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A week from today I will be in a hospital bed recovering from surgery. Yay! I hardly slept last night for the sheer excitement of it. Then we had thunderstorms off and on, so on the whole, I didn't sleep well at all.

Today I had a liquid breakfast...Nuriche and Carnation Instant Breakfast (Lite versions of both), then a protein drink at mid morning, chili and skim milk at lunch and now I am starving but determined NOT to gain any weight by Monday. Also, 64oz of water and 70 million trips to the bathroom. Go me!

Supe went to the pain clinic today. They didn't really tell him much but...suprise, suprise, are sending him to another clinic where they will actually perscribe something for the pain. Tomorrow is his hemetologist appt. He mentioned being nervous about it. Me too.

People from our church are signing up to make meals for him for when I am in the hospital and recouping. So, he should be set. His sisters will probably help as well and one of them will be helping us clean as I can't vaccuum or do laundry and such for a whole month.

I went to GNC and bought a huge tub of protein drink. Man that stuff is pricey. I should have priced it online first as there are better deals there. But live and learn. This thing cost us $40! But it is yummy. It can be added to milk, water or juice. So far I've only added it to diet V8 and it's been delicious.

The cats were cracking me up this weekend. Right now I can't remember what they were doing, but I remember telling Supe that there are some people in this world who think cats are good for nothing. But ours are always good for a laugh, if nothing else. Funny felines!

5:08 p.m. - Monday, May. 17, 2004


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