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Soon Gas Will Cost More Than The Car Itself

Regular gas is now $2.05 a gallon at the gas station outside our home. We JUST got a new scanner for our computer and while it was quite a deal for a scanner, we realized last night that 2 tanks of gas cost about what our scanner cost. Sheesh! Forget buying a house or a handicapped accessible van, ifmwe win the powerball lottery jackpot, we're buying gasoline gift cards and stocking up. Thankfully I only work 4 miles from home and Supe rarely has to drive anywhere.

We are looking at moving when our lease is up. Supe is convinced that the apartment we are in is in part to blame for his health, as it is, right now. I hate moving, but we did find a couple of apartment buildings nearby that we would like to look at. Both feature washer and dryers in the apartment unit, one features a balcony/sun deck and the other has a screen porch, and they are both on lakes with access to fishing and walking paths. Both are more than what we pay now, but not by much and both accept cats. Supe seems to think we should ook at getting a house, but I have doubts that we can afford anything here. Interest rates are going up and my income is basically all we have to live on and I just don't see finding something we can afford. The average price for homes now is around $200,000...not really our price range. What happened to little starter homes for $140,000 or less? Anyway, though I do want a house, I think apartments offer things that really help us out with Supe's condition. They are handicapped accessible and maintence free. Big pluses for me.

10 days from surgery. We got a bill for our co-pay in the mail yesterday. I hope we can work out a payment plan. It's not a lot of money in the scope of things, but it's a lot at one time. So, we'll see what happens with that. 10 days!

Supe sees his hemotologist on Tuesday and we should then have the results of his MRI's and other blood tests. I see my doctor for my pre-op physical and will have my blood tested for carbon monoxide too and then we will know for sure if it's from our apartment or not. If it is, we will take the findings to our landlord and see if we can move sooner than our lease allows. Even if Minnegasco didn't find anything.

NOt much planned for the weekend...want to experiment with the new scanner, need to do some home filing as that pile is threatening to take over our home, and tonight we are having dinner with Supe's sister. So, fun, relaxation and some home organization. Good weekend.

7:23 a.m. - Friday, May. 14, 2004


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