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That's Not Fat, It's Just a Handbag

I called our apartment manager and asked her to provide us with Minnegasco's findings in writing so we, in turn, could provide them to Supe's Hemotologist to show him the CO2 is not from our living quarters. She said she would, but Supe is skeptical.

It was crazy humid here this morning, but the lilacs are all in full bloom and their scent is heady on my drive to work. Mmmmmm!

Well, I worked out a letter to all the people from my old single's group that I still have addresses for. I am hoping they can provide me with more addresses so I can get this 10 year anniversary year book thing off the ground. Dell was offering a scanner with an attachment to scan slides and negatives for a steal, so we added that to our Dell acct and should have it any day now. I think it will be a big help in this book project. I am really excited about it and hope to get a lot of participation...otherwise it won't be so fun.

I was thinking today about how Supe told me he has always been attracted to larger women and he is so thankful that I am larger. But I have my surgery in 12 days and wonder how he will react to my shrinking body? I know he loves me for me and not how I look...I am fully confident of this. But any man must be aware that if he falls in love with a larger woman, she comes, with baggage. I suppose all people have some sort of baggage, but most large women didn't get to be large without reason. Our size is in direct proportion to our baggage. Hee...I picture overnight bags and suitcases attached to my chest, thighs, hips and butt. If you get rid of the baggage, the result may be a smaller sized woman. Anyway, I was just thinking of that today.


A Year Ago Today: May 12, 2003 Friends, Family and Adoption

Yesterday was hard. We did not go to church, but it still was a hard day to get through. My heart just longs for children. They are in my thoughts all the time. It is sad to think that there are so many who need a home and we are willing to provide one, and the only thing that really stands in the way is money.

It rained all weekend. About 2 1/2 inches worth. Not the best weather when one is already sad.

Friday night we ordered out and had a nice dinner. I canít remember what we did...maybe nothing.

Saturday we slept in and went to Target to get a bunch of stuff. We needed kitty litter, laundry stuff, soda, water, and every other heavy thing under the universe. We also got Maisey a harness and lead. She wasnít as thrilled with it as we were. I put it on her and she immediately rolled over and batted at the lead. I took her out in the hall to see if she would like it, but no. We are hoping to take her outside and maybe then she will understand Itís use.

Sweet Baboo cleaned out his fish tank and it looks great! We found lots and many little fish babies who had been hiding. SB really likes his fishies. But Itís a lot of work to keep them alive and happy.

SBís mom got her flowers for Motherís Day but my mom did not get her card directing her to her gift. I had to tell her where it was. I sent a card telling her to go to the local Garden Center. I had called the garden center and purchased a gift certificate for her and had them hold it in her name. So, she now knows what her gift is even though she hasnít received the card. It turns out my brother got her a gift certificate from the same place which is good because she hasnít bought her flowers for the yard yet and can use both to do that.

I talked to my sister in law yesterday and we found out that her daughter, our niece had had an apartment fire 2 weeks ago and had lost everything, including her cats! Poor girl! No one told us, but she had been on SBís heart for the past 2 weeks and in fact, he had written her a letter and had it ready to send on Sunday. But thankfully, she is in a new place and is ready to get back on her feet, though she misses her kitties terribly!

This sister and brother in law are hoping to adopt. She went to Mexico over Christmas break with her 2 youngest children and while there, they fell in love with 3 siblings living at a local orphanage. She and her husband agreed to do whatever is necessary to adopt them but now things have kind of ground to a halt. It turns out the kids have a dad who is still around but is not contactable. He lives far away and has no way to support these kids but he still has to give consent for them to be adopted. So, they are basically waiting for him to just show up one day so they can present the situation to him and hope he gives his consent.

I had a great talk with her about our willingness and longing to adopt and she was a great shoulder to cry on. She understands our/my heart. She is a great mom and a good friend. I always wanted older sisters and brothers and through the marriage to my husband, I do!

SB and I talked about sending me to WI over Memorial weekend. He is going to stay home while I go down to visit my family and see a couple of friends. I am going to drive his truck and see if Dad can install a lift he got us. If it works, we can use it on our vacation in 3 weeks. Yay! I am excited. I hope to see a couple of my friends. I really miss them.

I talked to one of them on Saturday. J. She is so much fun to talk to. I really miss her. My other friend, J is someone else I really miss. Anyway, they still live in that area and I would LOVE to get together with them. J also talked about coming up to visit me with our friend SA and that would be great! Our friend H and her husband A are coming from Russia for a couple of months at the end of this month. Iím not sure what their plans are for getting together with people, but Itís been a couple of years since Iíve seen them and have yet to meet their young son. J is going to see them no matter what, but I hope there are plans to have a gathering or get together for the rest of us:-)

So, that was our weekend. The intense longing to be a parent kind of overtook me yesterday and it was a long sad day. But we are praying and praying for a child, whether it comes from us or not. I hope Itís soon, because the waiting is so stinking hard!

Thanks for reading.

5:21 p.m. - Wednesday, May. 12, 2004


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