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April 30, 2003 A clean backroom and 2 years at Bankers

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed about my friend Mike Washburn. He and I were hanging out at the college I used to go to. (He never went there, so I do not know why he was in my dream.)

Anyway, we were hanging out with a bunch of my old college friends and somehow they got him to believe he was leading a guy in the group to belief in Christ. But I knew they were faking him out. I felt so bad and I tried to get a couple of the guys to admit it to him but they blew me off and wouldnít. Finally, I told him and he was so sad and so mad. He was hurt that they faked him out that way and he was just bummed. Later in the dream, I ran into Steven Curtis Chapman and persuaded him to come and meet Mike, who not only plays guitar and sings, but looks somewhat like SCC. They met and hit it off and I took pictures with my digital camera. It was such a weird dream, but I woke up feeling broken hearted at first for the trick the guys played on Mike, but then relieved because he was so excited to have met SCC. Strange.

I got our back room all cleaned up! Yay! I forgot to take pictures of it before, so the after shots would be kind of redundant. I also should have taken photos of the pile of garbage we tossed from that room as well. Of course, I did not think about that until this morning and it was all cleaned up by then. But still, the back room rocks!

My husband is so cute. He made my lunch for today. He put a note in it to tell me how much he loves me. He is an amazing man! Now that he is not dealing with the swelling anymore, he is now in pain much of the day. His shoulders, back, and joints ache. I hate that he deals with aches, pains, and illness all day most every day. Blech!

Today is my 2 year anniversary with Bankers Life. Seems like a lot longer. But yet it also seems like I just started. I didnít think I would make it this long. And lots has changed since I started here. Most everything is organized the way I like it and works really well. The turn over is pretty high, but I think Thatís the nature of this business. When your pay is commission only, Itís hard to get a footing I think.

Not much else to report on today

Thanks for reading!


May 01, 2003 Weird Dreams and a Fabulous Husband

Happy May Day and White Rabbit!

I had another weird dream last night. Maybe two. I dreamed my car was a red convertible. It was my car, I knew that, but I couldnít figure out how it changed from a gold Hyundai to a red convertible. But I went with it because I LOVE convertibles.

The second dream was weirder. I dreamed I had a baby...not delivered it, but there was just a baby in my dream and it was mine. But it was the angriest baby ever. When I fed it its bottle, it would chew up the nipple into little pieces and would swallow them or spit them out. The baby didnít have teeth, so I was at odds how to resolve this. Also, I couldnít get the baby to sleep. I would try and try and all the baby would do was cry and scream angrily. I was so in despair because this was not what Sweet Baboo and I envisioned for our child. Plus, no one elseís child was acting this way so I felt like a failure as a mother.

Also in the dream I was walking to meet the school bus (I donít know why) and on the way, it suddenly got VERY dark. I was walking in the woods and it was very early in the morning, but I couldnít figure out why it was so dark. So, I reached down and grabbed a stick and used it like the blind use their canes. I walked slowly and swiped it from side to side and it worked! I got out of the woods and into the light and made it to the bus stop in time.

Weird huh?

I am tired all the time. I donít know if Itís because Iím not getting enough sleep or if Itís some health related issue. I know I should go to the doctor, but I am doctored out right now. But I also want to get my plantar warts checked out. I have them all over my left foot and on my right middle finger. Donít know where they came from, but I know I didnít have them before I joined the health club. My former roommateís daughter also had some, so maybe from there. They are painful things for being so small. Sometimes my foot and finger just throb with plantar pain.

I had a podiatrist freeze a couple of warts about 3 years ago, but that hurt worse. I was told that now they can inject something into them that might kill them off and that sound interesting. So, I will check into that.

A couple/few people I know were due to have babies in April and I havenít heard if any of them did. Adam and Adrienne (Boy), Mike and Vanessa and Sarah and Ulices (Girl). If you know any of them...let me know if they had their kids and all the vitals. Thanks!

