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I came to work with a good attitude, but 4 hours of being beaten upon will change that in a person. Every call I've taken has been, "This is wrong! Fix it!" type of calls. Then, I just feel so left out and out of touch with my co-workers. I feel like the dorky kid at the lunch table...or the last one picked for softball. I can't really explain why, other than that people don't gather at my cube to chat. They don't call me over to their cubes to chat. And when I express interest in the chats? I am shot down with the polite attitudes of people who are much cooler than I but don't want to appear callous.

I had a pretty good weekend though. Saturday a little boy from our building came by and brought me flowers for mother's day. I thanked him and told him I wasn't a mother but he said I will be one day. Sweet!

Sunday was our day to be on the alter team at church. Being it was mother's day, it was a difficult day for me to sit there while they honored all the moms, but it was a good service. Afterwards, Supe and I were up at the front waiting to pray with people when this beautiful little dark skinned boy came toddling up the aisle. His mom was way behind him, still at the entrance to the sanctuary by the time he got to us. He came right to me, looked up and put his arms out diffinitiely, making known his desire for me to pick him up. So I did and he was so sweet. I held him for about 3 minutes until he decided he had had enough and wanted to get down and dance. (they play music in the background until everyone leaves.) He was adorable. His mother said this was unusual for him for him to want to be held by a stranger. She said he is 18 months old and keeps her VERY busy. Hee. He was such a cutie and made my day.

Oh! Speaking of mothers day. My mom found her gift just where I told her it should be. She hadn't opened the doors to check...just had peeked out the window to see if anything was there. Being it was in an envelope, she didn't see it until the door was fully opened. Once it was, all was well and she was very happy with her gift.

Yesterday was beautiful! 80 or 90 degrees and humid. Supe, Maisey and I sat on our patio for a couple of hours, just talking and enjoying the day. Then some neighbors came over and we chatted a bit and then the storms blew in. We had some big winds, rain, hail, lightning, and even some tornadic activity...west of here. Of course the TV stations promoted the heck out of it, making more of it than is needed. Who are the people that call into the stations reporting the fact that their awnings are whipping and the garden gnomes are tipped over? The sirens went off and we hung out in the hallway for a bit before deciding that it was just raining and thundering and we could go in. Daisy was scared, Maisey interested in what was going on outside. Later last night, I was sitting by our open patio door when I heard someone outside call my name. It was dark and I couldn't tell who it was. But it was a female and she shouted, "Amy, It's me!" Oh, yeah, that helps. Hee. Supe went to let her in and it was our friend Monica. Her husband is the one in the nursing home that Supe goes to visit. She came by with a gift for us...a cordless phone! She said she didn't want what happened to her husband to happen to Supe, so she wanted him to have access to the phone no matter where he was in the apartment. What a sweetie! We certainly have amazing friends. Thanks again Mon!


2 weeks from today is the big day. I am excited. I just read a book called Before and After about a woman in FL who had the surgery. She includes a lot of helpful info about recipes and vitamins in her account. I found it an OK read, but helpful in the nutrition and vitamin aspect.

I am pre-registered at the hospital already and today I called in a claim for short term disability so I can get paid at least at 65% while I'm gone. I will be gone 4 weeks and one of those weeks is considered vacation and then the other 3 would be Short Term Disability. Hope my claim is accepted.

I talked to my parents and they are planning on coming up to be here during my surgery and hospitalization. They will be a big help to Supe.

Supe's health is what is worrying me. He has an MRI on Tuesday and another one on Thursday. His sisters will be taking him and helping him to and from. Then, next week he has a pain clinic and he meets with his hemotologist again.

I meet with my physician on the 18th for my pre-op physical. Can you say Co-pays? We are shelling out bucks up the ying yang for co-pays my friend. But at least we have insurance. It's a good thing.

Happy Monday to y'all!

12:31 p.m. - Monday, May. 10, 2004


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