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Health Issues Galore in Our Home

I had my pre-op physical today and everything is a go for surgery on Monday. I even showed my doc my newly plantar wart free feet and she was so impressed. I guess her boss at the clinic is one of the first docs in the country to know about this and try it. So glad it works! The only setback might be that I am a little sniffly. I am going to take some benadryl at night to see if it clears it all up. Also, still have the weight issue. Am hoping enough of it is gone before Monday. Today I had Cream of Wheat and yogurt for breakfast, broccoli cheese soup and a Zone bar for lunch. A protein shake for a mid afternoon snack and lots and lots of water. Supper is porkchops and green beans.

Supe called from the Hemetologist. The good news is the tests all came back negative for everything they thought they were looking for. The bad news is he is now scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. What the heck do you hope for? That they find something to explain all the pain and health problems he's been having? Or that they don't and still don't know what is wrong? Tough stuff.

An actual phone call I had yesterday at work (With the private stuff changed to protect my job.)

Me: Hello, big bank co, how may I help you?

Banker: Hi, this is banker and I just have one quick question.

Me: Ok banker, what is your question?

Banker: Can you look up this policy and tell me who the owner is?

Me: Sure, I can help you with that...the owner is Policy Owner.

Banker: OK. What is the current rate on that?

Me: I will have to look that up in a different application...the rate is 1 million %.

Banker: What is the gauranteed minimum rate?

Me: One moment, I will look that up...1 million %.

Banker: What is the policy worth right now?

Me: 1 million dollars.

Banker: What did they open the policy with?

Me: 1 hundred thousand dollars.

Banker: How much do they have available in interest if they want to take it out?

Me: Fifty thousand dollars.

Banker: Who are the beneficiaries?

Me: Son and Daughter

Banker: When will they be out of their surrender period?

Me: In 2 more years

Banker: What is their anniversary date?

Me: Janaury first.

Banker: What rate would they get if this was added to?

Me: 30%

Banker: Would that have it's own surrender period?

Me: Yes.

Banker: How long?

Me: Same as the policy, 5 years.

Banker: Would I get credit for the addition?

Me: Yes.

Banker: How much?

Me: You have to check with your district manager.

Banker: OK...I think that's all...thanks.

Me: Thank you for calling Big Bank Co.

Why did I get so frustrated with this call? Because in the beginning he said he was calling with 1 quick question. Did he have 1 quick question? NO! He did not! Now, when someone calls and says they have a few questions about someone's policy, then I am more prepared to go on and on in helping them out. Sheesh!

Tomorrow is our last work event with our company since we are now part of a different division of Big Bank Co. Also, the Prez of the division we used to be with, left for another job and it is unlikely the replacement prez will feel as former Prez did about lavishing gifts and events on their staff. Not sure what to think about this event. The gift they gave out to inspire us was a H0me Dep0t nail apron and a bright orange clamp. Will we be doing a home makeover on our former Prez's old house so it sells? Don't know. They give us a time, a date and a setting and when we arrive, we are clued in.

Last night I went to bed at 8pm. I was exhausted from my lack of sleep the night before. Only trouble is, I was wide awake at 5 am this morning so I'm tired again. Sheesh!

I am now more ready for my surgery on Monday. I have my family physician's clean bill of health and my leave of absence forms all sent in. I have everything I need to bring with me and have a list of stuff to pack. All I need now is to get the apartment ready by cleaning and doing laundry. Yay!

2:37 p.m. - Tuesday, May. 18, 2004


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