cliff to get down. So we climb trees, jump, and roll to get away. JUST as we get to the clearing at the bottom, the bomb goes off. We feel the shock waves and fall down, covering our ears. One guy dislocated his arm getting down the cliff, so we are caring for him. The building is destroyed, but we got everyone out OK. Suddenly, there is my high school boyfriend. (Again, haven't seen or heard from this guy for 16 to 18 years.) We hug and instantly we are a couple. So, now there are buses taking everyone home. We ride the same bus, sitting in the same seat as though we were in high school...all scrunched down, talking with our heads together. The bus didn't drop me at my house or his house, but instead my brother and sister-in-law's house. We get dropped off and for some reason, we are on the roof and have to get down. We get down...though we both come perilously close to falling off...just as Huff and Belle pull up in a white car with the radio blaring. That's when I wake up because it's actually my clock radio that's blaring.

What are your weirdest dreams? I am fascinated by this stuff. Leave a comment.


A Year Ago Today: April 23, 2003 Craftmatic Adjustable Beds and Good Girlfriends Gossiping

I AM appreciated! Well, at least by a couple of people. L, one of the agents sent me some beautiful flowers in a vase and my husband sent me a wonderful smaller mug of flowers. I am not really his administrator, but I do help keep him organized. Fun! Another agent, M, took me out to lunch at a yummy Chinese Buffet place. My bosses said they would catch me sometime next week. Uh, yeah.

A guy my husband knows from church gave him a check for the exact amount of our state tax bill. Amazing! So, all of our taxes are now paid. What a huge relief. God is good.

Also, my husband called to see if he could get an adjustable bed with rails and he can! Insurance will cover up to $3500. So, his doctor is looking into prices and whatís available. Heís going to have a crafmatic adjustable bed! No, really. He needs it. He learned in the hospital that he sleeps better at an incline and he needs the rails because heís been using his head and neck to push himself over when he rolls at night. His neck and shoulders are always sore as a result. So, the bed thing is a God-send! Yay! Now we just have to move one of the 2 beds Thatís in our bedroom now. We are beginning to look like the Slumberland showroom. He just called me back and said a brand new adjustable bed is $2300 and 100% covered by our insurance! Yay!

You know what I miss? My girlfriends. My 2 best friends here are both single moms and while we talk on the phone once a week or so, we donít do much together. I miss the marathon gab sessions I used to have with them. What I miss more are the marathon gab sessions with girlfriends in general. When I lived in Madison, I had several friends with which to shoot the gab. When I lived in Maryland I had several girlfriends to gab into the wee hours with, and when I was in college in South Dakota, well, it was all gabbing all the time. I miss it. Sweet Baboo is my best friend, but he doesnít do the dish. He isnít a girl and canít do the girl gab thing. I miss that. Itís not just because Iím married. Itís because Iím married and I live far away from my gal gabbers and because a lot of them are married (now with kids) and we are all changing. But I still need my girlfriends. I still need to connect with them and feel connected. I think the last good gab I had was here with L and D on my birthday. That was so much fun. Anyway, if you are one of my close girlfriends, I miss you. I have been bad at keeping in touch and I need to improve. I hope things are going well with you and hope to get on the phone and find the fun facts from you. Let's get together over coffee...or good Mexican and catch up.

Thanks for Reading!

1:14 p.m. - Friday, Apr. 23, 2004


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