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Oh, No! Not Carnitor! Save Us!

Ok, so the apartment manager called and says Minnegasco came out and checked all the levels of our apartment, the halls, the garage and the laundry facilities and got a big goose egg on the radar for carbon monoxide. I am getting my blood tested on Tuesday, so we'll know then for sure.

Here is Supe's other issue: "Caratine Deficiency. The body is made up of many cells. Within each cell are between 500 to 2,000 tiny structures called mitochondria. One of the mitochondria’s functions is to take nutrients and turn them into energy in a process known as metabolism. Nutrients are first broken down and transported into the mitochondria where they are turned into a chemical called ATP, a type of energy. ATP is then used by the body whenever energy is needed. Carnitine, a substance found naturally in meat, dairy products and breast milk, and also produced by the body, is crucial to many of the chemical reactions in the metabolic process. It works as a transport molecule, moving nutrients into the mitochondria where conversion to ATP takes place. It also transports toxic wastes out of the mitochondria.

Carnitine deficiency is a condition that occurs when there is not enough carnitine to meet the body’s needs. Carnitine deficiency affects important aspects of the metabolic process. In particular, the ability of the cells to produce energy and to remove toxic wastes is impaired. Because the production of energy is so important, carnitine deficiency can be serious, even life threatening. The heart and skeletal muscles rely on the energy produced when carnitine transports nutrients into the mitochondria."

To combat this, he takes Carnitor. I told him the name sounds like Skeletor's canabalistic brother. Hee. Anyway, that's the newest RX he has to take.

He said his MRI was horrible! It was cold, and loud and it hurts him to have to lie still for so long. Poor boy. But he made it through...only to have another on on Thursday. He is so brave.

4:18 p.m. - Tuesday, May. 11, 2004


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