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Vitamins and Minerals

Not much is going on today. I am working and later tonight, I am going to a women's study at church. It's on healing "toxic" emotions. 26 days until the surgery. I am educating myself on vitamins and supplements so I will be prepared afterwards. I placed an order online for some protein powder samples. Protein is the most important nutrient I will need. This was the most interesting information I read to date. It came from THIS website. "The vitaming shortages are listed in any physiology book, under the digestive system. Look for which elements are digested in the lower stomach. Also, most RNY literature will list the expected shortages. You will need to supplement the following: Protein, iron, calcium,

fat soluble vitamins A, D & E, zinc, B12, and maybe potassium & magnesium. BUT we must supplement in specific ways. Since A, D & E are fat solubles and we are now malabsorbing fats and oils to a degree, it would do us no good to take these in soft-gel (oil filled) forms. They need to be taken in DRY form. Iron is a very fussy element. We cannot absorb ferrous SULFATE and taking it will negate the absorption of any Vitamin E. It must be taken with Vitamin C, but cannot be taken with antibiotics; caffeine, milk; antacids of any kind, including medication for ulcer; any minerals, such as CALCIUM. It is better taken on an empty stomach, but it can be taken with non-milk food. Think of iron and C as being on a honeymoon, alone but together. Calcium must be taken with Vitamin D and is best absorbed at night. But only about 500 mg (elemental) can be absorbed at one time, so we suggest taking them over the course of the afternoon, perhaps an hour or two apart." Fascinating, huh? THIS is another vitamin website I've been perusing. The prices are a little high and I've been told Wal-mart and GNC are the best/cost effective places to go. So, this weekend, we will take a trip to pick up some vitamins. I've also been told to pick up some Biotin in order to save myself from some hair loss.

Supe and I are going to the Festival of Nations on Saturday! Yay! I hope he enjoys it as much as I do. He wasn't thrilled with going, but is more likely going because he knows I want to go. It's just so much fun and so fascinating. I wonder if we should call Metro Mobility and have them drop us, rather than take the push chair? I will have to talk to him about it.

In case you missed it in the 999 other diaires, VOTE for DOUG'S BAND, PUBLIC DOMAIN! Vote early and vote often.


A Year Ago Today: April 28, 2003 Cat pee and Old Journals

I forgot about my flowers. I walked into my office this morning after the weekend and it smelled like floral heaven! Mmmmmm. I LOVE flowers. I did have to kind of clean up the arrangements, but they still look and smell great.

Had a good weekend. Didnít sleep very late on Saturday though. My sweet husband woke up in a panic and said, "honey...honey! Itís 7:40!!!!" After waking with a start, I rolled over and groaned, "Itís Saturday honey." He forgot. I couldnít get my heart rate back to a resting level, so I just got up. He felt sooooo bad.

Anyway, Friday, I got off work early and Sweet Baboo and I went to Perkins for dinner and then to the grocery store. We picked up some items we needed and then headed back to the apartment to clean up and put them away.

I cleaned out Maiseyís litter box and put a dump load of new litter in it. Then I went into the bedroom to clean the sheets off SBís and my beds. When I pulled the bedding all off, it looked like Maisey had peed at least 3 times on SBís bed. Then I pulled the bedding off my bed and found she had done similarly to mine! Naughty kitty! She is now forever banned from our bedroom.

I sprayed a special pet odor and stain remover on our beds and washed our bedding. Yuck! Then we aired out our beds and opened the window to our room so it too would air out. Maisey sure is finicky when it comes to her litter box and how it is or is not cleaned. But this peeing on our beds thing MUST STOP!

Saturday we didnít do much of anything and that was nice. The weather was gorgeous though so we did spend quite a bit of time on our patio.

Sunday was church, of course. It was nice. The songs were wonderful and really helped me to keep my mind focused on Jesus and His power. Then I had to teach Sunday School. I did not think I would have any kids and instead, I had six! That is the most Iíve had yet! There were five boys and one girl and they were so cute! They are funny too. Right in the middle of my lesson, one little boy says, "Teacher, Iíve had the hiccups before!" *chuckle* They rocked.

After church we picked up lunch from KFC and ate it on our patio as we had yet another gorgeous day.

I did laundry and SB and I both checked out the Sunday Paper and then just hung out.

Later in the evening, we prayed together and then read a book my mom and dad had given us. Itís about finding your purpose and it has one reading for every 40 days. We read day 1 yesterday and it was inspiring.

After that, I went to my room to read while SB stayed up and watched the news. I picked up an old journal and started flipping through it. It started in August of the summer before I went to college and it was very interesting. I wrote a lot, but was not very detailed. I need to remember that as I find myself not remembering what I was writing about and wishing I knew the details.

I wrote about breaking up with A and how I did it because my relationship with him was negatively affecting my relationship with God. Forgot about that. I wrote that I had had a good talk with him about it and also how his sister and I came out of the whole thing as friends. I think now I can put the former things behind me and press on. It does not pay to dwell on that stuff and I do not know why it was on my heart this past week. But Itís over now except for when SB and I pray for A and his family.

There were other interesting things in there. Lots of talk of boys and men. MAN was I one boy crazy girl. Poor God must have had to put His fingers in His ears and sang "la la la la la la" whenever I brought up the subject of men, marriage, dating, etc. Also, in August of 1986, the summer before I went to college, I wrote that all Iíve ever wanted was to be married, have children and keep a home. I was 18 yíall! I did not get married until I was 32. Okay.

Also, in January of 1987 I wrote the actual phrase, "What would Jesus do?" I was way ahead of the curve on that one. Too bad I didnít see the promotional possibilities or I could have paid my college tuition in cash.

Itís interesting reading all that stuff. What I mainly see is a girl on the verge of womanhood who just longs for love and acceptance. I wanted to be in love. I wanted to have a large group of friends and comrades. I wanted to fit in.

Not much has changed has it?

Thanks for reading.

11:02 a.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2004


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