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One Last One Before The Surgery

3 more days! 3 more days! 3 more days! Can you tell I'm excited?

Also, I started looking for home online only to find that in our price range most homes are in crappy neighborhoods, total fixer-uppers, tiny, tiny homes with 1 bedroom and about the same square footage we have now in our apartment, or way, way out in the boondocks. I shouldn't really be looking yet anyway. We are not preapproved yet and if I find something I like, I'm just going to lose it. But it's hard not to. I did find a really nice 2 bedroom townhouse about 45 minutes west of here. It has the added bonus of being built with handicapped access in mind. The doors and hallways are wider and there are no stairs! AND in our price range. So it gives me hope that we will be able to find what we are looking for when it is time.

So, onto this weekend where I will clean, do laundry, and eat a clear liquid diet...mmmmm! See y'all on the other side of the surgeons scalpel! *************************************** About A Year Ago Today: May 22, 2003

Waking Up From a Dream

I had a weird dream and I have to write it down before I forget it.

Mom and Dad and I were on some kind of board and were at a board meeting. We were there to make sure the guy in charge wasn't put in charge again. He had done something really bad and it was now out in the open. So as a board, we voted to put someone else in charge. Once the vote was complete, we turned to see the guy we just voted out take a gun out of his bag. He intended to kill us all. He took me, my mom and 2 other people hostage. He had us in some kind of school or hospital. But somehow the other 2 people managed to knock him out and tie this guy up and they escaped. Mom and I noticed that they did a really bad job and were trying to re-secure him before he woke up...but he woke up. We ran to get away. I don't know where Mom went.

Somehow I was at some kind of military training school and there was a submarine. I couldn't fit into it...I'm not sure how this ties in. But I did find a janitor who showed me the way to a man who could help me. I was taken to a general and told him about the escaped guy with the gun and the danger he posed. This general seemed to know all about it and told me they were on it but that they could not put me or my family in protective custody. At first I felt relieved that I was able to get to comeone to tell them about this guy and relieved that they believed me and were working on finding him. But I was soooo scared and hurt that I wasn't offered protection.

So now I'm at the crux of my dream. I am wandering around this school/hospital place, trying to stay out of the guy with the gun's way. I need to get back to the board meeting by 7pm.

I end up in a room where people are swimming in a chocolate sundae. I see them diving into the whipped cream and ice cream is swirling all around and I thought...this isn't's a trap. And even though I am not in the sundae with the people, I am unable to get out the regular way. So I follow them to the locker rooms where they shower and change. We walk into a room that had showerheads in the ceiling and as you walk through it, the spray cleans off all the sundae stickiness.

I walk through it and on the other side, out in the hall, I see 3 friends of mine. We are all looking for a way out of the building.

We see 2 paths. Neither one looks that great. I forget what the first path is, but the second leads to a woman at a desk signing people up for a "job" at some kind of party. Well, my friends think this looks like a good way to get out of the building and make some money. But again, I am suspicious and think it's a trap. I notice the fine print that says though we will be paid, we are expected to pay back our expences, which end up being the same amount we are paid. I pointed this out to my friends and a couple of them decided with me to look into something else.

We were walking around and happened to find the janitor I had found before who led me to the general. We thought he could help us find a way out and he had keys to doors that had been locked to us. So we went with him and he led us through doors we couldn't have gone through on our own.

We ended up in a parking lot. And as we were walking through it, my friends and the janitor disapeared. I kept looking for them, but they were gone.

I saw a bunch of people at the end of the parking lot, so I cautiously walked towards them. As I did, a car pulled into the parking space near me and my friends and the janitor got out of the car. They claimed they had been swept away into a time machine like thing for 3 days. I told them it was barely 5 minutes since they disapeared I felt funny about them though. I told them I didn't believe they were my friends and that they should tell me something only they and I would know. They wouldn't.

So I started to walk away from them, but a REALLY big guy grabbed me and told me he was taking me with him. He set me on a box that was rolling and pushed the box. I kept looking at all the people and wondered where we were going. One guy looked at me and his face changed from a normal face to that of a devil and I knew where we were going.

The really big guy picked me up off the box and carried me into a room, walking right through the door. I felt myself go through the door and materialize on the other side.

He set me down in front of the lady who had manned the table at the "job" my friends and I had originally met up at. I was told to wait there. Eventually another man came by and said he had something for me. It was a photo album of all my friends and family. In it there were a couple of cards. One from my bosses wishing me good luck and signed by them and my replacement. Another card signed by a friend, giving me the PIN number to a bank account of another friend. I immediately knew I was being tempted and said I could use that PIN as it didn't belong to me. There was more, but I was overwhelmed with fear. I didn't know how I was going to get away. I didn't know what I was there for or where we were all going. At that point, it was like we were in the hallway of an airport. It was filled with people on either side, with an aisle in the middle and people were busily walking to and fro.

After a bit, the guy with me left me to look at my photo album and went to settle a dispute. After he left, I saw my friend Laura J. manuevering through the crowd as if she were on a chair with wheels. As she passed, I grabbed her cloak and screamed, "Laura! Help me! Save me!" She just streamed by and her cloak ripped in my hand. I was so disappointed. But as I sat there, it was as if a light bulb went on over my head and I screamed, "Jesus! Help me! Save me!" Immediately, it was as if I too were on a chair with wheels. I zoomed through the crowd. I was struck by how simple it had been to call on the name of Jesus. I also was surprised at how my plea was answered immediately. As if He had just been waiting for me to call out His name. If I started to slow down or got caught in a wave of people, I just said, "Jesus!" and off I went. I just kept saying it over and over and over. I went through doors previously unopened to me and through areas previously off limits. I passed others who never tried to stop me but who weren't friendly to the name of Jesus.

I finally ended up in a room where I saw a friend of mine praying. I was sooo excited to see her and went up to her and said, "Jesus saves!" She looked up and said, "Amy! Why I was led to pray for you this week!" And I never felt so glad and grateful for anything in my whole life. I knew her prayers had had something to do with my rescue.

I was on my way to find my parents and attend the 7pm board meeting and everyone I met I said, "Jesus saves!" Because while before I knew it in my head, now I knew it to be true through experience!

I woke up before I got to my board meeting. But wow! What a dream!

Thanks for reading.

4:47 p.m. - Friday, May. 21, 2004


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