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Carbon Monoxide in the Blood

Well, we might know why Supe has been so stinking sick. The hemotologist called and reported that Supe's test for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning came back positive. Great! He is homebound all day, every day. But the poisoning has to be slow, otherwise our cats would drop over dead, wouldn't they? And our detector never picks up anything...actually, it did once, but we (were stupid) opened the windows and doors since it was 5am and freezing cold and we didn't want to leave. Plus it woke us from a dead sleep and who can make plans then?

Anyway, I called the Department of Health...and left a message. I called our apartment manager...and left a message. And I emailed the management company...a message. I am hoping someone gets back to me soon.

Supe is PISSED! He has worried about this since we moved in since we live over a garage and all the car exhaust and such. When our detector went off the first time, we called the apartment management and they said they would take care of it. Obviously, they haven't. We should know more after my blood tests come back. Maybe we should get the cats tested too?

We found out that there is a 2 bedroom handicapped accessible apartment in a building directly across the street from where Supe takes classes and that would be handy. It's available before our lease runs out and this little CO2 thing could get us out of our lease early. So, we shall see.

I still feel like odd man out at work. Today the BIG BOSS came and held a meeting and I dressed up for the occation. Usually I wear black pants and some kind of pull-over. Today I wore my drop dead red dress and NO ONE commented on it. It's weird. I always get compliments when I wear it because it's flattering in color and style and I NEVER wear dresses. So weird. Don't know what is going on here lately.

Supe is at his first of 2 MRI appointments today. The next one is Thursday. He hates these things. I wish I could be there with him to hold his hand and reassure him. But I am confident in his sisters and their love for him and don't worry a bit when he's with them. I am so thankful for his family, as well as my own through all of this.

Yesterday was what I like to call "A Full Moon" day at work. I came home exhausted from dealing with one weird call after another. You think we have 1 product that is serviced and if you know that product really well, nothing could really stump you right? Well, you've never worked a "full moon" day. And it wasn't even a full moon! That was a week ago. Apparently they are catching up. We sell annuities. That's pretty much it. Yesterday I got calls from people looking for info on car insurance, home mortgage insurance, and crop insurance. Just because we have insurance in our name, does not mean we sell ALL types of insurance. Maybe we should see about changing that.

So I called Supe's hemotologist to ask if they think the CO2 is from the air in our apartment or from him not being able to expell it from his lungs. I am still waiting for a call back. I took a call from our apartment manager who wondered what we should do and I said I didn't know, but would call her after I spoke to Supe's Dr. It's all so crazy.

Hope your day is better.

2:01 p.m. - Tuesday, May. 11, 2004


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