My husband rocks! The last 2 nights he has had dinner ready for me when Iíve walked through the door AND heís made my lunch too! Heís the best! Since I got the supply room all cleaned and organized this week, I wonít have to do it this Saturday...yay! So, I am hoping SB and I can get out this weekend. Maybe go to the Festival of Nations. Or there are some garage sales Iíd like to check out. We need a patio table and maybe we can find a nice gas grill for cheap too. The one I picked up in the garbage isnít in as good a shape as we previously thought. The people who owned it before used charcoal in it and the heating element is all rusted and burnt. So, if we can find a cheap gas grill, we can grill out this weekend too! I really want to go to the festival of nations, but I canít see SB wanting to go. His scooter needs a new battery since it runs out of juice way before it should. Without the scooter, he isnít very good with lots of walking which would be required at the festival. Maybe I can find someone to go with me on Sunday afternoon.

Yay tomorrow is Friday! The best day of the week! Yippee!

Thanks for reading.


May 02, 2003 Urban Tribes and the Friday Five

Ok...another weird dream this morning. I dreamed I was with my college friend Paige and some random people I knew in the dream, but donít remember now. We were at some function where we were at a hotel, but maybe it was a hospital or college dorm. First I dreamed that there were little itty-bitty tarantula spiders falling from trees onto the heads of picnicking Californians. My LA dwelling cousin, Maridee showed up and I teased her about the spiders. I felt all high and mighty not living in a land of earthquakes, mudslides, Santa Ana winds, and now mini falling spiders. Then one happened to fall on my hand and bit me.

Later in the dream I was looking for my husband. We were supposed to leave and we had not packed. I tried to page him over the house phone, but the directions were too complicated so I didnít do it. I managed to sneak a peek of him in the elevator but he was on his scooter, way in the back and couldnít get out before the doors closed. I was so frustrated, tired, and just wanted to leave. I woke up with that frustration on my nerves.

On my way to work I was listening to my new favorite radio station, FM 107. (Itís been on the air for a year now.) Itís a new station with a new concept. FM Talk Radio for women. Itís such an easy concept...why didnít we think of this before? Itís one of the only ones in the nation and I really like it.

I was listening to Lukaís World, which is a new show hosted by a wonderful lively English woman, Luka. I LOVE this show. Today Luka was talking to a woman named Tabitha about Urban Tribes. Itís a not so new trend springing up from the fact that most people do not move from their parentís homes to their spouses homes anymore. There is a gap where friends begin to take the place of the family youíre born into and the family youíre married into. They used the TV show "Friends" as an example of an Urban Tribe. (Check out for more info.)

I was in an urban tribe when I lived in Madison. It started when I went to church at High Point. A singleís bible study/mentoring ministry started and our urban tribe kind of grew from that. Just like Monicaís apartment seems to be the urban tribe hub on Friends, so the Gammon Girlsí place was the hub for ours. We also spent allot of time at "The Boysí" house.

This group of people became my family. They were the ones who seemed to truly know me and accept me for who I was. They encouraged and tutored me in school, prayed for and with me, and loved me unconditionally. It was the most amazing time of all of our lives, I think. We all knew we were in the midst of something special. Friendship with family mixed in. We spent most weekends together, traveled a bit together, stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, played sport, cards, and guitars. Had parties, barbeques, and snowball fights. We went through the ups and downs together and helped each other through it all.

Now many of us have moved away from Madison. Some are still as close as Cambridge and Mazomanie...the farthest are in California and Siberia Russia. We are all getting married, having kids, buying homes, and yet we are still connected. We may not speak or email each other with real regularity, but when we do, itís an instant connection. We still carry that family element with us. I love these people (and now their spouses with all my heart. And I miss our Urban Tribe.

And now for the FRIDAY FIVE:(

1. Name one song you hate to admit you like.

The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats...classic 80ís song. Also, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.

2. Name two songs that always make you cry.

Wind Beneath My Wings and Amazing Grace

3. Name three songs that turn you on.

All She Wants to Do Is Dance by Don Henley, Need You Tonight by INXS, and Fields of Gold by Sting. Crazy for You by Madonna. True by Spandau Ballet.

4. Name four songs that always make you feel good.

Boys of Summer by Don Henley, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, Down Under by Men at Work, and She Was by the Talking Heads. SOOOOO many more...also, God Made Convertibles by ...canít remember...oh and Itís on the tip of my tongue...I used to LOVE this band! (WHITE HEART! Thanks Jen!) Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. Anything by Brian Setzer and Stray Cats and Salvador and Burlap to Cashmere! Also, Where the Streets Have No Name by U2...and Beautiful Day by U2, too. Most anything by Smashmouth. See...I said there were too many.

5. Name five songs you couldnít ever do without.

Tooooooo many to list. Mostly cheesy 80ís songs and lots of Christian and worship music. And see above! All the above!

Thanks for reading.

May 05, 2003 A Quiet Weekend and Surprising Violence

We had a good weekend; though we didnít do too much.

I was able to sleep in on Saturday, which felt sooooo good! Mostly we just hung out until it was time to go out for the evening with Sweet Babooís Top Gun Group. We drove to St. Paul and met the gang at the LeeAnn Chins at the depot. It was a super fancy LAC. The LAC in the cities are all cafeteria style and are nice, but not fancy. This restaurant had linen tablecloths and napkins and featured a buffet. The food was good and the company better:-)

There were LOTS of prom kids out and about. Totally forgot about prom season. I donít know what it is, but the girls were dressed kind of risque! I told SB that our daughter would not wear strapless or backless dresses while she was in high school. You should have seen the boys strutting. The cartoon bubble above their heads read, Iím going to get me some! However, I will admit that, for the most part, they did look very elegant and nicely dressed.

We ended up leaving the restaurant early due to SB not feeling so well. We both have some weird sinus thing going on with earaches, headaches and sinus aches in our cheeks. Blech. It comes and goes, he was definitely experiencing it.

I drove home, and we had a nice couple of hours relaxing before bed.

Sunday was church and afterwards we attended a membership class for the charter members of the new Life Church. It was very nice. We had a light lunch and ended up signing the charter to switch our membership to Life. It was a nice afternoon.

We got home and while I took a nap, SB came in and snuggled with me. That was sweet. We just had a very quiet evening and weekend.

There was an op/ed piece in the Strib this weekend about random violence. Last weekend a road rage incident ended in the senseless deaths of some people. It was on a 2-lane hwy on Sunday and witnesses say the people in the vehicles were gesturing, throwing things, and speeding. One of the cars flipped over and tossed the front seat passenger through the windshield. It was sad and horrific and didnít need to happen. The writer of the op/ed piece said he experienced something similar.

He was driving to the video store to return a movie. In front of him was a van double-parked on the main street. The writer said he tapped his horn and tried to gesture that he was going around. He drove into the video store driveway, got out of his car and dropped off his movie. When he got back to his car, the van was parked right behind his car and the driver of the van jumped out, came running up to him, and sucker punched him in the face. The writer fell to the ground and the driver of the van kicked, swore and pummeled this man for no reason other than he honked and gestured. This writer ended up with bruised ribs, stitches, welts and lumps though no broken bones. He tried to report the incident but didnít have enough information to go on. He was surprised and didnít take the vital info into consideration.

While at the hospital, he said the nurse told him of a similar situation that happened to him. He was driving to the movies with his daughter and parked the car. As he was getting ready to get out of the car, a man started kicking in his car door. The man was swearing and screaming that he would kill this nurse for taking his parking spot.

People, what is going on? Are these things really so important that we would resort to inflicting pain and death on someone just because we didnít get a parking space or because we have to be one car length behind? We are NOT entitled to these things. This is suburban MN not the West Bank. It is getting to where I just want to drive with my visor lowered, my shades on, my face front, and no interaction at all with any other drivers. I cannot afford to offend anyone. I have a husband and family that I love. Soon, we may all be afraid to drive at all. Thanks for reading.

2:22 p.m. - Wednesday, May. 05, 2004


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